Chapter 1162 Benevolence Helps the Suffering

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Standing under the tower of heaven, he looked up. Although the tablet looked far away, it was close in front of him. It was not a miracle. What could it be? "What, there's a Octopus tribe?"" Yes, a group of animals can be compared to our human race?"" The potential index is higher than ours? That's absolutely impossible!" A group of scholars pointed and said, full of surprise and disbelief. However, no matter how unbelievable they were, no one knew that there was no way anyone could lie about the fact that there was a Octopus tribe. At this moment, a few people who were dressed in rich clothes and looked like autumn frost suddenly laughed." Hehe, a few scholars, these octopus people, we have seen them before. They are very stupid, indeed not comparable to us." A rich man shook his head." That's right. Look at the satin we're wearing. It's all in exchange for these stupid octopuses." Another rich man echoed. Apparently, they were proud to be able to put on a show in front of a few scholars. When material life is solved, people have spiritual needs." Gentlemen, can you elaborate?" A few scholars immediately became interested and gathered around." Of course. I remember a few months ago when those octopus people were doing business with us, we only sold them a few rotten logs and got a lot of good looking pearls."" Oh, in that case, that's really a silly fish with a lot of money. It's probably because there's no wood in the sea, so it's more valuable than less," a scholar nodded. The rich men smiled at each other and left with their hands behind their backs." In that case, should we also tell our family to make a deal with these octopuses? After all, it's not a lost opportunity," a scholar said." Go with me." Not far from them, Fang Ning kept all these words to himself. When the Heavenly tablet reappeared, of course, he wanted to see how the response was. Now it seems that many people don't take it seriously and don't know the significance of it. They just regard it as an opportunity to make money and even think that the octopus are easy to deceive. They had no idea that on earth, octopuses could display jaw-dropping intelligence just by instinct without a clear sense of consciousness. Now that they have a clear consciousness and are as active as humans, it is almost a joke for humans to try to crush the food chain again, just like the previous earth. Fang Ning looked around, returned to the prime minister's mansion, and asked the old man," do you still have that game board?"" All the new people are gone, only those who can keep their souls alive, after all, they need to accumulate knowledge," the old man explained." Well, that's good. As soon as there are more things, people don't think they value them anymore. They actually created such a bullying gang for me." Fang Ning accepted the situation." You don't seem to have anything to do now, do you?" The old man asked." I, I still have things to do. Don't I have to go shopping every day?" Fang Ning mumbled." Get lost, I don't need you for this. I don't know what's going on in this world. You should go to the wasteland and beat the autumn wind for me. Didn't you get a golden feather last time? You can get the Human tablet back for me this time."" But the risk is not small." Fang would rather not leave the comfort zone." Cut the crap. I still have tens of thousands of old merits in the wasteland, and you have new merits in midwife. They won't do anything to you. Don't let me do it. Be more active," the old man forced." Didn't you say you wanted to wait until it was born before you asked me to go?" Fang Ning said helplessly." That's because I suddenly remembered that if you didn't go over and act as my eyes and ears, I didn't know when it was born, did I?" The old man said righteously..." Fang ning stared at the dog." Hurry up, and besides, you can use your dream of the virgin mary in the old world, reduce their aggression towards the outside world, and make them all peacemakers, so that I am much safer," the lord said with conviction." Oh, Gouzi, you really know how to bring disaster to the east."" That's right, you're the bane."... The wasteland. The Knight a returned again. This time, he didn't come alone, starting with a dog and a book. Because the black dog was useless for the time being, he was sent here. Now it is also a fairy dog, strong fighting capacity, although limited by the world, but a body of steel and iron, equivalent to an enhanced mechanical dog, in this low demon world, but more powerful. Fang Ning looked around and saw a small river nearby. The river was gurgling and there were a group of fishermen fishing on it." The Human tablet doesn't know when it was born. By the way, system 2, do you know where Gu Wei from Tianqing mountain is? The last time he found both tablets, he's not dead, is he?" Fang Ning asked." No, there is no Tianqing mountain mystic realm on the data earth. They may have escaped this doom and hidden themselves in this wasteland," the system avatar speculated." If this is true, then these people's lives are really hard," Fang Ning admired. Many great gods had fallen, and if they could survive the chaos as a small and powerful sect in the early days, green mountain Ancestor was really great that day, so it was hard to make him a god. As for the sanctification, it is impossible. There are only a few people in the position, staring at a bunch of people. The heavenly dao above is not stupid, and things that repeat the same mistakes will not be done. However, if he wanted to build a world of love and justice, the dao of heaven in this world would not directly oppose it. After all, it was also the mainstream thought of the development of the past life, and it might not be able to distinguish the hidden pit. Thinking of this, Fang Ning had another plan. So he shook his body and changed into a white taoist robe, which gave him a compassionate look. He came to the river and walked towards the fishermen." Good faith, poor manners." After he saluted, he said politely." Ah, this tall man, I wonder what's the matter with finding xiaomin?" The leader of one of the fishermen said doubtfully." Hehe, the poor road once lived deep in the mountains and practiced for hundreds of years. Today, it is for the sake of the road," Fang Ning said lightly." Oh, then you don't have to look for us," said the fisherman leader coldly." Master King in the village loves to worship you monks and priests. He goes north along this river. Ten miles away is our village." The other fishermen treated each other coldly. Fang ning was surprised and then realized that there must have been some bullying. He had seen too much of it and was used to it. Just like the dao palace in the upper realm, it often oppressed the ignorant civilians with the country gentry." The way of the poor is different. It is not the way of longevity, but the way of benevolence and relief." Fang Ning said with a pretense." Well, master of the system, you are as hypocritical as you think you are." The system avatar suddenly spoke." What do you mean? I think you're self-aware. I'll have your system dad check you out when I get back," Fang Ning threatened immediately." Uh, I'm not, I'm not. The master did a good job." The system avatar immediately changed his tune." That's more or less the same. I've always been a good person. Even if you were conscious, I wouldn't kill you, but your system dad wouldn't tolerate you anymore. You have to understand the difference between us." Fang Ning tried to persuade her." I see. I'll listen to you," the system avatar said honestly." That's about the same. Black dog and heavenly book baby are your role models." At this moment, the fishermen seemed to be in a daze, with incredulous expressions on their faces." You won't lie to us, will you?"" Don't worry, poor people have been studying since they were young. They won't lie to you." One chapter on the voting recommendation ticket and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte