Chapter 470 We Were Just Passing by

Bus service followed the rural road and planned to bypass the jiangbei city directly. Some local roads were completely gone, so the Bus service drove directly over and forced a way out. But just then, a few fences and wire fences appeared in front of them. The fence didn't stop the Bus service at all. Just as Jiang Liushi was about to drive straight over, Ran Xiyu suddenly said, "There's someone here." Jiang Liushi looked over, and with his keen eyesight, he could vaguely see a few people hiding in a farmhouse not far away, looking through the window at them to see that there were survivors here. Jiang Liushi said in surprise. He stopped the car and looked at the survivors who thought they were hiding, but they were already exposed. He honked twice. Beep! The survivors in the farmhouse were startled. It was so far away, and there were so many weeds and windows blocking them. How did the people in the car find them? A male survivor came to his senses and asked," could they have just honked their horn?" But as soon as he spoke, he was glared at by another relatively strong survivor." Is your brain okay? Unless you're tired of living, why would anyone make such a big noise?" Both zombies and mutated animals were sensitive to sound, and the strong survivor looked at the Bus service with a frown. Even if they were discovered, the Bus service's actions were too hasty to know who they were. During the period after the end of the world, any living people in this area had already been hiding, and the more they went, the harder it was to see new faces. Where did these people drive from? Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi, who was waiting impatiently in the Bus service, honked twice more. If he didn't come out, he would have directly smashed open the fence. The fence made by these people blocked his way, and there was no other way around. If he really drove into the field, he wouldn't even know the direction. The survivors were talking and suddenly heard two more car horns, which sounded especially harsh in the wilderness. The strong survivor's scalp exploded. He had just said that he would make such a big noise unless he wanted to die. In the blink of an eye, the Bus service honked twice!" Is this a random press?" The survivor who had just been glared at said with some uncertainty that if he didn't go out, he would keep pressing. You two stay, don't all come out, leave some people to make them confused about how many of us are." The strong survivors still have some heart. He picked up a gun and walked out. It was a standard 95, and they picked it up near the toll booth. At that time, a lot of guns and ammunition were dropped near the toll station, and after the number of zombies was small, their group of survivors went to collect these weapons, otherwise they would not be able to stand here. The strong survivors cautiously walked out the door with two people, only to find that they were about to step out when the car horn rang again!" The strong survivors are really going crazy. Can you stop pressing them?! What if a few mutated beasts suddenly rushed over!" Who are you? This is our survival base!" The strong survivor asked if the fence could be opened?" Zhang Hai roared. The strong survivor saw Zhang Hai grab the window with one hand and hang half of his body out. His heart jumped. A superpower? They also have superpowers in their base, which is much better than ordinary people like them. Where did you come from? Want to join our survival base? Yes, I can, but I have to ask our base manager before I can make a decision. The strong survivor replied. There were survivors before... To be precise, those who escaped would come to their survival base to seek shelter. The strong survivors were not surprised by this. And this team has superpowers, and the strong survivors feel that the steward should be more welcoming of these people. You have found the right place. Our survival base is one of the best in jiangbei... When the strong survivors mentioned their survival base, they were confident." You must have heard the reputation of our survival base, so you came here specially?" But before he could finish, he was interrupted impatiently by Zhang Hai in a rough voice," I, damn it, need to apply for a road pass? Did you build this road?"" What?" The strong survivors didn't realize for a moment that we were going this way. Your broken fence is blocking our way!" Zhang Hai roared. It was a simple matter, but this guy said something about applying, and then he talked about survival base Li Ge. They seemed to be talking about crossing the road. The survivor reminded me in the ear of the strong survivor that I heard him! Li Ge glared at him again. These people actually passed by? Where are they going? Most survivors fled, and the original place became more dangerous. They couldn't stay any longer, so they moved to another place and hugged each other as soon as they met the right place. Why did these people seem to have a different destination? It's rare to see that you have to cross the road, but if you go forward from here, it's our survival base. There are so many people in our base, and there are so many women and children. We can't let you just go by like this. If anything happens, it's hard to say. And we didn't mean to block the road, but it was the end of the world, who else could not line the road, not to mention this is a village path! Li Ge is still keeping a safe distance. It's so troublesome to talk to Zhang Hai! Zhang hai was speechless. He had a bad temper, but he was so verbose after passing. He was about to curse. Jiang Liushi frowned as he sat in the car. If it was just these people, he would have rushed straight through. But if the survival base was in front of him, he wasn't such a violent person, Zhang Hai. Jiang Liu stone called Zhang Hai back and opened the door. Li Ge saw a young man about twenty years old getting off the car and relaxed a little. The rough man felt too irritable and difficult to deal with. The young man looked at the pretty talkative man who had just slipped out of the back door of the house. Did he go to inform the boss of your base? When will there be an answer?" Jiang Liushi asked. Li Ge's face suddenly changed. He had just secretly made a gesture for someone to call for him, but this person knew? It seemed that he was wrong. The young man looked calm and even more difficult to deal with. The young man knew this. He wasn't a superpowered man, so there must be another one in his car, very, very soon. Li Ge had completely given up on the idea of starting a fight. He felt as if his every move was being watched by this young man, and even his hand holding the gun felt uncomfortable. But Li Ge wouldn't be relieved to have a gun in his hand just because of this, and it's the 95th model after all, and it's very intimidating, so let's just wait and see," Jiang Liushi said. He could still wait for this time, so it didn't matter if he arrived in Jiangning sooner or later. These people were sneaking around, but they didn't know that all their movements were within the scope of Ran Xiyu's mental vision. And Ran Xiyu's mental vision continued to extend, and soon even the location of their survival base had been detected, and all their things were completely exposed to Jiang Liushi's eyes. The survival base was just a kilometer away and the population was rather dense, like a small village. Soon, a few motorcycles and a pickup truck arrived. The pickup truck was modified, with a very thick steel cage on the car parts, and the front of the car was covered with iron sheet and iron cage. It looked very rough. There were several people standing in the steel cage and two on each motorcycle. They came to the fence with a roar. What happened? The door of the pickup truck opened, and a man in leather came down, frowning at the Bus service. The message he received was that he was in trouble, but when he came here, all he saw was a Bus service and a young man standing there calmly, big brother Lin Wei. They said they were going to pass by," Li Ge said quickly. Jiang Liushi looked at the man named lin. He was a superpowered man. He wasn't too bad. He didn't know if he was the boss of the base, but it didn't matter, as long as he could make the decision. Lin Wei glanced at Jiang Liushi, then at the Bus service, and suddenly his eyebrows jumped. A few power fluctuations! So many superpowered people in this car? Lin Wei had wanted to refuse, but it was not a good time to make a hasty decision. He had brought over more than a dozen people, thinking that it was more than enough to deal with a little trouble. He did not expect that the other party's strong you had passed here, causing us a lot of trouble, so we should give some compensation." Lin Wei hesitated and said what do you want?" Jiang Liushi asked lightly. If this lin wei lion opened his mouth, then he would be too lazy to talk to these people. Lin Wei thought about it. He reckoned that a Bus service wouldn't be able to hold anything. After all, there were still so many people on it, but some of the essential food must be there. It would cost twenty kilograms of rice," Lin Wei said. Rice? What's wrong with Jiang Liushi's expression? You have too many? Lin Wei said with some displeasure," that's fifteen pounds. It can't be any less." Now Jiang Liushi's expression became even weirder, and he even brought his own bargains? In fact, Jiang Liushi still had a lot of rice in stock, and rice was of no use to them at all. But look at lin wei. Are they so short of food? Jiang Liushi didn't care about the fifteen kilograms of rice. He nodded casually." Then open the fence. We'll give it to you when we get there."" Okay, old li, bring someone over and take the protective belt apart," Lin Wei said. Hearing Lin Wei calling the fence, Jiang Liushi paused again. This thing is even worse than a broken fence. It's called a protective belt... There were no openings in the fences, so Li Ge and the others opened them with their bare hands and had to go back later. Jiang Liushi also knew this, so he agreed to give the fifteen kilos of rice. Otherwise, even if it was a grain of rice, he wouldn't have given it if he didn't want to. As soon as Lin Wei spoke, Li Ge and the others immediately tore down the fence. After seven or eight minutes, the Bus service finally opened. Looking closely at the Bus service, Lin Wei actually felt that the car was quite special. The surface had a metallic feel of technology, which was different from what he thought of as the Bus service. But the windows were dark from the outside, and Lin Wei couldn't see what was going on in the car. He shouted through the car," your car is behind us." Lin Wei naturally had to follow the survivors of the superpowered through their base, so he couldn't take too much risk. But what are these people really going to do? Their survival base is not vegetarian. Soon, a small village appeared in front of the Bus service. It was said to be a small village. In fact, there were only a few small two-story houses, and the rest were built in straw sheds. Outside the village, there was a wall made of brick and cement. Towers were built above the wall, and guns were pointed at the outside. The village was built after the apocalypse, so the road was occupied. Jiang Liushi and the others had to make a detour around the farmland to get there. Everyone in the village saw Lin Wei suddenly take people out. At this time, they saw a strange Bus service following Lin Wei. For a moment, many survivors stopped what they were doing and looked over. Jiang Liushi looked around and saw that the survivors were all very poor, not even able to wear their clothes well. These people were all working, and there were also people who were watching them. Judging from their arrogance, they were probably bossing the survivors. However, Jiang Liushi could not care less about these things even if he felt contemptuous. These ordinary people had a hard time surviving in the apocalypse, and although they were living a little hard now, at least they could guarantee basic survival. Even if we get rid of these people who don't treat them well, they still have to cling to others. This is our base. You go around and I'll lead you out," Lin Wei stopped and said. Jiang Liushi opened the car window and took out a bag of rice." Since you have a good reputation, I'll give you this rice." He came over without a hitch, and lin wei had no intention of playing tricks. In fact, Jiang Liushi was not worried about Lin Wei playing tricks. If he really wanted to do it, it would only be his own good. Lin Wei waved, and someone immediately went over to pick up the rice. Just as Jiang Liushi was about to close the window, he suddenly heard a hesitant cry," Jiang Liushi?"" Jiang Liushi! It's really you!" Jiang Liushi followed the sound and saw a disheveled man rushing over excitedly. The man's face was dark and his hair had not been taken care of for a long time. He looked like a mess of grass. Jiang Liushi did not recognize him at all. Who was he?" It's me, it's me!" As he spoke, the man hurriedly pulled his hair away and wiped his face hard." Jiang Liushi, look at me carefully!" Nt remember the mobile website: m. 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