Chapter 1160 At Ease

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Fang Ning was on the big screen, watching the new footage of the octopus clan's activities, when he saw an octopus plotting the throne of twelve claws. "Oh, I knew these guys were a dynamic organization, and they were thinking about land hegemony so quickly," he sighed." That's not true. In the old world, those fish were speechless and full of plastic. Now that these octopuses have learned their lesson, they will not repeat it. You humans will be miserable this time," the old man gloated." Cut the crap. I am the god of creation. I must maintain a neutral position. As a qualified god of creation, I must be ruthless, without yu, without material happiness, without sorrow, with the heart of heaven and earth, with the benefit of heaven and earth." Fang Ning pretended." In that case, your wife's family doesn't need it anymore. Just keep it as a photo," the old man said thoughtfully..." Fang Ning had nothing to say." By the way, these octopus are also quite strange. In your world, aren't they famous housefishes? They can't come out when they get into the jar." The old man skipped the topic and continued." There are two mistakes in your words. First, they are not fish; second, homeboy also has the ambition to dominate the world," Fang Ning reprimanded." I don't understand, but they are useful. I've calculated that the world's spiritual power is increasing by 20 % this month."" Sure, you know how to calculate that," Fang Ning praised." Actually, I don't know what the term' growth rate from year to year' is. I just feel that it's relatively tall, so I can use it. Didn't you tell me to manage it more carefully?" The old man said with conviction." Damn, you can't search if you don't understand, can you? Just take it and use it. What if you use it wrong?" Fang Ning said helplessly." Look at what you said, the earth is gone, there is no search engine. I am just a martial arts system, or you can make me a search engine?" The master despised." I'm a programmer, but I don't know how to do everything," Fang Ning said bitterly." Then you are a waste. Other programmers can even fix sewers," the old man said mercilessly. Fang Ning hid in the corner and drew circles. After a while, he suggested," there's an array of computer centers at the heavenly book baby's place to manage the Alliance of the righteous platform. It must have all the functions. You restore it first."" Oh, well then, but the dragon mystic realm is too small, and I can't put much stuff in it," the old man said resentfully. Fang ning was speechless." Then find a place to temporarily store it in the beta world."" Well, it's really inconvenient without the internet," the old man said seriously." Yes, yes, I haven't seen it in years," Fang Ning said sadly." In the future, you will see it. I will ask those authors to write more green hats for you to read... To fully stimulate your mood swings and provide mental strength," the old man said proudly." Do you care about that too?" Fang Ning had the feeling of lifting a stone to hit his own foot." Of course, that's what you said. It has to be managed in all aspects of the world. Cultural products are directly related to the speed at which the world's spiritual power is produced. I must guide it with a tendency." The old man said with confidence." Fuck..." Fang Ning had nothing to say. He had committed a sin and could not live. He said unhappily," call out my heavenly book baby."" Why are you looking for it? It's useless now. I want to kiss zheng," the old man retorted." Cut the crap. Can you do a search engine?" Fang ning asked. After a while, the golden scroll reappeared." Master, I haven't seen you for a long time." The heavenly book fluttered the pages and fell into Fang Ning's arms." Well, I've been training a little too much lately," Fang Ning said." He sleeps every day, so he doesn't have time to see you," the old man said." Cut the crap," Fang Ning said, ignoring the old man's provocation." Baby, let me ask you, what is the concept of this rate of growth?"" Oh, that means that within a certain period of time, the difference between the current data and the previous data is then compared to the value of the previous data. It is usually used to intuitively show the relative increase or decrease of the two data." The heavenly book quickly gave the answer." Sir, do you understand?"" I understand. I just miscalculated. Again, oh, no, the growth rate of mental power in this world is actually negative, minus 20 %," the old man said in surprise." What's going on?" Fang Ning was equally surprised." Let me check where there's a loophole."" Oh, oh, sorry, I forgot. To invest in new intelligent creatures is to consume the spiritual power of heaven and earth so that they can integrate into this world. In a few years, as long as they develop, they will be able to earn it back," the old man said." Damn it, I remember. When you entrusted me, you had a lot of baskets. Now it's heaven and earth's turn. You grow snacks. Heaven and earth come out of baskets. It doesn't affect every family, it's the whole world," Fang Ning reminded." I know, I know. Stop nagging. You should go in and do your work. By the way, take that Broken book with you. It's free too," the old man urged. Before Fang Ning had time to speak, he was kicked out of the system space and fell into the beta world... Xiangfu. Fang ning returned here with the heavenly book baby, and Xiao Wu continued to serve respectfully at home. Although he had disappeared for more than a month, the other party had no questions." Master, what are we going to do now?" Baby heavenly book asked." Well, your system dad will take care of everything else. The past is hard to come back to. What we have to do is to build a world full of love and justice. But setting the world is not enough. Your system's father is a heartless thing, without the shackles of chivalrous rules, it has long become a cult and can't be counted on," Fang Ning said seriously." Master is right." Heavenly book baby was always on Fang Ning's side. As for why, it was because Fang Ning was soft-hearted and wouldn't hit it if he made a mistake. The master of the system couldn't do it. He really dared to fight and threatened it with the return of the furnace at any time." Let me think. We need to rebuild the Alliance of the righteous," Fang Ning continued." First, we need to establish the principles of justice in the new world."" Master, say it, I'll listen."" Baby is really obedient. First of all, intelligent creatures are born equal and enjoy the same rights to survival and development. If there is not enough space for survival, everyone must negotiate to restrain their reproduction and not kill the other side to complete it," Fang Ning said." Well, if this is the case, not only the father of the system, but also a lot of people will scold the master of the holy mother." The heavenly book baby was worried." Those fools, how do they know that only when there are more righteous people, can the world be stable, can the internal friction be reduced, and I can only be at ease when I sleep... I really thought I was the holy mother," Fang ning muttered," I told you, there are too many people who misunderstand me. A group of god's space full of ambitious people, can I continue to play? Only a world full of love and justice is the easiest place to stay."" Master is right, there are too few people who understand you. But I support you," the heavenly book baby affirmed." Very well, let's continue to build this world." One chapter on the voting recommendation note, chapter one catalog, chapter one bookmark, chapter tw