Chapter 1164 Heavenly Devil

The default font size is black, bold, elegant, black, open, and song. The default color is dark purple algae green, dark grey, chestnut, blue, blue, rose, yellow, brown, beige, foggy white. The default size is 10pt12pt14pt16pt18pt20pt22pt25pt30pt. Background default snow black, light yellow, light green, grass green, red powder, dark gray, beige, tan, silver width default 85 %, 75 %, 65 %, 50 %, 40 % paged night sky Three days after the legendary dragon king of douluo road, holy ruins of douluo land, legend of douluo land, legend of dragon king of douluo land, legend of dragon king of douluo land, legend of dragon king of douluo land, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo land, ultimate douluo land, the super rich divine doctor huang, Fang Ning was preaching in a more prosperous town. The heavenly book suddenly reminded him, "Master, that master King you just took in, actually used the name of being an orphan to rob a civilian girl. What do you think we should do?"" Very well," Fang Ning said through gritted teeth." I really underestimated their stupidity and overestimated their intelligence. Even if there were more benefits, they wouldn't give up the right to do evil before. Damn it!"" Yeah, this guy probably thinks that by doing something nice on the surface, he can continue to steal and prostitution behind his back." Tianshu followed with indignation." Stupid guy, he doesn't know how terrible it is to sign a soul contract. Then destroy his soul and find another good soul to go in," Fang Ning said coldly." Yes, I see, master." The heavenly book baby immediately agreed. The system avatar suddenly interjected," what if the soul of a good person also degenerates in master King's living environment?"" Then destroy it again," the heavenly book treasure said naturally," why are you so stupid? Master and I are not bound by that chivalrous rule. Since the name is logged on my page, it is to sign the relevant soul contract. If we break the agreement, we will be punished."" No, he's playing dumb," Fang Ning said scornfully." Baby, don't be fooled by him."" Well, it was the father of the system who gave birth, just as cunning," the heavenly book baby said in surprise." I'm not, I'm not. I just don't think you're doing the right thing," the system avatar said." The right way is the wrong way, as long as it can save the master's heart, it is the right way," the heavenly book said naturally." Well said, baby is really sweet," Fang Ning praised..." The system avatar was willing to give in... Wang family village at this time. Master King was sitting proudly in the eight immortals chair, looking at a pair of women kneeling on the ground." Master, I pity you, so I accept you. Don't be disrespectful. Even the immortals are here to transform master. Master, I am going to be immortal soon. It is your good fortune to follow me!" The two orphaned girls were frightened and did not dare to look up. At this point, he suddenly turned pale and leaned back." Master, master." Housekeeper wang rushed forward. After a while, master King slowly opened his eyes." Oh, my lord, I was wrong. I shouldn't have let down the immortal's teachings. Hurry up and send these two home and give them another hundred kilograms of white flour every month." He spoke kindly to butler wang. Housekeeper wang was shocked. Master's behavior was completely different. If the immortal hadn't come over, he would have thought that master had been possessed by a ghost." Yes, yes, master, I'll do it right away," housekeeper wang answered. When the three of them left, master King's eyes slowly recovered. He muttered to himself," it's amazing. Good people do pay off. I was born into a rich family. I can't go against the principle of the platform." It turned out that this soul was the person who died in the Alliance of the righteous on earth in the previous life and was finally collected by the heavenly book. Now it's like a traveler. What kind of change could a traveler bring to this world? I don't know, but it won't be any worse. Fang Ning, along the way, carried the Black dog and the golden book, preaching in the entire wasteland. With his first lesson, he still tried his best to sign in to the Alliance of the righteous platform with local powerhouses who had no evil deeds and had a bit of a human touch. After all, the local soul is destroyed too much, and it is easy to cause unexpected things. This world is not the high demon world of the previous life. It is prone to deities and immortals, but it is similar to a little magical skills, just like some versions of the chatroom world, occasionally a fox spirit, a ghost and so on, but it is impossible to occupy the mainstream society. In this way, he was much more efficient, and he also invented a book of contracts that allowed these checkers to promote and find suitable allies. In this way, the speed of promotion was faster. In a few months, thousands of miles of villages and towns all knew that there was a master fang on the mountain, to educate the good people and practice the way of benevolence. This was very much in line with the instinctive imagination of the poor at the bottom. After all, who didn't want the lords above their heads to be more charitable. Even the so-called new era employees of the earth age had the same idea. Many of them just wanted a double day off, hoping that the old masters would loosen their grip and not push so hard. For a moment, Fang Ning's reputation rose to fame in the wild. The book of contracts was sent out thousands of times a day, but for the heavenly book treasure, it was a simple job of copying some pages. Thousands of gentry represented thousands of villages and towns, which meant that the Alliance of the righteous platform went deep into the vast grassroots. Three years later. Under the guidance of these good gentry, a corner of the vast and desolate world was quickly transformed into a friendly place where" benevolence is valued and a new style is established." At least for everyone's sake, we should do this. We can't do those ugly things in the past. Xiaomin's survival was also guaranteed, at least not like before, easily bullied, good farmland was taken away, shops were taken away, beautiful daughter-in-law could not keep. The gentry could also affect the local government, and the government was powerless to oppress the good, and the whole world entered a stage of prosperity. On this day, however, Fang Ning was still in trouble. On the streets of a town, two monks blocked Fang Ning." Hmph, foreign Tianmo, how dare you stir up the world and interfere in the affairs of the soul. What crime should you commit?" A taoist priest said with justice." Alas, I had turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shone on the ditch." Fang Ning sighed. At this time, the surrounding people could not bear to watch, one by one said." Hey, everyone is a taoist. Why is there such a big gap? All you know is that you work with those evil gentry and oppress the people. This immortal took the trouble to make decisions for our people everywhere, so that the good gentry old master can step forward. What a good thing!"" That's right, to slander the taoist leader as Tianmo. Your daily actions are the devil!" As I said before, this world is just a low demon world. Even a taoist can't call the wind and rain. At most, he can do some tricks and small martial arts. Like Fang Ning, who is covered with hanging clothes, there is hardly any such thing. Therefore, these people were not afraid of the taoist priest, they were more afraid of the gentleman." A bunch of ignorant people are too lazy to talk to you." The two monks were very angry. How could they know the strength of the people and not care about these people? They were only told by the dark that they were going to stop Fang Ning from preaching, but they did not know that they had committed public anger. Fang Ning brought order, a gentle order, at least in the eyes of the gentry." Kill these dogs!"" We can't let them hurt the immortal leader!" Some of the people who had received the kindness of the good gentry finally started to fight. They could not let the good gentry lose the protection of the immortal elders, and finally succumb to the bad gentry, or even mingle with them. Brick by brick, the two monks fled in a panic." Hateful. If we still had the legendary magic, where would we be driven away by these people?" One of the monks hated it." There's nothing we can do. The sky doesn't show and it doesn't give us monks much power. We still need to be patient."" Damn it, then I can only watch that outsider Tianmo make trouble in our world, can't I? Make people scattered, everyone just yearning for some kind place, where is there any anger?"" Let's go and ask the masters if they want to pray for the heavenly dao to kill this Tianmo."" We can only do that. We are not his match. Look at that, the government will not arrest him." One chapter on the voting recommendation ticket and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte