Princess Medical Doctor

Princess Medical Doctor



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"She is the crown prince's fiancée, but she was given two crippled legs on the eve of her wedding. The former god of war, who was paralyzed on the bed ... On her wedding night, the groom, who was supposed to be paralyzed in bed, pressed her down. "Should I kill you to silence you or poison you to silence you?" As the first surgeon in huaxia, lin chujiu had never been threatened like this since she became famous. With a slight tap of her fingers, she turned over and pressed the man under her. "Do you think I will completely cripple your legs or your third leg?" She was a genius doctor in the fengyun medical field, and an orphan girl whose parents were all dead and helpless. He was a famous god of war, and he was also a demon lord who was walking in the dark, making people feel scared. However, as soon as the golden wind and jade dew met, they would be victorious but there were countless people on earth ... I, lin chujiu, am not a good woman, and I don' t know how to write the word' affective'. I love you, I' m

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Why do women love to be abused? 😒
Itzu Blue
Los últimos capítulos no me aparecen, alguien me puede decir que pasó??? Donde puedo leerlos.
The story line are good. But I'm a bit dissatisfied with the ML attitude.
Nice...verry nice...I love it
Good read but not that much interesting. Totally ridiculous. An FL who has the wits of a modern genius doctor, who can’t survive on her own in old era. Totally weird. With superb medical skills, she can’t develop her own connections. Supposedly a spy but insisted on having pure intentions. Which is again weird. And she is really so ridiculous she just accepts all the abuse of the ML. Which female will fall in love with a man who casually uses her as a bait all the time he wants to capture his assassins ? Only that FL. Only shows her lack of self worth and pride. Interesting at the first 100 chapters, but then there are no character developments. The lead’s are always just sitting around like ducks waiting for their enemy to attack them first before they retaliate. And the way they retaliate, they do it half way. Its like beating ur dog half dead, leaving it there and waiting for another time to for it to bite u again. I do not know if the leads are too forgiving or simply stupid.
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