Chapter 329 Mo Beihan Was Transferred. I'm Going to See Yuri Huang

In the next chapter, the book was added to the popular bookmarks: douluo continent iii, legend of dragon king, tianhuo avenue, holy ruins, douluo continent, legend of dragon king, douluo continent, legend of dragon king, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent 4, ultimate douluo heaven descended the super rich divine doctor, huang hou, at this time, A colleague came over and said, "Mo Beihan, your letter!" Northern Chill got excited and stood up. The brothers around him were startled and laughed at Mo Beihan's situation." I said brother, no way! You are waiting for your wife's letter!"" Hahaha, I can't believe it! A paralyzed demon like you would have a girl willing to marry you. Which girl is so blind?"" Ha ha ha ha!"" Usually, he has such a bad temper with us. Could it be that the old cunning and cunning acted well at home so that the girl didn't notice?"" It must be, or who would like him!"... While the house was teasing, over there, Mo Beihan's letter had already been received. As expected, it was sent by Yaoyao. Northern Chill smiled at them and said," I'm in a good mood today, so I won't bother with you. Next time, I'll be big and small. Be careful that I deal with you."" Ha ha ha ha!" Everyone laughed. Northern Chill went to read the letter and found out that Gu Qingyao had already arrived in the provincial capital. Moreover, he would stay for a while. He was immediately surprised. Provincial capital? Will he stay for a while? In other words, if he and Ji Mingzhe rushed over, they would be able to see his Yaoyao? This is amazing! Northern Chill immediately rushed out to look for ji Ming Zhe." Hurry up, pack up and make the handover. We'll leave immediately." Ming Zhe was shocked by him." What? Leave immediately? How is that possible? Do you think you can leave as soon as you want? At least three or five days." Northern Chill frowned, very unhappy! Ming Zhe's mouth twitched. He really wanted to beat him up." All right, all right, you're the master. You're good. Don't worry, okay? I'll hurry up, you hurry up too. In two days, we'll leave in two days."" No, I'm leaving tomorrow night." Ming Zhe: ..." Northern Chill moved very fast. In order to see his little wife as soon as possible, he was very energetic. Ji Mingzhe was different from him. As a result, he was almost whipped at the back with a whip under Mo Beihan's constant urging. Finally, the two of them hurried and finally got on the train the next night. Ming Zhe was tortured to doubt his life. Before leaving, Mo Beihan left a letter to Lin Dongxu. Lin Dongxu was so scared that he almost cried when he saw the big guy leaving. He immediately followed him with a small bag. But Mo Beihan stopped him and told him to keep it in the south city. Although he was gone, his connections were still there. He had to keep it until he got to the provincial capital to arrange work for him, and then let Lin Dongxu go. Lin Dongxu heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that the boss didn't leave him behind. Northern Chill and ji Ming Zhe took the train to Gu Qingyao's side, which took eight or nine days. And these days, Gu Qingyao and ji mingyue haven't seen each other because of various relationships. But she became familiar with grandma ji. Grandma really liked Gu Qingyao. The more she got along with him, the more she felt that he was a good child. The more determined she was to take her home. Grandpa was a doctor. I heard that grandpa and father of Gu Qingyao's hometown were doctors. Gu Qingyao also studied medicine. Jinainai was so happy that he quickly brought her to his old man. Grandpa was overjoyed when he saw that such a beautiful girl was interested in studying medicine. He wanted to know that with all his sons and grandchildren, none of them were interested in studying medicine. Voting on the first chapter of the book, chapter directory, chapter bookmar