Plundering the Heavens

Plundering the Heavens

Author:Black mountain old man






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290.Chapter 289 Northern God Mountain Demon


Some people said that he was a rat's feces in the world of cultivation, which broke the ethics, integrity and shame, and disrupted the order of the dao family! Some people said he was an unforgivable traitor, colluding with the devil, framing the same door, doing all kinds of evil! Some people also said that he was the most dangerous flower picker. Please keep an eye on your female disciple. Fang xing never cared what others said! All he knew was that the royal family controlled the resources of cultivation. If he did not take it, he would not have his share! All he knew was that the power of speech was in the hands of others. If he could not defeat him, he smashed his mouth with his fist! He also knew that after nine days and ten lands, he would eventually become the only one to escape and look down upon the world!

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