Chapter 469 Please Feel Free to Pinch

Sensing that everyone's eyes were on it, Luoluo crawled into jiang Bamboo Shadow's arms in fear. You wait for me. It's best not to let me know that you're a freeloader. Jiang Liushi warned Luoluo. He didn't know if the fur ball had heard it, but his big ears were flapping. He probably ignored it. At this moment, a muffled sound came from the deserted farmland beside the road, like thunder on a rainy day, but everyone knew it was definitely not the sound of thunder. The ground trembled slightly as the tall straw split apart. Mutated beast! Along the way, they had been in this wilderness all along. It was only a matter of time before they met the mutated beast. Even Jiang Liu stone was a little surprised. They just met the mutated beast now. Roar! A mutated cow rushed out of the grass. It was as big as a car, its skin was rough as sand and stone, its horns were ferocious, its nostrils were spitting hot air, and its eyes were red as they stared at the Bus service grandmother's leg! "In the Bus service, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun took a look at the mutated cow and their eyes lit up. They quickly picked up the beef!" Although mutated animal meat is delicious, it is more acceptable for people to eat mutated beef, mutton, pork, and so on. It is also more delicious. After all, it is the meat that was often eaten before the end of the world. Luoluo, who had been hiding in Jiang Zhuying's arms, immediately raised his long ears and his eyes were wide open, almost drooling. The mutated cows that rushed out in a fierce manner seemed to have instinctively sensed a trace of danger and hesitated to rush forward. This Bus service, in its eyes, was like a steel monster entrenched, not a crunchy car. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were ready to take action, and zero pulled out his dagger and went to the window to wait. Jiang Liushi suddenly said," don't waste bullets." He glared at Luoluo." I remember. Aren't you a mutated beast? In that case, dealing with a mutated beast shouldn't be a problem." That mutated cow was just a level one mutated beast, and Luoluo... Although it did not know what level of energy it was, it ate mutated animal meat every day, as well as mutated ant queen eggs. Even if it could not defeat this mutated cow, it should be able to deal with it. As Jiang Liu stone spoke, he grabbed Luoluo and threw him out of the window. The mutated cow was facing the Bus service from more than ten meters away, huffing and puffing, and a cow's hoof kept kicking back. Suddenly, a fur ball was thrown out of the Bus service, and Jiang Liushi roared at it, Luoluo!" Jiji!" Luoluo landed a few meters away. When he saw the mutated cow in front of him, his hair exploded. Although it was also a mutated beast, in order to have the guts to run to the nest of the mutated earthworm and steal the eggs, it was too timid to face a mutated beast. Even when Jiang Liushi and the others encountered zombies, this Luoluo was hiding, but as a mutant beast, he did not fight head-on. Now that Jiang Liushi threw it out, Luoluo and the mutated cow looked at each other, turned around and ran back. The mutated beast's face was going to be ruined by you. Jiang Liushi was really angry. Luoluo knew how to eat. At this moment, the mutated cow had already let out a roar, stamped on the ground, and ran wildly! It ran frantically towards Luoluo, its ferocious horns pointed at Luoluo's body and slammed into it. The mutated cow was so powerful that even a car would be knocked over. Luoluo was so frightened that it had no time to dodge. It was almost impossible to dodge! At this moment, Jiang Liushi sighed in his heart. The sniper rifle was raised and aimed at the mutated cow. Although this Luoluo was very useless, at least after eating so much of his food, even if it was cooked and stewed, it couldn't be cheaper for this mutated cow. But at this moment, Luoluo's body suddenly swelled like a balloon, suddenly from a fur ball to a big balloon. It looked like a bear and a cat. When it swelled, it looked funny and cute. Its four short legs kept kicking. But it suddenly swelled up and blocked Jiang Liushi's muzzle. Just then, the mutated cow had slammed into the swollen Luoluo. Poof! There was no terrifying sight of flesh and blood flying in the midst of a strange crash. Luoluo was directly hit on the Bus service and made a dull" bang." It stuck to the car window, shrunk, and quickly slipped through the gap in the window, jumping into the nearest Ran Xiyu's arms without looking back. Jiang Liu stone was stunned. Even Jiang Zhuying and Ran Xiyu, who liked Luoluo so much, were shocked. The collision just now looked terrible, but this Luoluo... How come there are no injuries to the whole body? Bang! Jiang Liushi suddenly pulled the trigger, and the mutated cow fell down with a bang. Its huge body fell two or three meters in front of the car, and even the body of the car shook as it fell to the ground. Go and deal with it. Jiang Liu stone said as he put down his sniper rifle and came to Ran Xiyu. He grabbed Luoluo's ear and lifted it up. After what had happened just now, Luoluo had obviously cast a shadow over Jiang Liu stone. When he was lifted, he immediately looked like a frosted eggplant, and his eyes were even more aggrieved. Jiang Liu stone looked at luo luo with interest. Su Guangqi and Su Tong also came around curiously. Su Guangqi took out his reading glasses and stared at luo luo very carefully. On the surface, Luoluo was still Luoluo, but everyone saw how it suddenly swelled up. Jiang Liu stone tugged at the falling ear and suddenly realized that although Luoluo's hair was soft to the touch, his ear seemed to be deformable at will. He simply tried to pull it hard..." Brother Jiang, what are you..." Even ran xiyu was anxious to protect this little fellow. However, in Jiang Liushi's hands, Luoluo's ears were getting longer and longer. Gradually, even Jiang Liushi's arms were not long enough. Looking at Luoluo's super long ears, everyone fell silent. At this moment, Jiang Liu stone turned around and knocked Luoluo's ear against the railing at the door. Dang! There was a sound that sounded like a metal collision. I saw a ghost. Jiang Liushi hurriedly looked at the handrail. Although it was not covered with special alloy, its hardness was also guaranteed, but when he looked at it, there was actually a dent in it. This is just a random bump! Jiang Liushi couldn't care less. It was easy to repair the handrail, and it didn't take much material. He glanced at Luoluo in his hand, picked up Luoluo, and hit the handrail twice. Bang bang! There were two more dents on the armrest, and they were almost broken! Originally, Jiang Liushi's actions could be said to be abusing small animals, but the tragedy of the handrail shows that the mutated beast is always a mutated beast, and this Luoluo is not an ordinary mutated beast magic, magic, Su Guangqi stared at luo luo and sighed. After Jiang Liushi's consent, he cut off one of Luoluo's hairs and took it to study. After a while, he said," Luoluo's hair, although soft to the touch, is very flexible."" It swells up to block the impact of the mutated cow, and its ears can be stretched so long. Obviously, it can be deformed at will. I think this Luoluo is not useless, but very useful." Su Guangqi praised without stinginess. The mutated beast was highly intelligent, and now that it had evolved, its power was shown, which made Su Guangqi feel incredible. As scientists, it was difficult for them to observe living mutated animals. Those mutated animals, even in specially designed cages, were difficult to hold, but Luoluo allowed them to be flattened and rounded. The point is, it can really be flattened and stretched. Jiang Liu stone was very interesting to hear. He pulled Luoluo and tried a few more times. Sure enough, he could squeeze it casually or even turn it into a thin piece of paper. His features were all printed on it. Jiang Liushi didn't feel that bad at all. Luoluo was special. Luoluo seemed to see that Jiang Liushi had no intention of burning it, and his eyes suddenly brightened up. He wagged his tail and tried to please Jiang Liushi. He was still rubbing his head against Jiang Liushi's palm. I don't want this. Go play with Bamboo Shadow and the others. Jiang Liu stone handed Luoluo over to Jiang Zhuying, and Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin immediately surrounded him. These girls could not resist Luoluo's cute attack. Jiang Liushi returned to the driver's seat, the shadow restarted the Bus service, and continued to drive along the broken path. At this time, Jiang Liushi saw a road sign on the highway next to him. Among the different names, Jiang Liushi saw a very familiar and somewhat unfamiliar place. Jiangbei city. Jiangbei is about to arrive... Jiang Liushi drove the Bus service down the highway and escaped from the survivors. Nowadays, no one can be seen on the highway. As they continue to move forward, a large number of abandoned vehicles began to appear on the highway. On the road, on the fence, there are still traces of fighting. Jiang Liushi remembered that the army had asked everyone to abandon their vehicles and walk on foot, and it was estimated that there were many dangers along the way. And the broken army, I don't know if anyone else has followed. Soon, the Bus service arrived near the toll station on jiangbei expressway. A distance away, Jiang Liushi saw the military vehicles blocking the entrance of the toll station. After such a period of time, the military vehicles had been stripped of paint and rusted. Although the bodies could not be seen, the dark brown blood on the toll booth was already shocking enough. Above the toll booth, the words" welcome to jiangbei city" also appeared dim. Jiangbei arrived..." Not only Jiang Zhuying, but Li Yuxin also showed a look of disappointment. Jiang Liushi also looked at jiangbei city in the distance. He and jiang Bamboo Shadow used to live together in a corner of jiangbei city. After living here for more than ten or twenty years, we wouldn't enter jiangbei city. We walked around the city and the city was probably full of zombies," Jiang Liushi said. The current jiangbei city is completely different from the former jiangbei city. The former bustling city is now filled with zombies. The streets are lined with abandoned shops and desolate. The streets are full of zombies, red eyes and dirty rags. It gave a strong sense of crisis. Jiang Liu stone didn't want to see this jiangbei city, so it was better to miss it. However, compared to the time when he was trying to escape, Jiang Liushi now had a strong confidence. Even if he was very close to the city, he did not feel nervous at all. Ordinary zombies could not pose any threat to the Bus service, let alone hurt them in the Bus service. Well, it's good not to go in. Li Yuxin agreed. She sat next to Su Tong and gently held her mother Su Tong's hand. Her heart was clearly in turmoil. Jiang Zhuying, on the other hand, was careless and soon lost all feeling. Instead, she told zero and Ran Xiyu about her life with Jiang Liushi. Ran Xiyu was very interested in this and listened quietly, nodding his head from time to time, while standing aside with his arms folded in his arms and not saying a word. Zero suddenly asked coldly. Jiang Zhuying blinked and nodded calmly." That's right!"" Hmm..." Zero said nothing again. Jiang Zhuying had a puzzled look on his face and asked this?" Hey, what's the matter? Aren't you bunking with my brother now? Not only bunks, but also left and right bunks," Jiang Zhuying said with a smile... Everyone was silent. Ran Xiyu's expression remained the same, but his ears were a little red. Li Yuxin blushed even more as she brushed her face. She stole a glance at her mother, Su Tong, and was too shy to look up. Only Jiang Liushi glared at Jiang Zhuying, who didn't know what had happened, and then said awkwardly," the car is too small..." The car was really small! Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were both sleeping in the driver's seat, and Su Guangqi went to the driver's seat to make a soft berth, so that there was no room at all. Several of the remaining people looked at each other in a small bedroom. No matter how crowded it was, someone had to bunk with Jiang Liushi. As Jiang Liushi's sister, Jiang Zhuying did not avoid sleeping on one side of Jiang Liu's stone, and on the other side, a few people took turns silently. Jiang Liushi had a weird feeling about this, but fortunately, everyone knew it. Now that jiang Bamboo Shadow, an innocent guy, was talking nonsense, Jiang Liushi suddenly felt embarrassed in the air. If you want to upgrade, you have to hurry to upgrade the base car." Jiang Liushi thought. I don't know what a second-level base car looks like. It's not a big deal if it's convenient to sleep at that time. It's the end of the world. It's good to have such a warm and safe place to sleep at ease. As for the details, don't worry too much," Ran Xiyu said. As she spoke, she glanced at Jiang Liushi. From ran xiyu's cold gray eyes, Jiang Liushi saw a smile. Seeing Jiang Liushi's embarrassment, Ran Xiyu lowered her head slightly and pursed her lips with a slight smile. New book by old shi, the city god: the all-around security of the campus flowe