Chapter 325 Feng Qing Song

Reincarnated queen of the apocalypse: young emperor, kneel down! > Vote for recommendation: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo avenue shengxu douluo continent 3 dragon king legend douluo continent 3 dragon king legend mengxing silent phoenix returned to the nest douluo continent 4 ultimate douluo tiantian descended the super rich doctor huang this is her background? Qin Yi also didn't know why she dreamed about her life. No, it couldn't be a dream. She looked more like a third party now. The scene flashed before her. Qin Yi seemed to have been pulled out, and then two houses appeared before her. One was a luxurious and humble villa, and the other was a small shared apartment. One of the two little girls had been treated like a jewel since childhood, enjoying all the pampering and living like a princess, while the other was treated like a dog, chained up, beaten, and without any sunlight. The two different lives were placed in front of Qin Yi. The comparison was heartbreaking, but Qin Yi didn't feel anything. It could be said that he couldn't stir up any waves in his heart. When she first found out the truth, she almost broke down, but now she was able to treat it calmly. This feeling was not the result of her own adjustment, it was more like being forced down. The scene continued. The little girl was brought back to the villa, rejected by the crowd, and then her stupid and miserable life. This was her previous life. Qin Yi saw this and realized that the The qin family didn't give her to Dr. Lin in her previous life. It was all Qin Jiaojiao's doing. All these years, her efforts were not unrewarded. The qin family slowly accepted her, but every time it came to a critical moment, Qin Jiaojiao would always tell her behind her back, and then everything would return to its original place. Qin Yi calmly watched his whole life, a pitiful and foolish one. The ground suddenly darkened and cleared up. The grass on the ground was in full bloom. Qin Yi was a little confused about this turning point when a pleasant voice suddenly sounded, "Misty grass, this is playing with the young master. Where is this grandma's leg?" Qin Yi frowned. "Who is it?" How could anyone be here? Is this a reality or a dream? Before Qin Yi could speak, a figure of Feihong rushed towards her, and qin was instantly hugged by a faint smell of grass. Qin Yi raised his head and bumped into a pair of dark phoenix eyes, which seemed to gather all the spiritual energy. Qin Yi's phoenix eyes were burning, but the person in front of him was full of cunning and spiritual energy. The newcomer had a perfect face, a light pink cherry lips full, two delicate eyebrows with soft ripples, as if they had always been smiling, curved, like the bright crescent moon in the night sky. Her features did not belong to her, but they were completely different types. Qin Yi was as cool as a stranger, but he was as evil as a playboy. The most attractive thing was the blue mark on her forehead. Qin Yi took a closer look, and it looked like a winged phoenix. "Hi, beauty." A wicked smile rose from the corner of the visitor's mouth. Qin Yi pushed her away, only to find out that the person was wearing an ancient dress, a Feihong robe, with the corner embroidered with the other shore flowers. Qingge was pushed away and instead touched Qin Yi's face, with a wicked smile in his eyes. "Beauty is so heartless." Qin yi's face was cold. "Who are you?" Qingge shrugged. "My name is Feng Qingge. I don't know where this is. I'm here for no reason." "But," Feng Qingge leaned over, her long eyelashes tickling Qin Yi's cheek. Her white fingers pointed at qin yi's forehead. "Are you Bingfeng's master?" Qin Yi was confused. "What?" Now it was Feng Qingge's turn to be surprised. She raised her hand and fixed the mirror. "Look, you have the mark of the phoenix on your forehead. It was only after the phoenix recognized the lord." One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapte