Chapter 290 Abnormal Zhang Hui

Reincarnated queen of the apocalypse: young emperor, kneel down! > Vote for recommendation: one chapter on douluo continent iii legend of dragon king tianhuo avenue holy ruins douluo continent 3 legend of dragon king douluo continent A month ago, Zhang Hui was lucky enough to awaken the Water system ability, and then she came here to work, with a stable income, plus she was a superpowered person, and life was much better than before. Lanxiang died on a mission. Ah, zhang hui sighed. It was all life. "Aunt Hui, aunt Hui, that cabbage doesn't need so much water." A pleasant female voice sounded. She immediately regained her powers and looked at the beautiful girl running towards her. Her eyes were filled with love." I see. It was aunt Hui who was distracted. By the way, Wenwen, how did you come here? Did something happen to you?" It was Wang Wenwen, with a smile on her delicate and beautiful face, who was so weak that she wanted someone to take good care of her, but Zhang Hui knew that this girl was a tough and unyielding woman. At this point, Wang Wenwen's smile faded a little. She went to Yun Huan's house. Since the woman told her that qin yi died three months ago, she moved out of the villa. Without Qin Yi's villa, she had no reason to stay. Although lin bai and the others wanted her to stay, Wang Wenwen still moved out and found the task of promoting plants. She did not believe that the young man with the bright wind and the bright moon would die so easily. She wanted to wait for her to come back here. For the past three months, Wang Wenwen would visit the villa from time to time to see if Qin Yi was back." Nothing, aunt Hui. I just slept. By the way, haven't Chuxue and Gu Jie come over yet?" Wang Wenwen didn't want to tell anyone about it, so she changed the subject. Hui did not doubt him. She thought of the other two little girls and shook her head with a smile." I guess she slept with a girl." Just as they were speaking, Qiu Chuxue and Gu Jie came over. Wang Wenwen smiled and went up to them. He grabbed Gu Jie and pinched the paralyzed loli's face." Why are you two girls so late? It's really not on time." Qiu Chuxue's eyes were dim and he smiled." You're still talking about us. You just arrived. We saw you in the back just now. Don't try to deny it." Gu jie pushed Wang Wenwen away expressionlessly, her almond eyes looking straight at Wang Wenwen, but she did not speak. Wang Wenwen's hair was covered in Gu Jie's eyes, and she knew Gu Jie's urine. Wang Wenwen didn't tease her anymore. He just coughed dryly." What, Chuxue? Can't you not expose my shortcomings?" Qiu Chuxue rubbed Wang Wenwen's head and raised the corner of his mouth." Okay, I'm not teasing you anymore. There's a new superpower coming over today." Wang Wenwen was a little curious. In fact, their work here was heavy, but there were not many supplies. To be honest, there were very few people who really wanted to come." Who is it?" Gu Jie pursed her lips, her lovely face still paralyzed." I don't know the name, but I heard it's a wood power." Wang Wenwen was pleasantly surprised." Really, that's great. I'm the only wooden one here. It's great to have another one." It was the wood department, responsible for seed production, Qiu Chuxue was the fire department, responsible for the temperature of the shed, aunt hui was the Water system, responsible for watering, and gu jie was strong, doing some miscellaneous work. To be honest, it was a little difficult to rely on one of her wooden abilities for such a large piece of land, and now it's really a good thing that she's here again. As soon as Cao Cao cao arrived, Wang Wenwen had just finished speaking when a beautiful woman came in. Her eyes were as bright as stars, and her voice was soft and tight." I'm Sun Zhilan, the new wood power." Li hui glanced over, then her head exploded with a bang. How, how could it be her? One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapter