Chapter 1157 Managed World

Fang Ning focused on the school and looked down from the sky, only to see that the effect was quite obvious. The children who walked out of the school, not to mention their faces full of hope, were very different from the local aboriginals in their spirit, and seemed to have a kind of confidence in them. This is confidence after mastering knowledge. Wait, Fang Ning saw something unusual. There were a few children who had flashes of black. By the way, this is the devil's idea. The method taught to Quanxiang has not been carried out yet. These saints are really evil. They even think of children. The next moment, Fang Ning found a trace of black, floating from a child, leisurely up to the sky. Fang Ning drove the boat to catch up. Soon, the black scent came to the edge of the world, before the membrane of the world. Without any movement, it slowly seeped out. "Did you see everything, sir?" Fang Ning said solemnly. "Yes, what's the matter?" The old man said in a daze. "You're so stupid. Why don't you destroy it?" Fang Ning scolded. "It's a waste of power to destroy it. This is just a test version of the world," the lord said indifferently. "Didn't you say that people should use the method of sacrificing heaven and earth to destroy it? Then I won't do it." "Ah, let me tell you, we are in big trouble. These saints are not to be underestimated. They have made two preparations," Fang Ning sighed. "What two kinds of preparations?" Fang Ning shook his head and said, "First, it is to disturb the hearts of the people, so that we have no one to use; second, take our way, so that we have no way to go." "Shameless! Is this still called a saint? Blatantly copying us, despicable, cheap." "It's no use scolding sages for not liking things and not grieving themselves. What they should have copied will still be copied. I say why their world is still in the middle of barbarism, a bunch of primitive people developing science and technology without coming up. They've already planned it. When our world tests are over, we'll start copying!" Fang Ning said painfully. "Then what should we do? Doesn't that mean that we are all making wedding dresses for people?" The old man said angrily. "Yes, unless you can completely block the world, but this is also difficult. After all, you are not at the level of a saint and have no means of a saint," Fang Ning said gloomily. "Well, in the end, is it my pot again?" The old man said resentfully. "Oh, come on, I'm not blaming you. I'm thinking about what the saints can't copy. They can copy technology, they can copy civilization, they can copy world backgrounds..." Fang Ning pondered. "Even you can take it away. I think there are a few little fangning in the old world..." The old man muttered. "Look at what you said," Fang Ning was speechless, then a thought struck him. "With that, they will never take you away! You are the only existence in the universe that cannot be replicated." "Why did you say that? Didn't you say that I was created by the divine right away? Wouldn't it be over if they created a second one?" The lord said in surprise. "No, after this creation, I found out that a strange creature like you can never be created, only natural," Fang Ning said seriously. "Are you praising me or are you secretly scolding me again?" The old man said resentfully. "That's what I meant. I'm definitely praising you." Fang Ning was just about to ask for unification, so of course he couldn't admit it. "There's absolutely no extension. Don't over-interpret it. We need to think about how to use your unique existence to make them unable to catch up. You are the most important one in the plan." "Well, I really don't like what you're saying. I'm not that important either. It's all the guidance of the rich," the old man said. "Don't be too modest. It's hypocritical, sir. Now it's time for you to muster up your courage and show mercy!" Fang Ning urged, "Do you remember? You once managed the little heavenly dao of the blood river mystic realm, and you did a good job, didn't you?" "What do you mean?" The old man felt that something was wrong. It was not enough to take care of a host together, but to push the whole world down on it again? "You see, with the development of the history of human civilization, with the improvement of civilization, the organization power from the top to the bottom is getting stronger and stronger. For example, from the tribe system to the centralization of military aristocracy, from the feudal system to the county system, from the imperial power not to go to the countryside, from the development to the vertical system of management..." Fang Ning tried to persuade her. "So what? They can do that too," the old man wondered. "I mean, the same goes for the development of heaven and earth. From unconsciousness to consciousness, it's only the first step. From the free waves of life to the directed development; from entrusting the management of god and sage to the management of heaven and earth by themselves, and we have evolved directly to the last level, system custody," Fang Ning said triumphantly. "It's interesting..." The old man was moved. "It turns out that my role is really so great." "Yes, yes, as long as you put in the effort you used to trust me and manage heaven and earth well, they will never be able to copy it," Fang Ning bewitched. "Well, this is a very tiring system. You have to give me something solid," the old man said suddenly. "Gouzi, you've changed. In the past, you never made any conditions. You always put in the front and enjoy the back." Fang Ning said resentfully. "I used to be too innocent. Didn't I learn it from you?" The old man said with conviction. "Well, in the future, you get 60 % of the world's output, I get 40 %," Fang Ning gritted his teeth. "No, I want shares." The old man refused to budge. "Equity is impossible. It's already half yours. What else do you want?" Fang Ning shook his head again and again. "Besides, I'm doing this for your own good. If you don't do this, you'll be devoured by the saints. Would you like to learn from those stupid people in the history of the late ming dynasty who would rather die together than unite and fight off foreign enemies before splitting the cake? The song dynasty is so weak and still has a southern song dynasty, how long has Nanming resisted?" "Well, why can't I say you..." The old man said resentfully, "That's it then. I take the whole situation into consideration and try to learn how to manage this world. But this world is different from the previous mystic realm. The mystic realm is small and the heavenly dao is incomplete. It is two levels of complexity compared to the whole world." "Don't worry, I will definitely train you well. Come to me if you have any problems." Fang Ning mustered up his strength and finally dragged the guy down the hole again, but he couldn't let him climb up. "That's more or less the same, but what do you think the first thing I should do after I take care of it?" The old man said in a daze. "Well, you didn't ask me that question when you used to trust me," Fang Ning wondered. "When you were poorer, I couldn't have done anything worse than you," the old man said with conviction. "Now that the world has a certain foundation, I can't mess around." "So you were messing with me?" Fang Ning finally unearthed the truth of history. "Don't talk about the past. Answer my question now." "Let me think," Fang Ning said helplessly. "Let me continue my investigation and see what the world lacks." After Fang Ning made his decision, he continued to explore the world. This time, it was not limited to human society. Since the old man was in charge, he had to look at more places. The natural world, the sky and the ocean, he looked at them one by one and soon knew what was going on. A month later. "Well, the first thing you have to do is to train an opponent for the human race," Fang Ning said seriously. "It's such a big game to come up here," the old man said in surprise. "Of course, people are free from pressure, they are free from internal conflict. Since we are the god of creation, we can't be limited to the position of humans, but the position of heaven and earth," Fang Ning said naturally. "Well, what you said makes sense, but which opponent is better?" The old man wondered. "That's not easy. Aren't the twelve claws still on the digital earth? Get out its octopus tribe. You see how thoughtful I've been for you and saved you the template," Fang Ning said with conviction. "The rich are wise." The next moment, a group of "Kaka" octopuses emerged from the ocean surrounding kyushu. "Eh, the sea seems a little salty today..." A small octopus wondered. "Cut, didn't you notice that the big moon cake in the sky was gone?" Another old octopus said scornfully. "Where is our king?" The little octopus continued. "Well, wait a minute. We'll get in touch." The old octopus began to emit radio waves