Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser


Genre:Billionaire Romance

Author:Firefly candle shadow







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335.Chapter 340: the Rest of Your Life!


In her previous life, chi shuyan was full of grievances. She was clearly a rich and wealthy person, but she was' borrowed' by others. Her fortune turned into bad luck. Her good cards were broken, her family was ruined, her relatives were taken over and divided her property. Her college entrance examination was reported and cheated, and her future was ruined. And she was stupidly grateful to her good friend who planned everything. Until one day, a heavenly master broke this scam and took her as an apprentice. Chi shuyan hated her and was reborn from the fire. She became a blood-soaked female devil on the road, killing all the people with evil hearts, so she also lost her life. In her rebirth, she returned to the age of 17 before the college entrance examination with the memory of her previous life. Her family had not yet been destroyed. The person she cared about was still there, and the person who hurt her was still there. This time, she dared to hurt the people she cared about. God blocked the killing god,

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