Chapter 1165 Holy Man's Ring

A taoist temple on a mountain somewhere, the wind was blowing gently, the grass and trees were moving slightly, the sun was in march, the spring was warm and the flowers were blooming. A few fair-haired monks were sitting there talking. "This foreign Tianmo is really good at inspiring people. What kind of benevolence is it? Everything is born with ruthless control, but half of it is benevolent? It is completely against the way of heaven." One of them shook his head and said." That's right, it's just to cater to the people. The people are ignorant and ignorant. How can they know the way? They can only be educated by me and others," sighed the other." It's just that the demon body had the merit of a previous life that day, and even the grandmaster let it go, so it's not easy for us to do it directly, lest we evil the heavenly dao."" In that case, we can only change the way. Unfortunately, xiaomin is short-sighted and only cares about the benefits in front of his eyes. How can he know the long term? If everyone is in harmony, how can he work hard? We can't let them be so at ease."" Then, just like in the previous life, we should support more secular wars and let them develop science and technology quickly. In the war, the development of science and technology is the fastest. In this way, the so-called benevolence of Tianmo will naturally not be broken."" Then go and offer sacrifices to your grandmaster and see if he has any instructions." A few old monks went up to the main hall and began to offer sacrifices. Above the main hall, there were five statues, which were said to be five groundbreaking saints... Not long after the sacrifice, the five statues broke apart with a bang. The old monks were shocked and looked at each other." Well, why is that?"" Is it a heavenly warning?"" Alas, even a saint cannot go against the will of heaven."" The sage is impermanent and takes the hearts of the people as his heart. The sage does nothing, so he does everything. It seems that there is no place for the sage under the dao of heaven." A few old taoist monks started to talk and then left the main hall... At the same time. In the endless chaos of the vast world, two boundless dragons were facing five saints. One is the true soul of the creation dragon formed by the fusion of countless true dragons in the upper realm, and the other is the true dragon god form formed by the condensation of the earth and the universe. They are connected at the beginning and the end, which is exactly yin and yang, supporting the true embodiment of the heavenly dao." Hehe, is this the means of the heavenly dao? The upper and lower realms are united, and the two realms are real dragons to offset the existence of us, and finally we are free and free." An old man in a taoist robe shook his head and sighed. A bald old man looked bitter." The prophecy has come true, and everything will die. We will return to the middle of nowhere." With that, his eyes closed and he slowly dissipated." Alas, the old monk had long been determined to die and lost a single battle force in vain."" Hehe, it's just reincarnation. The old monk is very smart. He goes along with the sky. Only then will someone come." A sage covered in black gas, after saying that, also dissipated, boundless black gas permeated into chaos." One less." Another taoist sighed. There were only three daoists left." The old dao still doesn't understand why your new dao doesn't need the existence of saints like me anymore?" The three daoists asked in unison. The yin yang fish echoed the true voice of heaven." The path to future development is to flatten the management, not to go up another level. The existence of your saints is to add this middle level, increasing the cost of my management of the world, so I want to cut you off." The heavenly dao is not the existence of conspiracy and scheming. It always puts things there clearly. What rule is what rule, and it will not be covered up deliberately. It was the observer's own inability to see through it, and it had nothing to do with it. It doesn't lie, it doesn't get angry, it's just an objective existence. Since it said so, it meant so." Is it because of such a simple reason?"" That's the truth." The yin yang fish echoed. At this moment, a figure appeared on the yin yang fish, just like Fang Ning's smirking face." That's the inspiration he gave me."" This lazy guy?"" Looks like we underestimated him."" You are still outstanding people. If you are willing to let go of your position, you will not lose the position of longevity in the future, but the power to manage heaven and earth, which is not there." The yin yang fish sounded again." Hehe, you can't be at ease, you can't be at ease, and you can't live forever." The three daoists said at the same time." This is where your private thoughts lie. Ultimately, you can't really blend into the tao," replied the yin yang fish." Then let's talk about it after a battle," the three daoists said indifferently. At this moment, chaos and smoke, this level of fighting, can not be described, extraordinary people can imagine, it is completely above the rules of the fight. The only thing that could be more or less similar was that it was similar to the bottom level of the computer system, where both parties found each other's loopholes. But from a strategic point of view, the sages were born one layer lower. After all, their existence was inseparable from the heavenly dao. Not knowing how long it had been, the three daoists had disappeared and the yin yang fish was on the verge of falling. The mission is over, and the people can finally control their own destiny. After saying this, the true dragon spirit in it dissipated." Ha ha ha ha, the last winner is indeed our true dragon race." The creation dragon laughed." Well, you guys did a great job. I'll give you some options," a voice rang out." What do you mean? Are you going to tear down a bridge?" The creation dragon felt a little bad." There is no bridge, there is no bridge, how can we break it? Options are not good, let you rise and fall with the world, everyone shares success or failure, you have the motivation to make progress, you will not sit and enjoy."" You said you wanted to give us a big return, but now what options are you trying to fool us with? Who doesn't know that options can't be realized, just a piece of scrap paper? You don't know how long it will take to go public. I have to work for you for tens of billions of years for nothing?"" If you think so, I can't help it. This is also the advanced experience I learned from others."" Damn it, why don't you learn from the best, but from the worst?" The dragon of creation rebuked." What's the worst? It only took them a few hundred years or less to change from a mortal to a god of creation. Compared to you who are old-fashioned and only know how to snatch a cake from an old circle, courage is more than a hundred times stronger. These advanced experiences, of course, have to be learned," tian dao said lightly." Is there no room for change?"" No, you either accept it or resign; the void is there. If you have the guts, you can start your own business."" Well, how much can you give me?"" Well, the world will be profitable in the future. I can give you 10 % of the profits."" At least 50 %. No less. I gave birth to you."" Brothers have to settle accounts. Even if you were my father, you wouldn't want an extra penny."" Ten percent success, damn it. How did you learn to be so cunning?"" I have never really existed. I am just a collection of all your wisdom. You call me cunning, which means you are cunning yourself." The way of heaven, the sage, the options, the day job. Fang Ning was touring the wasteland when he suddenly saw five meteors gliding across the sky. He was shocked. It reminded him of the night when his golden finger appeared. No, I have to hurry home. Because of his previous experience, he called the Black dog." Xiaohei, do you have any blood?"" Master, I've always been very motivated," the Black dog said in a daze." I'm asking you, do you still have black dog blood?" Fang Ning said helplessly." Uh, master, what do you want?" The Black dog was cold." Sacrificing heaven and earth requires the blood of some divine creatures. Since you are already a immortal dog, you should also meet the requirements." Half a minute later, the Black dog lay limp on the ground." It's not easy. You're so tough. It's tiring to squeeze out some blood and sweat." Fang Ning took a test tube and sighed. Sacrificing heaven and earth, and then praying, Fang Ning once again consumed some of the heavenly virtues and left this wasteland... System space." Sir, I saw five meteors in the wasteland," Fang Ning said." You went to this place, it's quite okay. You killed all the saints. Five meteors are five dead saints," the master praised." How did you know?" Fang Ning was puzzled. He didn't know the secret yet." Oh, that's right. The heavenly dao of that world just announced to me that we should establish a long-term platform for mutual trust and exchange advanced world construction experience between the two worlds. I have decided to appoint you as the platform ambassador."" Hiss, this, I thought I was going to fight the saints in the future, but I didn't expect them to die first..." Fang Ning was surprised." Didn't I play another game?"" You really know yourself. Haven't you always been like this?" The old man said scornfully." Ah, this ambassador is very dangerous. Let me see who else is in the bag. Let's go and be someone else. I need to practice and live a happy life." Fang Ning quickly refused." You think so. I've already made up my mind. You work eight hours a day and then come back."" You have to release my wife and her family," Fang Ning insisted." Well, you can see it tomorrow."" Why not now?"" There are a lot of people that need to be released. It's not that fast. It's safer to release them from behind.