Chapter 471 The Beauty of the Fragrant Car

Huh? It's you, Wang Kui! "Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. He actually met someone he knew here. Wang Kui was his classmate. He should have been at school when the apocalypse broke out. Didn't you evacuate to Central sea safety zone with anyone else?" Jiang Liushi asked. When he was in Central sea safety zone, he met his high school classmates. However, he did not meet his college classmates in Central sea safety zone. But Central sea safety zone, with hundreds of thousands of people, is a normal safe zone if you can't touch them? Wang Kui shook his head." No. We were all running for our lives, and we had a hard time escaping. We hid in a dark place for more than ten days, and then we met other survivors. We escaped from jiangbei city together..." Wang Kui's expression turned ugly when he thought about what happened before. Obviously, he thought of a lot of bad memories. Oh, it's really not easy to survive. He caught everything he saw and ate it. It was a bitter experience that he had never experienced in his whole life." Wang Kui sighed. He saw that Jiang Liu stone was dressed in a clean and clean manner, and he did not look pale or skinny at all. Obviously, he ate well, and his eyes were filled with envy. Just now, when Jiang Liushi took out the rice, he saw it too. A whole bag of rice. It looks like you're doing well. By the way, Luo Ming is here too," Wang Kui said suddenly." Is Luo Ming here too?" Jiang Liushi was surprised. Luo Ming was in the same room as him. When the apocalypse was about to break out, Jiang Liushi needed money to rent a car, use it to scan the base car, and call luo ming to borrow money. But Luo Ming couldn't afford it at the time. Jiang Liushi also reminded him to stay in the dormitory and not to walk around. I'll call Luo Ming over," Wang Kui said. Jiang Liu stone nodded. He looked at Lin Wei and said," you have my former classmates in this base. I'll meet them first." The rice was already there, and Lin Wei wasn't so guarded against Jiang Liu stone and the others. Besides, just keep an eye on them, but don't walk around," Lin Wei said. Jiang Liu stone glanced around and saw everything in the same place as this old village. There was nothing to go about. Soon, Wang Kui came back, but not only did he bring Luo Ming, he also brought several people back with him. Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. In fact, he didn't know many people in college, and most of the people that Wang Kui brought with him didn't know them. Li Yuxin, on the other hand, came to the window to take a look and said in shock," Lu Shanshan? And Chen Jing?" The people Wang Kui brought were all Jiang Liushi from jiangbei university! It was really you!" A long way away, Luo Ming exclaimed in surprise," it's all thanks to you, buddy. If you hadn't let me stay in the dorm, I would have died!" At that time, he was really playing games in the dormitory, so when the apocalypse broke out, he held the door tightly and hid in the dormitory for several days without saying a word. Later, he found that there were survivors in the school and escaped with those people, who eventually came to this survival base. It is said that there are other survival bases in jiangbei, perhaps there are some classmates they know. However, in the apocalypse, it was too difficult to connect, and it was impossible to walk around each other, who could control others. Luo Ming had also thought about Jiang Liushi, who had inexplicably told him at that time, and now he didn't know what was going on, but he didn't expect to see Jiang Liushi again. What a fate! Luo Ming saw Jiang Liushi with his own eyes, and tears came down immediately. After a long time, it was hard to describe the feeling of seeing someone you knew back then. It was easy to think of the peaceful life back then. The others were unfamiliar with Jiang Liu, but one of the girls named Lu Shanshan gave Jiang Liushi a complicated look. She reckoned that Jiang Liushi had forgotten. When a friend of Jiang Liushi joked about introducing Jiang Liushi to her, she was disgusted and disgusted. When she saw Jiang Liu stone, she treated him coldly and did not even look at Jiang Liushi. In fact, Jiang Liushi didn't care about this at all. It was his friend who wanted to introduce him, not that he liked this girl. As for the girl's indifference to him after that, he did not notice it at all. To be able to reunite with her former classmates, especially Luo Ming, Jiang Liushi was also filled with emotion. Luo Ming had a good relationship with him, and he was okay. He just didn't have the money to lend him the car. I'll talk to you. Jiang Liushi didn't think it was good to talk down here, so he asked shadow to open the door! Luo Ming immediately came to the front of the car, but just as he was about to step forward, his body froze. This car is too luxurious! He thought it was an ordinary Bus service, but be good, what's in the car, sofa? Carpet? Bed? Bathroom? This is such a wonderful environment! And when he glanced at it, he felt his eyes were dazzled. One, two, three... There are so many beautiful women here! Each of them looked different and had different temperaments, but they were all beautiful! Their classmate, Lu Shanshan, was not bad looking either, but compared to these girls, it was a long way off. These girls were too eye-catching to be ignored. Not only Luo Ming, but also Wang Kui and the others who were standing behind them were all dumbfounded. The moment the door opened, it completely overturned their three views. If it weren't for the fact that everything was clearly in front of them, they would have thought that the door was opened in the wrong way. Lin Wei was just smoking a cigarette in the distance and staring at it casually, but when he blinked, he was also stunned. Damn, why is this interior so luxurious? And those pretty girls who either sat or stood... This is a pretty car! Lin Wei did not expect this to happen in the Bus service at all. He forgot to smoke for a moment. Compared to the inside of the car and their survival base, it was like a broken thatched cottage, compared to a mansion. It was really, really, very irritating. Luo Ming froze at the car door for a while, then retracted his foot and smiled." This is a good place to stay. I won't come up. You have a lot of people up there." He actually took a look at his feet and body. There was dust everywhere. How could he get in the car? It was really out of place. Jiang Liu stone saw that Luo Ming refused to come up, so he simply came down on his own, and then, Li Yuxin followed him down. Lu Shanshan had seen Li Yuxin just now, but she was not sure. Now that Li Yuxin got out of the car and came to them, Lu Shanshan was sure of shanshan and Chen Jing! I didn't expect to meet you here! Li Yuxin said happily. Every time she saw someone she knew, she had a feeling of luck. After all, there were so few people alive in this apocalyptic world. And even if he survived, he would die at any time because of all kinds of dangers, Yu Xin... Lu Shanshan looked at Li Yuxin blankly." I didn't expect to meet you here either." She looked at Li Yuxin. Li Yuxin was so beautiful, in a good state of mind, and her temperament had improved. When she came down, the people in the survival base were staring at her, even lin wei was a little dazed. In comparison, Lu Shanshan is ashamed of himself. Why are you with Jiang Liu stone? Lu Shanshan glanced at Jiang Liushi and asked. Li Yuxin was still smiling." That's a long story. Brother Jiang, do you know Lu Shanshan and Chen Jing?" Jiang Liu stone took a look and smiled." Hello." He actually didn't know each other at all. I guess these two people were in the same department as Li Yuxin. When Lu Shanshan saw Jiang Liushi's reaction, his heart suddenly lost. Jiang Liushi no longer remembered her! And how could Li Yuxin call Jiang Liushi so affectionate? Could it be that they... Thinking of this, Lu Shanshan felt even more uncomfortable. At first, she looked down on Jiang Liushi because Jiang Liu stone was an orphan and had a sister who was a drag on her. If she fell in love with Jiang Liushi, it would be a drag on her. But I didn't expect Li Yuxin to be with Jiang Liu stone after the apocalypse... But seeing how well Li Yuxin was doing, it was clear that he had made the right choice. Lu Shanshan knew that after the end of the world, most of the girls who had no fighting power were reduced to the toys of the superpowered, but as long as they had some brains, they could live a good life with a superpowered person. It was sad to say, but Lu Shanshan thought it was normal that the weak depended on the strong to survive. She even took this as her goal to change her fate. However, in this survival base, she did not have this opportunity at all. Those superpowered people were just playing around, not caring about women at all. Her life had not changed much because of this. So when she saw the difference between herself and Li Yuxin, Lu Shanshan's heart was filled with anxiety. How are you doing here?" Jiang Liushi asked. In fact, when he saw Luo Ming's appearance, he estimated that Luo Ming was living a normal life. Some ate, some had places to shelter from the wind and rain, and worked hard every day to exercise." Luo Ming said with a smile. Are you a superpower?" Luo Ming asked curiously. Jiang Liushi smiled and said," well, sort of."" Then you're amazing! Actually, one of our classmates became a superpower at that time, or else we wouldn't have been able to come out alive. Unfortunately, he died." Luo Ming said gloomily. If that classmate didn't die, they wouldn't have lived so hard in this survival base. That classmate was still very good and took care of them very much. At this time, a bell rang in the survival base. Jiang Liushi saw that the survivors around him had put down their work and hurried in one direction. Luo Ming and the others looked back. Luo Ming turned around and said," Jiang Liushi, wait a minute. We're having dinner. I have to go get it. We won't be able to get it back when it's out." With that said, Luo Ming ran away. Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi couldn't help but smile. When they ran to the canteen to snatch food, Luo Ming was still a little fat and couldn't run at all. Soon Luo Ming came back. Jiang Liu stone saw that he was carrying a bowl of rice. There was not much meat in it, and the leaves were even rarer. In the apocalypse, even plants mutated, and eating vegetables was really an extravagant hope. These vegetables were shriveled, just like the kind of rotten leaves that were discarded. But Luo Ming obviously didn't care. He was about to sit down with a box of lunch and planned to continue talking to Jiang Liu stone. As Wang Kui had said earlier, he heard the conversation between Jiang Liu stone and lin wei. Jiang Liushi and the others will leave soon. After leaving, it was still unknown when they would meet again. Perhaps they would never meet again alive in this lifetime. So Luo Ming wanted to talk to Jiang Liu shi more. After all, he was a close friend back then. Talking to Jiang Liushi was like going back to the past, before the apocalypse broke out. Jiang Liushi frowned and grabbed the lunch box." Stop eating. Since it's rare to see each other, I'll treat you to a meal." In fact, Jiang Liushi and the others didn't follow any food order and ate whenever they wanted. The amount of food that the superpowered people ate was horrible. There's nothing wrong with cooking right now. When they heard that Jiang Liu stone was going to treat them to dinner, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun immediately took out the grill and took out the fresh mutated beef they had just gotten from the refrigerator today. There were all kinds of spices and fresh vegetables. Lin Wei had calmed down from the shock of seeing the beautiful woman and the fragrant car, but when he saw Zhang Hai and Sun Kun running out to get the ingredients, his eyes almost popped out. This is mutated animal meat... And vegetables and fruits! Lin Wei suddenly slapped his thigh. What a loss! He completely underestimated the people in the car and took the initiative to reduce the weight of 20 catties of rice to 15 catties. Now it seems that this is not even a hair for Jiang Liushi. Luo Ming was also stunned, and Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were very nimble. They quickly set up a grill and started to make a fire. The grill was more professional than the professional barbecue skewers. Wang Kui, Chen Jing and the others were all watching as they swallowed. Even Lu Shanshan felt that the box of food in her hand was tasteless. She stared at the roast meat and unconsciously started to talk. Luo Ming, eat meat. Jiang Liu stone handed a skewer of meat to Luo Ming. Luo Ming stared at the barbecue, hesitated for a moment, then suddenly reached out to take it, and said with emotion," Jiang Liushi, thank you!" He couldn't care less about the heat and couldn't wait to take a bite, almost swallowing his tongue. When did he eat this mutated animal meat? It was so delicious! Jiang Liushi smiled. When he saw Wang Kui and the others standing there in a daze, he said to them," come and eat too."" Really?" Wang Kui was very excited. He felt that meeting Jiang Liushi today was really his lucky day! Originally, Wang Kui had a feeling of envy and jealousy towards Jiang Liushi, but now he realized that Jiang Liushi and he were not on the same level, maybe both classmates, but now it was completely different. The two people who came down to the barbecue did not look like ordinary people, but to Jiang Liushi, they were mouthful after mouthful of" Brother Jiang." Jiang Liu stone was obviously of high status among these people and invited us to eat? Lu Shanshan had an indescribable feeling when she saw the excitement of the others, but when she saw the barbecue, she couldn't refuse. In fact, the amount of food these ordinary people can eat is quite limited, take sun kun as an analogy, they are not as good as Sun Kun's meal combined. So when he took this out to invite them to eat, Jiang Liu stone did not feel anything, just casually. His main purpose was to invite luo ming to eat. Seeing these people eating meat, even lin wei was a little envious. He never dreamed that one day he would envy these ordinary people who were suffering. It was not easy for them to go hunting in this survival base, and he had a boss on his head. Mutated animal meat was not enough. None of them had enough meat to eat, and these ordinary people could actually eat mutated animal meat. He looked at Jiang Liushi and thought that he was really blind. He didn't realize that these people were so rich. This meat can be taken out for ordinary people to eat, they must not lack mutated animal meat at all, otherwise even if they were classmates, who would give up? At the thought of this, Lin Wei's heart moved a little. These people had no scruples about being in someone else's territory, nor did they know that money could not be revealed in vain. Whatever happened, it was all self-inflicted. New book by old shi, the city god: the all-around security of the campus flowe