Chapter 303 I Asked You to Come, It's Just A 4

One chapter of the voting, "The catalogue of chapters," and the next chapter added to the popular bookmark: douluo continent iii, dragon king legend, tianhuo avenue, holy ruins, douluo continent, three dragon king legends," douluo continent," three dragon king legends, wake up quietly, the phoenix returns to the nest of douluo continent. Mo Beihan threw the small ones back into the water, and Ji Mingzhe's heart ached." Well... There are so many people who want it. We finally got it..."" Too small!" Mo beihan said bluntly. Ming Zhe: ..." He left only a small portion of the larger ones, and then the largest ones were those that were not too small. One net after another, each net had a large number. Ji Mingzhe couldn't believe his eyes. This... How many fish are there in this river? This is too abnormal! Lin Dongxu glanced at him." I told you. There's meat to eat with eldest brother Mo." Ming Zhe: ..." When enough fish were caught, the three of them cleaned up the fish by the river. Northern Chill took a small wooden bucket and filled it with water. He took out a packet of powder and poured it into it to stir it evenly. Then, he put all the clean fish in the water. Ming Zhe looked at it in a daze." What is this?"" Keep it fresh!" In his lifetime, he liked to take Yaoyao out whenever he had time. She loved to study these strange little things. The fish only needed to go through this potion once, and even if it was not treated, it would still be fine within ten days if it was piled up like this. The sky was long enough for him to use. When enough fish were caught, it was already evening. Ji Mingzhe looked at the sky and said," it's getting late. Don't do it!" Northern Chill looked at it and said," it's not urgent. I know where to stay. It's not far from here." The forest at night was more dangerous. Although Mo Beihan was not in a hurry, he did not stay here for long. He packed his things and prepared to go to the cave he had found before. After an afternoon of drying, the number of wild vegetables, mushrooms, and fungus decreased a lot. This time, it was much easier. Take the fish back. The cave is halfway up the mountain. The entrance is not big, but the inside is big and deep. Such a cave is the safest. Ming Zhe went in and took a look. There were pots, firewood, and even bowls and chopsticks inside. Obviously, it wasn't the first time Mo Beihan had come." Sure! You can find such a good place." Northern Chill smiled and did not speak. He put the things in the deepest place. The three of them came out to get the wild mushrooms. Mo Beihan sprinkled something on the hole and then left. The mushrooms and herbs had been sunbathing all afternoon, and they were all packed in two bags. It was large, but not very heavy. Northern Chill took a look at the traps around him and found something. The things were gathered together, and Lin Dongxu happily tied the pheasants and rabbits one by one in strings, hanging all over his body, and his mouth was almost open to the roots of his ears. Ming Zhe's mouth twitched! He seemed to understand what this guy was doing with so many ropes! In the middle of the road, when she passed a forest, she suddenly heard some strange noises around her. Northern Chill and ji Ming Zhe stopped in their tracks and narrowed their eyes." This is... A wild boar?" Ji Mingzhe was shocked." Go up the tree!" Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Beihan had already made up his mind and immediately took some of Lin Dongxu's prey off and put it on himself. The wild vegetables and mushrooms didn't matter, but they were put aside directly. Mo Beihan didn't want to throw the herb away. Afraid of being harmed by the wild boar, he carried it on his back and climbed up the tree together. Vote on the first chapter of the book, then add a bookmark to the next chapte