My Secretary is a Little Sweet

My Secretary is a Little Sweet



Author:Xia qingshan







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535.Chapter 535 Brother without Argument (2)


The assistant to the ceo of jingsheng group, who had just taken office, was reporting his schedule to the same ceo. "Tomorrow morning's meeting is all postponed. Come with me to the civil affairs bureau at 9: 00 to get the certificate!" On her first day at work, she was forced to get her license by the overbearing president. Should she resist or obey? At night, someone stripped her naked and pressed her under his body, evil and ambiguous: "I like to resist and obey, the night is long, we can all try..." In the morning, he was in high spirits: continue tonight, stay at home and wait for me to come back, and don't go anywhere! She was so sore that she had no strength to go out! The secret marriage of the rich: the president of the black belly dotes on his wife is a masterpiece of the urban novel by the original author, xia qingyi. The pen and interest pavilion updates the secret marriage of the rich at the same time: the latest chapter of the president of the black belly dotes on his wife, and the secret marri

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