Chapter 1159 Ruler

Next to a reef on the sea, a sea shed made of coconut leaves was the temporary palace of the octopus empire, where a kingdom meeting was being held. After hearing the replies and suggestions of the two scouting octopuses, twelve paws fell silent for a while. "Your majesty, I concur. The humans here are so stupid. It's time for us to lead this world!" A minister octopus waved his eight paws and said excitedly. All the other octopuses were talking, and for a moment, the crowd was excited under the shed." To rule the human race, we have to solve the problem of onshore breathing," some octopus ministers have begun to plan the next step," this world seems to be a low demon world, many octopus have lost the ability to breathe onshore, we need to change our genes to evolve onshore breathing organs."" Be quiet, be quiet," the twelve paws brandishing their thick wrists and feet," what did I tell you before? What is the twelve word motto of our octopus empire?" The octopus calmed down, and an old octopus tried to say," tell the truth, do the truth, do the truth?"" That's right, the elder answered well. Even if the world is different, we cannot deviate from this principle. What you are saying now, is it in accordance with the twelve words of the proverb?" The twelve claws said seriously. At this moment, the two scouted the octopus armor in the octopus and quickly defended themselves." Your majesty, we are telling the truth. The humans we have met are stupid and stupid, without even basic scientific literacy."" Oh, according to the heavenly book teacher, you have made a mistake of generalizing. You did not see enough humans, you only saw a few fishermen in a remote place, and that is obviously a mistake to define the entire human race. And do you know our current situation?" Twelve claws said calmly." I don't know." The octopus's eight claws had already drooped down and answered feebly." We have only solved the problem of survival and built large fishing grounds, but we have lost the mysterious power of the past. We are just a group of octopus with ordinary power. We can still deal with those large sea beasts, but it is impossible to conquer the humans on the shore. How many octopuses do you have to go ashore for a long time now? Not one out of a thousand." The twelve claws displayed the information. The octopus minister, who was the first to propose the idea of" octopus producing lungs," took the opportunity to say," your majesty means that as long as we solve these problems, we can launch a conquest against mankind?" The twelve claws were silent. It finally found out that it could not completely control its own kingdom. At this time, it missed the heavenly book teacher so much that the other party would definitely give it an answer." Why must you conquer humans?" It decided to first understand the thoughts of these officials." After conquering the human race, we won't have to spend money on jars anymore..." An octopus said naturally." But humans will resist. They will choose to be non-violent and uncooperative," the twelve claws retorted." Then give them violence," the octopus said with conviction..." The twelvepaw said with a headache. It was originally just an octopus who wanted to stay quiet, but when it came to such matters, it was a little out of control." This human occupied the land, we occupied the sea, and everyone seemed to be able to live in peace."" Your majesty, you are too honest," a powerful octopus shook his head and said," once humans develop, they will pollute the sea like earthlings, leaving us nowhere to live. Our descendants must eat fish filled with plastic... So even if we don't compete with them for land, sooner or later we will be unlucky. Rather than that, it's better to strike first. Xian Xian of the human race said that the first to strike, the second to strike."" That's right, your majesty. You can't give up this great opportunity just because of your past friendship."" That's right. Earthlings are earthlings. This world is this world. It's a lost opportunity." The crowd was in a flurry, and its twelve paws were in a daze. For the first time, it found out that all its people were so ambitious. Don't they like to drill jars the most?" Since you want a free can, why don't you make it yourself? We have eight hands, so we can make it faster and better," twelve paws persuaded." Well, we can make our own jars, but we can't trust humans. Sooner or later, they will harm us."" Well, I don't think so. I remember there are many good people in the human race," twelve claws insisted." My lord, you will soon be slapped in the face," said an old octopus, shaking his head. It was obvious that without extraordinary power, the authority of the twelve clawed king had decreased a lot. In the past, there were not so many voices that dared to question him in person. The previous twelve claws could not be beaten and could run away. Now, about a hundred of them caught it. Just then, three octopus swam all the way to the sea shed." The king is not well. The batch of pearls that we had just painstakingly collected has been deceived by humans!" The three octopus complained bitterly." What exactly is going on? Tell me more," the twelve paws asked." It's like this..." One of the octopus began to speak. The story is simple. In order to buy wood for shipbuilding and ropes for fishing grounds, they made an agreement with a group of fishermen to pay for the pearls. However, the fishermen said they were poor and could not afford wood, so they had to get a deposit to order the goods. So the young octopus, who had been influenced by the twelve claws to be honest, believed them when they heard their sincere words. Finally, they waited, waited, the delivery date had passed a month, and no one came. It was not until they met another group of fishermen and heard their envious comments that they realized that the group of fishermen who had taken their pearls had gone to the big city to enjoy their happiness and did not collect any of their goods at all. In fact, people in the 21st century often fall for this seemingly simple trick, let alone them. So it's no wonder these octopus are stupid." If that's the case, these damned humans are a bunch of liars in their bones. They are not like us at all. They are smart and honest. God will punish us..." An octopus said indignantly. Twelve claws looked at this guy with disdain. How honest is an octopus? There wasn't much, it was just one. It said seriously," don't generalize. There are bad guys in the human race, and there are bad chapters in the octopus. We need to identify the ones with high credibility. Teacher tianshu said that's the way trade is. Develop 10 trading partners, and then choose one or two of them who can stick to their credibility. Work together for a long time to cultivate trust. This is the first time we've worked together. It's normal for this to happen. Next time, we'll split the deal into small batches and only give one pearl at a time, so the loss will be small." When the three octopus heard this, they said," yes, the king said that we were lazy this time and gave them a lot of deposit. Next time we won't, we will trade separately with those humans."" Your majesty, you have an idea. What are we going to do now?" An octopus minister urged." Well, we still have to stick to self-development, moderate trade with humans, and look for land to expand elsewhere, rather than launch a war of conquest," the twelfth claw decided." Your majesty is wise." A group of octopus looked at each other and felt that this decision was not wrong for the time being. After all, if the problem of going ashore was not solved, they would be like the navy, unable to occupy the land, and could only control the sea. After the kingdom meeting ended, the octopus ministers left in twos and threes. One of the red octopus and one of the blue octopus walked together. Octopuses are very mimicry and no one knows what color they are. After leaving the sea shed for a long time, the two octopus began to discuss." Our king is no longer used to this world. We need another king," the red octopus said first." Yes, it has lost its former strength, and the lack of a positive attitude is not conducive to the development of our octopus family." The blue octopus swung its wrists and feet." For the time being, it's still useful. After all, it's still very strong. Let it stay in the position of the king. After this initial stage of development, we'll replace it," the red octopus continued." Well, it's not from the big octopus tribe, it's just a wandering seal. In the past, it was powerful on earth and it spoke. Now, the world is different. We have to rely on our brains, we have to rely on ferocity, and we have to change to a cunning and ferocious octopus to become the king of the world. That will make our octopus tribe the ruler of the world," suggested the blue octopus." That's right, we split up to contact the previous clan octopus leader. I remember a guy who was quite suitable," the red octopus agreed. A coup plot in the octopus kingdom was brewing. M