Chapter 1163 Open And Hang up

At this moment, the fisherman shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, taoist leader. We still have to fish to survive. We have to be pumped every day. We really don't have time to listen to you."" Hehe, if my tao can make you get more fish, will you listen?" Fang Ning said confidently." Then we must hear it," a few fishermen got excited and hurriedly shouted," is the taoist leader going to teach us magic and fishing?"" Hehe, haven't you heard of a saying? It's better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. Only when you raise fish yourself can you eat more than you can eat," Fang Ning said lightly." Oh, I haven't heard of it." The fishermen's faces turned cold. Fang ning would rather not teach the other party some advanced technology of trawling. He had been tested in his own world, coupled with his previous experience, and he knew the evil of human nature. They would fish up all the big fish and small fish, and the fry would not stay. This could not be blamed for their malice. In this case, in the competition, it is natural for any fish to be caught first. In the earth age, even if there was a fishing moratorium, with the control of the net, the decline of the fishing resources could not be restrained, and many coasts were dry. He taught a method of raising fish. After all, he had a book of heaven in his hand, and his knowledge accumulated in billions." You see, the poor dao wants to pass you a story about the method of the sangji fish pond..." But as soon as he started, the fishermen dispersed." What? It's not magic."" It's the same thing to work hard, and in the end, it's not to take advantage of master King." Including the fisherman leader, four or five fishermen scattered and continued to fish. Only one of the smallest fishermen stayed and looked at him eagerly." Hey, why aren't you leaving?" Fang Ning said patiently." I think that since the taoist priest is good at it, he must have thought it through and not only taught us a way to farm and raise fish, regardless of whether or not the final harvest will come into our hands." Said the skinny fisherman." That's right, let's get rid of the master King you're talking about," Fang Ning said faintly." Lead the way." The skinny fisherman immediately put away his net and boarded a broken boat, taking Fang Ning to the north of the river." Ah, where did you come from?" Fang Ning asked casually." Our village is called wang family village. It's been five or six years since we moved from tianhe county. It was a forced migration organized by the government at that time. Four or five of ten people died," the skinny fisherman sighed." My parents died on the road."" Alas, this is all because there is no way of benevolence in this world, so all living things suffer," Fang Ning pretended." What did the taoist priest say? Isn't it because the government is powerful and our people are powerless?" The skinny fisherman obviously had an idea. He was born in a big place." Hehe, if you become a powerful person, what will you do?" Fang ning asked." Then I am similar to the officials. Tianhe county has many people and few land, but no one wants to open up this wilderness, so they can only forcibly migrate," said the skinny fisherman." Why is that?"" Because the wasteland was turned into mature land, and it was the old masters' in the end. If it didn't fall into the hands of the people, it would be better to live in the old house," the thin fisherman said instinctively." So the benevolence of the poor way is to make everyone love each other, and the world is full of justice, so that no one will take the fruit of others, and everyone will be in the mood to open up wasteland," said fang ning." Master, are you kidding me? Many people can't even care about their parents. How can they care about others?" The skinny fisherman ignored him and said," just say master King. His father is dead. He would rather worship a monk than buy a good coffin."" Do you believe that I can turn your tyrannical lord wang into a benevolent person?" Fang ning asked." Yes, a hundred thousand. The leader has great powers. If you cast a spell, master King will be obedient." The skinny fisherman said with a fawning face." You're a smart one." Fang Ning was a little helpless. He couldn't even pretend to be forced in front of a local aboriginal. How could that be? Yes, he wanted to use the alliance system platform of heavenly book to force that master King to become a kind person. As for transforming master King, he didn't have the heart at all. How hard is it to transform a person? He has seen it before... After chatting for a while, Fang Ning followed the skinny fisherman to a big village. It looked like there were thousands of people in the village. It was a big village. Fang Ning was shocked. It seemed that the development of the world was not slow. It was only a short time before the population began to multiply. Population is the basis of all the changes. Without population, no matter how good the production relationship is, it is useless. These saint birders were smart enough to wait for their world to be perfect and then copy it. Nnd, first teach your world the wrong way. But for ordinary people, this path is really a good one. After all, the real people wanted a peaceful life, no disease, no disaster, no conflict and war, full of food and clothing, and passed down the generations. Of course, the demand for the last item is already declining in the new century. The needs of the holy people and the saints are not consistent with the needs of heaven and earth. This is what I do. The skinny fisherman led fang ning into the village and then led him into the front of the biggest house on the main road in the village. There was a courtyard with five entrances." Butler wang, there is a taoist priest on the mountain. The taoist priest is very resourceful. You have to give me more money." The skinny fisherman came to the ear room and whispered." Oh, is that so? Don't lie to me. It doesn't matter if you lie to me. It doesn't matter if you lie to the master. Be careful that your land is taken away and you can't fish anymore." An old man staggered out. When he saw fang ning, he immediately believed him. Not to mention how the man looked, the black dog under his feet was definitely not a common dog. All the other dogs were grinding their teeth with bones, while the black dog was bored and was biting a stone slab, which had several more teeth holes. He hurriedly bowed and said," this immortal, my master likes to worship all kinds of people. Please follow me in."" Let's talk about it. The poor are here to make your master better," Fang Ning said lightly. Not long after, Fang Ning came out of the yard. Three days later, master King announced that all the leases would be reduced to 30 %, and he would also organize everyone to open up a sangji fish pond and grow sangji fish. At the same time, they would open up orphanages in the village to raise the elderly and orphans. These things were entrusted to the skinny fisherman, that is, to call wang er gou to be responsible for promoting him to be the second housekeeper. Everyone in the village looked sideways. The fishermen who had seen Fang Ning were all regretful. If they had known that the other party was capable of this, wouldn't they have followed him earlier? At least he could be a servant of the wang family now. There's no use regretting it. There's only one chance. If you take it, you'll turn over. If you can't, you'll lie down for the rest of your life. After all, this was not Fang Ning's world, and he was not in the mood to transform the previous society, of course, to correct it by hanging up. At this time, master King's name was already on the alliance platform's secondary book. The other party also saw the use of those values of justice, immortality may not be possible, exchange for some elixirs to dispel illness and strengthen the body can still be done. The premise was that he would do good things, do good things, and be kind to others." Master, don't you know how to play without hanging up?" The system avatar suddenly spoke. Fang Ning was immediately enraged." Look at what you said. If you can do it on your own, why should you restrict yourself? I think you've learned from your system father. How dare you poison me."" Master, I was wrong. I was just a simple question, not a viper." The system avatar was very honest." Since you're young, I'm not going to argue with you. You have to remember that giving full play to your strengths is the way of the king. How can you tie your hands and feet together and pursue challenges? It's all childish and immature." Fang Ning said painstakingly." I see, and I will give full play to my strengths." The system avatar understood." Do you know what your strengths are?"" Play dumb.