Chapter 325 Complete Victory (2)

In the next chapter, he added a popular bookmarking recommendation: douluo continent iii, legend of dragon king, heavenly fire avenue, holy ruins, douluo continent, legend of dragon king, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent 4, ultimate douluo heaven descended great wealth divine doctor huang, Elder Master Qin immediately stepped onto the stage. He announced who would enter the inner gate this time. In addition to the top three on the list, Lin Feng was admitted to the inner sect as a disciple of Elder Master Lin. The man walked up to the ring. Ji Xianyuan's wound had been bandaged by a doctor. Although his face was a little pale, his detached manner did not diminish. Ye Qingtang, of course, attracted the most attention. All the disciples of the outer sect looked at Ye Qingtang at this moment and their eyes had become extremely shocked. Today's battle had challenged almost all of them. From the outer gate to the inner gate, most of the disciples were afraid to walk for several years, but they could not get this opportunity in ten years, but they did not want to... Ye Qingtang was able to climb to the top of the outer gate after a few months in the sect! This is the fastest speed since Xuanling sect started its sect! From today onwards, we are disciples of the Xuanling sect inner sect. In the future, we should prioritize the glory of the Xuanling sect. Elder Master Qin looked at the four valiant disciples in front of him, raised his hand and handed them four waistbands that had already been prepared. It was a symbol of the inner sect. The four of them took the waistband about the waist. From now on, they were no longer disciples of the outer sect, but members of the inner sect. One step away, but a world of difference. Under the stage, the eyes of the disciples were filled with envy. With the waistband of the inner door, the four of them, ye qingtang, made it easier for them to be different. Qingtang looked at the familiar waistband around her waist and a smile flashed across her eyes. In her previous life, she had spent countless years in order to qualify to enter the inner door. Ye Qingtang. Elder Master Qin suddenly spoke again. Qingtang stepped forward immediately. The disciple was there. Elder Master Qin looked at Ye Qingtang with a faint smile in his eyes. Ye Qingtang had brought him a lot of surprises since he took part in the Zongmen examination. It was really good to enter the inner door with such a brilliant result. You are the top of this year's assessment. According to Zongmen rules, the first person can receive a reward from Xuanming pavilion. With that said, Elder Master Qin handed a scroll to Ye Qingtang in front of everyone. Later, you can take this scroll and head straight to Xuanming pavilion to exchange for your reward. Qingtang calmly took the scroll, but there was a hint of joy in his heart. Challenge Ji Xianyuan for this reward! The disciples watched as Ye Qingtang closed the scroll, and the envy in their eyes almost overflowed. This scroll was enough for Ye Qingtang to choose any item in Xuanming pavilion, within 50,000 xuanming points, whether it was martial arts, sword, or spiritual pet, or elixir, he could choose. Fifty thousand xuanming points, for the outer gate, is an astronomical number. Many people, afraid of their whole life, can not earn so many xuanming points, and can not touch those precious treasures. Other than envy, there was no other way. When Qingtang's strength was in front of them, even if they were envious, they could see it. After all... Qingtang stepped into the inner gate under the name of the first person in the outer gate. With their strength, they could not be compared to it! Seeing that the matter was over, Elder Master Qin planned to return to the inner gate first, but at this moment, an extremely fast figure flew past the sect, so fast that it was almost impossible to see what it looked like. One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapter