Chapter 300 Blood Demon Sword (1)

In the next chapter, a popular bookmarking recommendation was added: douluo continent iii, legend of dragon king, heavenly fire avenue, holy ruins, douluo continent, legend of dragon king, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent 4, ultimate douluo heaven descending super rich doctor huang hou's disciples are really eye-opening now. The treasures that these outer disciples could see in Xuanming pavilion were just the tip of the iceberg. Today, they had to see the rumored Flaming sword and were really shocked. Qingtang looked at the Flaming sword in her hand and her eyes flashed. Although she thought that the Flaming sword was very good, it was a fire attribute, but it did not match her own. Zhishi was acutely aware of the fleeting regret in Ye Qingtang's eyes and could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly. He realized that Ye Qingtang might not be satisfied enough. Thinking of the fifty thousand xuanming points in Ye Qingtang's hand, he hardened his heart. He walked directly to the cabinet beside him and put his hand on the top of the cabinet. The long and wide brocade box that had fallen a lot of dust was removed. Flaming sword may be good, but compared to this thing, it is nothing. It is filled with really good things. Zhishi tapped lightly on the dusty brocade box and looked meaningfully at Ye Qingtang. Zhishi's words immediately attracted the attention of many disciples. Flaming sword was already a rare treasure to them, and what Zhishi said was a hundred times more precious than what was in the box? What exactly is this? How could he be so powerful? All the disciples widened their eyes at this moment, fearing that they would lose their focus and miss the chance to see the most powerful weapon. Qingtang looked at Zhishi and couldn't help but laugh and cry. She guessed in her heart that the other party must have known her "Worth." Then she generously pushed three treasures out. Zhishi opened the brocade box slowly in front of everyone. He only lifted the lid slightly, and a chill quietly emerged from the crack in the brocade box. Qingtang's eyes trembled slightly. She faintly felt a strange breath coming out of the brocade box. As the brocade box was opened little by little, the surrounding disciples also widened their eyes, wanting to see what kind of rare treasures were inside. When the brocade box was completely opened, everyone was stunned by what was inside. In the beautiful and simple brocade box, there was a black sword lying quietly. The scabbard of the sword was made of some unknown material. It was dark and dull. Compared with the previous dragon spring sword and the Flaming sword, the sword in the box looked a little old. What sword is this? It didn't seem like anything special. A disciple could not help but mutter. Zhishi suddenly raised his eyes, glanced at the muttering disciple, and sneered," nothing special?" Rico's disciple shrank his neck and did not dare to say another word. Zhishi looked down at the black sword and slowly took it out of the brocade box. Qingtang noticed that when Zhishi held the sword, the cold wind around the black sword was gradually spreading to Zhishi's hand. Zhishi looked at the black sword, then looked at Ye Qingtang and said," have you ever heard of the name of the god of red blood? Qingtang was a little stunned. Red blood slayer? Zhishi smiled." A hundred years ago, red blood was born and he was called a murderer. Everywhere he went, blood flowed into a river. How many powerful people in the world were beheaded by him and hung on his skeleton carriage. The atmosphere of a hundred years of killing enveloped the world. The sword he used, named Blood demon sword, was a rare evil weapon in the world." One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapter