Chapter 1161 Heavenly Tablet Reappearance

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Now you want them to negotiate and restrain themselves. How is it possible? Who doesn't want to eat and occupy more? How can everyone listen to you?" "So we need to establish an alliance to unify management," Fang Ning argued. "That's all nonsense. Your Alliance of the righteous is as good as before. If you play too much, you can only suppress competition. As a result, the world lacks the motivation to advance. A pool of stagnant water, energetic groups can't occupy more resources to improve. Backward groups can only live and enjoy themselves and can't be eliminated in time. I won't let you do that," the old man said with conviction... "" Fang Ning had nothing to say. He knew the old man was right. When we were on earth, it was aimed at the human interior. The impact was not large, but it was just a fair adjuster. The impact was small. Now, if we wanted to enlarge it to the whole world, the impact would be very strong. After thinking about it, he said, "Well, in the past, didn't tiandao come up with a list of tiandao? You can also do the same. If you are a backward race, you will reduce their reproductive capacity. This is also the benefit of your custody. You can influence this by changing the chances of conceiving." ... "" The old man was dumbfounded. "Can you still play like this? Rich man, your operation is too dirty." "It's okay, it's much gentler," Fang Ning said triumphantly. "That's right, a backward person like you shouldn't have children, so as not to drag down the next generation," the old man said casually. "Damn..." Fang Ning didn't expect the pot to hit her head again when she came back. "The more I think about it, the more I think about it, the smarter the rich are. Look at those rotten classes. They haven't been invented and created, but as parasites, I let them die one generation after another. Just like you often say, the gentry class of the ming dynasty, oppressing the common people can only oppress one generation, and the next generation will be devoid of seeds. Your big ming won't die either," the old man said cheerfully. "Well, your imagination is really getting stronger and stronger." Fang Ning said feebly. He shouldn't have pushed open the door and let the lord discover a new world. "This is the benefit of the refined management of the heavenly dao. It can make the best use of the resources between heaven and earth, reduce waste, produce more spiritual power, and self-regulate intelligent creatures. Just like the market, they are all lagging. And I planned this beforehand. You are indeed useful, rich man," the lord praised. "So you just said you wouldn't let me have a baby?" Fang Ning retorted. "Alas, having a child will only delay your genius's brain. You can only be a wet father 24 hours a day. I am doing this for your own good," the old man said painstakingly. "Get lost!" Fang Ning was too lazy to talk to the bird system and took the heavenly book baby out for an inspection... "Xiao Wu, what do you think the society you want will look like in the future?" Fang Ning asked the attendant casually as he walked down the capital street. Beside him floated a golden book, which Xiao Wu was in awe of. This must be another immortal's magic weapon. Hearing what the immortal said, he hurriedly replied, "The little one is just a servant. I really can't answer such a big question." "Then you can talk about your ideals," Fang Ning encouraged. "I want to live in a big house, then marry three or four wives, and hire dozens of servants to serve me. Every day, there are many delicacies, and it's better not to work every day," little wu said boldly. He thought, if this was a fairy who wanted to promote himself, if he didn't say it, wouldn't it be a big loss? "You are honest enough," Fang Ning said bitterly. "But if you live like this, you will be envied by heaven and have no descendants." "I think it would be worth it if there were no grandchildren," Xiao Wu said. "Well, honestly, you're a real person. You didn't lie to me," Fang Ning nodded. "Can that young man fulfill my wish..." Little wu zhuang asked boldly. "You wish, walk well," Fang Ning scolded. "Yes, yes." Xiao Wu bowed his head and led the way. Fang Ning thought to himself, I, the creator, do not have such treatment, and you still want this treatment, it is unbearable. It seems that what the old man said is really reasonable. There is no pressure to survive, and few are willing to work hard. "Go to the nearest market," Fang Ning ordered. "Yes, sir, come with me." Nanfang wholesale market. This was the gathering place of the handworks, so it formed a distribution center for goods. Fang Ning walked slowly in the market. Wherever he went, the crowd avoided him and kowtowed to him in a hurry. There were many people who begged him to open up the shop. What the hell did he think of the creator? He had passed through the sky before, but now he came down personally and realized that there were a lot of supplies here. Grains such as grains and wheat were piled up into hills; All kinds of handmade products, tables, chairs, chairs, pots, pans, pans, spoons, quilts, etc. There were many smiles on the faces of the people who came and went. Only occasionally, I could see some evil officials standing at the door of some shops. When I saw him coming, he looked like he was in a dilemma. It seems that nothing good happened, just eating and drinking and extorting. "Well, it's a feudal society. We can't force it to be so good. We just hope that this situation will change a little better after the new law changes," Fang Ning sighed. "Why are you so pessimistic? When my heaven roll comes out, let them know what awe is," the lord did not care. "Well, you have to take care of such a small matter?" Fang Ning said in surprise. "Isn't that what you said? We need to be careful in management and clean up all the hindrances. The evil deeds of these government officials are hindering the implementation of the new law." "There's always a feeling of playing a game with a plug-in, not like the normal world," Fang Ning said helplessly. "Come on, you really know how to act. You're the one who hung it up the most," the old man said scornfully. "Give me some face. That's it. The new law teaches children, upholds the law, and encourages invention. The original intention is good, so the executor must stick to his original intention. The deterrence of one day's list is also good." Fang Ning quickly agreed. "By the way, you give me your Heavenly tablet, and the Human tablet, which has never been born. You have to find a way to get it back. If there are three tablets of heaven, earth and people, it will be the most effective. If there are tablets, it will save me a lot of time and improve the efficiency of management." The old man suddenly reminded. "Well, the Heavenly tablet can give you a ride. The Human tablet is not easy to fix. It's still hidden somewhere in the wasteland. I won't go there for a while," Fang Ning said. "Don't worry, I'll call you when it's born." "Thank you for being so thoughtful," Fang Ning said dejectedly. The next day, the Heavenly tablet reappeared, with countless branches, on top of the tongtian pagoda, shining everywhere. At the beginning of creation, Fang Ning set the immortal soul, and also set the game panel for each immortal soul. The whole world was like a game world. However, after the loophole was fixed, the immortal soul setting was canceled, and only the big contributor could achieve it. Now that this Heavenly tablet is out, everyone can see the potential of each race, which increases a lot of pressure. Of course, there are only two races on the list, one is a person and the other is an octopus. This caused a big wave of sensationalism. One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte