Chapter 330 Treasure Hunting (4)

Wan xuanming points? Qin Huan swallowed his saliva secretly and immediately felt... With the momentum of the blood demonic sword, it was worth a hundred thousand xuanming points. Should he be glad for junior sister apprentice Ye that the demonic blood sword had some negative rumors? The disciples who were watching by the side had long been dazzled by the sword flower of the Blood demon sword, and they were all extremely envious. The rumor of revenge, even if there was such a danger, they would not give up such a wonderful sword if they had the chance! You should know that xuanling sect was based on the sword. If we could obtain this weapon, our strength would be even higher in the future! After Qingtang finished appreciating it, he immediately took the Blood demon sword back into his shell and looked directly at Zhishi. "I want to exchange for the Blood demon sword." Junior sister apprentice Ye, are you not looking at anything else? Gu Yanqiu said cautiously. Qingtang shook her head. There were so many treasures in Xuanming pavilion, but they were so precious and so good that they were not suitable for her. With a reward of 50,000 xuanming points, she could exchange them for a Blood demon sword worth 100,000 yuan. Gu yanqiu saw that Ye Qingtang had already made up his mind, so he didn't say anything more. Zhishi took the scroll and handed the Blood demon sword to Ye Qingtang. From that moment on, the owner of the Blood demon sword became Ye Qingtang. Qingtang took off her usual sword and put the Blood demon sword on her waist. Although the sword was in the shell, she could vaguely feel the chill coming from the Blood demon sword. Junior sister apprentice Ye, can you touch this bloody sword for me? Qin Huan said thick-skinned and envious. Qingtang drew his sword and handed it to Qin Huan. Qin Huan held the Blood demon sword with joy, but as soon as the Blood demon sword started, a piercing chill came from his palm, and a strong sense of oppression enveloped him in an instant. In the next second, Qin Huan hurriedly stuffed the blood sword back into Ye Qingtang's hand. After holding the sword for only a moment, Qin Huan's forehead was covered in a layer of cold sweat for no reason. Senior qin? Ye Qingtang looked doubtfully at Qin Huan's slightly pale face. Qin huan calmed down and finally wiped away the pressure in his heart. But when he looked at Ye Qingtang with lingering fear, he found that Ye Qingtang, who was holding the Blood demon sword, had no abnormality at all. What happened? No... Nothing, this sword... It seems that it suits you best, junior sister apprentice Ye. Qin Huan's mouth twitched stiffly, but he felt a little scared. Senior brother gu had just said that the demonic blood sword had a counterattack effect. He still felt that the rumor was not true, but when he really grasped the Blood demon sword, he realized that the rumor... Not all of them are empty, but this demonic blood sword is somewhat mysterious. However, ye qingtang's reaction was clearly not affected by the Blood demon sword. Looks like... This sword really suits Ye Qingtang. Since junior sister apprentice Ye has already exchanged the items, we should hurry up and have a good meal, even if I celebrate for you. Qin Huan shook his head and his face returned to normal. It was his reaction that fell into Gu Yanqiu's eyes. Gu Yanqiu only lowered his eyes slightly, but said nothing more. Not only did Gu Yanqiu notice the abnormality in Qin Huan's grip on the sword, but the other disciples who were watching also noticed it. Is this demonic blood sword really as evil as the rumored one?" Most likely, otherwise, why would they sell at the bottom price?" Didn't you see Qin Huan's face turn white when he took the sword?" But... When Ye Qingtang took it, wasn't everything okay? The disciples were a little confused, not knowing whether the rumors about the blood fiend sword were true or not.