Chapter 468 He Became A Genius

Before the end of the world, people were used to travel with navigation. As long as they entered the destination, sweet electronic sound could guide the driver to the destination. Even the traffic rules and changing lanes helped you to think carefully. But now, not to mention navigation, even the road is blocked. From xia to Jiangning, he traveled hundreds of kilometers to find an industrial area. Even Su Guangqi, who had been there before, only knew the general direction. To avoid losing their way, they used a highway as a road sign and drove along the edge. Of course, the highway itself was already blocked by abandoned vehicles. Many of the once bright cars had turned into scrap iron and stained with black blood in the impact. From the time of the apocalypse, they have been abandoned here forever and will continue to be abandoned... Under the highway, the road conditions were not very good. The road was bumpy and bumpy. At dusk, the sky began to rain, and the gray rain was a continuous rain, covering the long road as if it was really unlucky to drown everything in the rain. He ran as slow as a turtle. Jiang Liushi looked at the rain pattering on the car window and said unhappily, Brother Jiang, are you satisfied? Now there is no road, it is simply off-road, and it is raining so heavily, the ordinary car has broken down, we can still drive to 30 kilometers per hour, land rover off-road vehicle can not compare. Li Yuxin said with a smile. She was in a much better mood to be able to find her family. Jiang Liu shi smiled and said, "Since it's raining, we won't be in a hurry. It's getting dark anyway, so let's stop and rest for a night. There's still some leftover hot pot. Make another hot pot and open a few beers to celebrate Yu Xin's reunion with his family."" Well, thank you, Brother Jiang!" Li Yuxin said happily. She really felt lucky to meet Jiang Liushi. Looking at the rain outside the car window, it was the cold rain at the end of winter. In the apocalyptic world without air conditioning and heating, winter was too difficult. Many survivors shivered in the cold night, enduring hunger and cold, unable to sleep. But they were in a warm rv with soft beds, hot pot, beer, and this kind of life was said out loud. Many people dreamed of it. Brother Jiang, grandpa has been looking at Luoluo for the past two days. I told him about Luoluo, and he was so surprised. It's a little contrary to what they used to think!" Hearing Li Yuxin's words, Jiang Liu stone rolled his eyes. When he mentioned Luoluo, he was angry. It was a mutated queen's egg, and it was eaten directly by this chubby guy! Jiang Liushi was sure that with Luoluo's intelligence, he could tell what it could eat and what it shouldn't eat, but he knew it shouldn't be eaten, and he ate it secretly when he wasn't paying attention. That was so hateful. This guy was still sleeping. How long had he been sleeping? It has never done anything good except to deceive your sympathy with its pitiful eyes. Jiang Liushi said unhappily, but just then, he suddenly heard Jiang Zhuying's voice coming from the bedroom, brother! Luoluo had just moved, as if old Mr. Su had woken it up! Jiang Zhuying's voice was a little surprised. Jiang Liu stone was startled. What? Is this guy awake? When it was time to rest, the shadow found a place and stopped the car. All the people on the base car were in the driver's seat, which was where Luoluo was placed. Jiang Liushi saw that Su Tong and Su Guangqi were obviously a little excited. Jiang Liu stone could understand the scientist's mood. Even in the end of the world, they would still be excited about some new discoveries. What happened? This guy... Uh... How did Luoluo wake up?" Oh, that's it." Su Guangqi took a sip of water and said excitedly," this little fellow is really not simple. His intelligence is the highest of all the animals I have ever seen in my life! I've seen dogs that know more than a hundred words, chimpanzees that communicate with humans through picture language, crows that use cars to crush walnuts, but these animals are not as good as this little fur ball in front of me." As Su Guangqi spoke, he touched Luoluo lovingly. Luoluo's head was down and he looked pitiful. This intelligent life has always been the subject of our human research. Many foreign papers have done similar research..." Cough, cough." Jiang Liushi had to cough twice and interrupt Su Guangqi. Su Guangqi was obviously interested in Luoluo's intelligence, but in Jiang Liushi's opinion, it was not useful at all except to make him more cute and to deceive the girl's sympathy. Jiang Liushi was more concerned about how old Mr. Su woke this thing up and whether it had evolved some kind of ability. After eating his mutant queen's egg, there must be some reaction, right?" Uh... I'm sorry, Xiaojiang. I was so excited just now that I said something out of context." Su Guangqi laughed." Well, actually, I was very curious about this little guy when I heard yuxin talk about Luoluo's experience. I used a few instruments on my hand to measure all kinds of physiological data of him, but I found that his sympathetic nerve activity was very high. The sympathetic nerve will be in a state of inactivity and will be very slow to respond to all kinds of external stimuli, or even completely unresponsive."" So I had some ideas. I did some experiments, such as an orbital pressing test... Based on some of its subconscious reactions, I found... This little guy was pretending to be unconscious."" Then it became simple. I heard yuxin say that he liked barbecue. I purposely put some of the cut barbecue next to it and walked out. Guess what. When I came back, I thought that there was a lot of barbecue. I misjudged it. But when I looked carefully, I found that there were a lot less pieces of barbecue. But this little guy deliberately messed up the stolen roast meat and made it look messy and natural, so I almost didn't notice it!"" I heard yu xin say that if this little guy can make simple communication, I will directly expose him. At first, he still pretended to be dizzy. I said that if you don't get up again, I will tell Xiaojiang to roast him, and he will be scared." After listening to Su Guangqi's description, Jiang Liushi was stunned for a long time. He pretended to be unconscious! This little guy... Jiang Liushi suddenly realized that it was because it had eaten the egg, knew that it had done wrong, and was afraid that he would beat it up, so it did not wake up, but continued to pretend to sleep. This little guy has become a genius! It seemed that when Jiang Liu stone said he was going to roast it, it understood. No wonder. I just felt that there was less roast meat yesterday. I thought it was someone who stole it. It was Luoluo! Jiang Zhuying said, and happily picked up Luoluo. There was no point in blaming him. Instead, his eyes were full of love. Why pretend to sleep when you wake up? You must be starving these two days. Li Yuxin also had no resistance to Luoluo. Luoluo seemed to have found an umbrella all of a sudden and tried to squeeze into jiang Bamboo Shadow and Li Yuxin's arms. While squeezing, he looked at Jiang Liushi timidly, afraid that Jiang Liushi would really roast it. Seeing how cute this guy was and how easy it was to get away with it, Jiang Liushi's heart raced past ten thousand horses. What does that mean? It ate the eggs of the mutated queen and got away with it!" Stop pretending, kid. Come over here." Jiang Liushi couldn't help but say that he pulled the ball from jiang Bamboo Shadow's arms. Luoluo's big ears drooped, and his watery eyes looked pitifully at Jiang Liu stone. Don't be cute to me. I don't like that. I said," eat, you ate the eggs of the mutated beast. Have you evolved any abilities?" Hurry up and show it to me. Do you understand?" Jiang Liushi is a real person. If you put in something, you have to pay for it. If you eat such a precious egg, you can eat it. There's still a sound when the gold bar is thrown into the water. You can't eat it for nothing! She blinked, blinked, and there was nothing to say. Jiang Liushi was staring at me, damn it. You didn't really eat for nothing!" Brother, why are you so fierce? Don't be scared." Jiang Zhuying quickly snatched Luoluo from Jiang Liushi's arms, as if afraid that Luoluo would be hurt. Jiang Liushi was really going to be speechless. This Luoluo was relying on his backing. And whether it's Jiang Zhuying, Li Yuxin, or Ran Xiyu, they all become unprincipled and unreasonable at this time. Haha, Xiaojiang, don't worry. We are also very curious about this. Su Guangqi said, looking at Luoluo with bright eyes. 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