Chapter 300 Qin Hanyu's Return

Reincarnated queen of the apocalypse: young emperor, kneel down! > Vote for recommendation: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo avenue shengxu douluo continent 3 dragon king legend douluo continent 3 dragon king legend mengxing quiet phoenix return to the nest douluo continent 4 ultimate douluo tian tian tian luo super rich doctor huang hou finished his dinner. Qin Hanmo said to Qin Jiaojiao, "Jiaojiao, didn't you say that you were bored recently? I happen to have time this afternoon. I'll go shopping with you." Her little sister was a little pitiful. Before the end of the world, she could go shopping and travel with her friends, but now she could only stay at home all day. Qin Jiaojiao's eyes brightened when she heard that. Going shopping meant that she could buy things. She was short of clothes recently. Qin Jiaojiao looked at Qin Hanmo with sparkling eyes and said softly, "Second brother, you are so good." She was going to go back and destroy the paper, but now she decided to go shopping first. Anyway, they wouldn't go to her room, let alone look through her things. Qin Jiaojiao happily took Qin Hanmo away, but she did not know that it was her carelessness that caused her fate to change drastically. At two o' clock in the afternoon, Qin Hanyu had just come back from settling Gao Qing. His warm, jade-like eyes were cold. Someone wanted to deal with their The qin family. He learned from Gao Qing that she had retaliated against the The qin family because her brother abandoned her. Qin Hanyu knew that it was impossible. His brother's temper was totally unintelligible. He didn't know what it was, not to mention playing with women. Even if he liked him, Qin Hanyu knew that someone was targeting the The qin family with gao qing's hand. He just didn't get any more clues and didn't know who it was yet. Qin Hanyu rubbed his temples wearily and then took out a delicate box from his arms. It was a gift he had given Jiaojiao. Speaking of it, he had not been with her for a long time. Qin Hanyu went upstairs, knocked on the door, and no one answered. He knew that this girl was probably out to play, and it was hard for her. Qin Jiaojiao had no ability. They usually didn't let her go out alone, so they were afraid that something would happen to her. Today, they were afraid that Hanmo was there, and they took this girl out. Qin Hanyu smiled, his deep phoenix eyes burning with warmth. Such a real smile was left to his family alone. Opening the door, Qin Hanyu was about to hide something to surprise the little girl. Thinking about it, he opened the quilt and was about to hide in it. Suddenly, a piece of paper caught his attention. Qin Hanyu picked it up gracefully. After reading the contents of the paper, the delicate box in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, and the exquisite diamond necklace inside fell out. The hand holding the paper trembled slightly, and there was a chill in her deep and gentle eyes. Qin Jiaojiao followed Qin Hanmo around for an hour and finally got what he liked. Qin Hanmo didn't sleep all night. He had just finished his task this morning and was shopping with Qin Jiaojiao in the afternoon. He couldn't hold it anymore. He rubbed Qin Jiaojiao's head and went back to his room to catch up on his sleep. Qin Jiaojiao returned to her room with the clothes in her hands and saw the diamond necklace on the table. She turned her eyes and immediately guessed that Qin Hanyu was back. It was a gift for her. Qin Jiaojiao happily tried on his clothes, not knowing the shocked faces of several people in the study on the first floor. Even the calm Qin Mian's hands were trembling. "Hanyu, Hanyu, where did you get this?" Qin Hanyu's eyes darkened. "From Qin Jiaojiao's bed." Sun Zhilan, who was called back, suddenly burst into tears. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief. "No, no, this is not true, it is not true." He shook his head in disbelief. "Jiaojiao is my daughter. How could I possibly mistake my own daughter?" Sun Zhilan didn't believe it, or she didn't. One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapter