Chapter 1158 Could It Be Replaced?

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There were lightning and thunder everywhere, and shadows everywhere. Fortunately, he was indeed a fateful octopus. When he woke up, heaven and earth returned to normal... Wait, is this really normal? Twelve claws, looking around at the calm sea, it lowered its huge octopus head and drank a mouthful of seawater. "No, why does it lack the familiar smell of oil and plastic?"" This isn't our seawater!" Its iq was already higher than that of an octopus, and it was sensitive to five senses, so it immediately noticed the difference. At this moment, its subjects, octopus, swam over one by one." Well, guard a, guard b... Not a single one is missing." With its twelve claws on its head, it felt much more relaxed. As long as it had these subjects, it could start over and rebuild its own octopus kingdom." My lord, where is this place?" The old octopus swam up and asked." Well, if only my heavenly book teacher was still here." Twelve paws was a little depressed, but he believed that with the heavenly book teacher's ability, he would definitely live a better life than him." The old man must know where this is." That's not true. People have to wait until the world is perfect before they come out to be big masters. Unlike it, they are sent out to be cannon fodder first." My lord, I'm hungry." The little octopus suddenly said pitifully." All right, let's get to work. Let's go catch some big fish to eat and leave the fry for breeding," twelve paws said with ease." By the way, we'll send out sentries to check if there are any land nearby and if there are any humans on the land. We have to be prepared. If they are willing to maintain peace, then trade and transport with them. If they kill us, we have to defend ourselves in time." One was agriculture, the other was military, which fully demonstrated what a qualified king would do. It was rough, but it was enough to handle the situation. The twelve claws were from an honest octopus family. Unlike some guy, after the order was given, he personally led people to fish. After all, it has 12 powerful wrists and feet, both swimming speed and fishing power, are far more than ordinary octopus. In the early days of this base, it could hold a hundred laborers per person. Obviously, there are still a lot of fish in the ocean. Nowadays, humans have no ability to fish in the ocean. Octopus, on the other hand, are blessed in the sea, especially when they have wisdom. Ordinary fish are no match for them. Octopuses are carnivores, but they have a wide range of recipes, from small shells to large sharks, which are all on top of the wild octopus diet. However, the twelve claws were wise kings, and they ordered that no large fish should be caught at will. First, there are dangers, and second, these fish may be intelligent. It still remembers the principle that intelligent creatures do not eat and must be screened before hunting. In an ocean without competitors, the octopus kingdom grew rapidly like a balloon. The fishing grounds were built one after another, and tough seaweeds were found, woven into huge underwater fences. Octopus patrols regularly to prevent damage by other big fish. After all, they have absorbed a lot of knowledge from humans on earth and mastered a lot of modern technologies, although many of them are not usable, such as electricity generation in the sea, fire generation in the sea... Without fire, the tree of science and technology could not be lit. To develop a higher civilization, one must land. After a period of time, about three months later, twelve claws led a group of octopus to find a large island with only a few wild animals on it and began to land on the island. What surprised the twelve claws was that they had lost many of their previous abilities, including the ability to live on land for a long time." No, my lord. We can't hold on for long. This world lacks vitality. It's only enough for us to maintain our intelligence, but it's not enough for us to have the same old god." The first scouting octopus on the island reported back." It looks like we're going back to our marine life. Now, we're going to have a meeting to sort out our previous technical knowledge and see which ones are suitable for use in the water." Twelve claws gave the order decisively. The ministers of the past gathered together again. They were once the leaders of octopus, or the wiser old octopus." Both aquaculture and shipbuilding can be used in the water, but we need to trade with the civilization of the land. We trade fish and pearls for their materials so that we can use these two technologies," said one minister." Have humans explored it yet?" Asked the twelve claws." To report to the king, we have discovered that humans, on the land to the north, seem to be very poor. They do not have enough food to eat. Compared with the humans of the previous world, they are far worse, and there is no such terrible iron ship."" In that case, there is a possibility of trade. You send some messengers to communicate with them, and you must pay attention to safety. These humans are different from the people on earth before. They have never seen us, and they will definitely treat us as monsters," twelve claws reminded. Although it still had an honest gift, it was no longer stupid. On a beach in the south of kyushu." Grandpa octopus, please forgive me. The little ones are just fishing and eating. They don't want to invade your territory..." A few young fishermen in ragged clothes were bowing to a group of octopuses surrounding them, speaking a difficult local language." Alas, the people of this world are far worse than the people of earth..." The octopus sighed." That's right. What a fool. There's not even one who understands us," octopus b sighed." The king's instructions still have to be completed. Change it to writing mode and see if they can read," the octopus said helplessly. Soon, a row of chinese characters appeared on the beach. The fishermen looked at each other in fear." Who can read?" Fisherman a asked." I don't know, but the kid from the zhang family just went to school for a few years, so he should be able to read a few big words," fisherman b said." Then call him over."" I wonder if grandpa octopus will let them go or not?" After a while, the octopus retreated and threw a pile of fish to them before they left. The fishermen looked at each other, and after a while, they left gratefully. The next day, a few daring people returned to the same place with their children and began to communicate in words. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement. The octopus provided them with fish, wood, nails and other materials... The octopus said," as I said, humans are complicated. They have small and big guts. With a little benefit, they can be as bold as the sky. With a little wind and grass, they have to be scared to run around."" It's so irrational to suddenly realize that we octopus should be the main character in the world. You see, we know radio, know morse code, and eight hands can work on our own. Our work efficiency is much higher than theirs, and we don't have the concept of slacking off." Octopus b seems to have discovered a new world." Well, that's right. We have to suggest to the king that we plant some human puppets and then conquer this land," the octopus agreed. Their contact with these primitive humans gave them the idea that they could be replaced. Just like the passers-by came to the feudal society, as long as their heads were normal, they would not be willing to accept the rule of the old feudal forces, kneeling down and kowtowing to them, living every day without a guarantee. One chapter on the voting recommendation ticket and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte