Chapter 1166 Finale

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I thought you were all ancient." The young man in the long shirt smiled." It's all due to the blessings of the master and the ambassador."" Well, as long as you always follow the principle of benevolence and don't play the game of the jungle, you will naturally be blessed." Fang Ning pretended." The ambassador's lesson," Gu Wei answered. Fang Ning didn't take it seriously either. Whether the other party listened to him or not, it had nothing to do with him in the future." Are you sure this is where the tablet is?" Fang Ning pointed to a square in front of him. The crowd was crowded and a faint light could be seen." According to master's calculations, it should be here," Gu Wei said firmly." It looks like the popularity is really high. Let's go and have a look." Fang ning was delighted that the task given by the lord could be completed. Fang Ning walked forward and the crowd dispersed." It's the immortal commander. Make way for the immortal commander."" The baby finally has a master."" Besides the immortal leader, who else has the virtue to possess this treasure." At this moment, a light appeared in front of Fang Ning. The source of the light was not a stone tablet, but an exquisite jade statue, shining all over, making one unable to see clearly. At this moment, a middle-aged man dressed in fine cloth bowed with both hands and said to fang ning," immortal, this stone statue is very powerful. It knows astronomy and geography on top of it. It also said that as long as anyone can answer its 100 questions, it will go home with whomever. We tried and found that it can't answer even one."" Well, then poor dao can just give it a try," Fang Ning pretended." That's right, that's right. Besides the immortal leader, who else can keep it in their pocket?" Everyone answered one after another. Fang Ning stood in front of him confidently. Then he called in his heart to the lord, which was the right as the ambassador of the world to call across the world." What's the matter? If you don't work hard at work, don't fish." The old man said impatiently, obviously hosting the world is not an easy job." I have found your tablet, right in front of me."" Then carry it back quickly."" He said he had to answer 100 questions before going home with someone."" A slut is pretentious, what does it say? Its heavenly father still owes me tens of thousands of merits and deeds of white paper, just take it as payment, you just take it away, I will cook it when you come back," the old man said righteously." That makes sense." Fang Ning suddenly realized. Sometimes this is the case, but the wise will fall into a fixed thinking, rather than a stupid guy straight forward, but can easily break the situation. So Fang Ning was too lazy to talk anymore. He passed the message to the stone Divine desire and waved to the black dog. The next moment, the Black dog bit on the stone statue's leg and took it away effortlessly. Everyone was dumbfounded." Ladies and gentlemen, the poor man will go back and answer the baby's question slowly. Take your time, no delivery."" It's easy for the immortal to leave."" It's immortal, after all. We've put so much effort into it, we can't get any closer."" That immortal dog is so strong that it can't even pull a few hundred people."... System space. Fang Ning looked at the jade portrait, left and right. The portrait had lost its light. When he looked closely, it was a large, plain face." Sir, what do you think this thing is for?"" Ask it, don't ask me." Fang Ning asked." Although you took me from the heavenly dao to settle the bill, you didn't answer 100 questions. I won't help you, and I won't answer any of your questions." The jade statue said faintly." Er..." Fang ning was speechless." Let me go," the old man said eagerly." Wait, let me get someone to talk to him. He's still a child," Fang Ning stopped the old man. After a while, the Heavenly tablet green Frog and the Earth tablet appeared in front of the jade statue. When they saw the statue, they immediately surrounded it." Third brother, you've finally fallen into the clutches of the devil..."" Well, how do you say that?" The old man said angrily." Hold your horses, they're just telling the truth," Fang Ning comforted." I think they just owe it."" No, why won't you be punished by the rules if you say that?" Fang Ning said suddenly." This means that the rules support me to educate them like this. Xian Xian is right. Filial sons are born under sticks, and habitual sons are like killing sons. I'm doing this for their own good," the old man said with conviction. After a while, the tablet finally lowered its head and said," well, my function is to know the people around me. I can answer all the questions that everyone knows."" Isn't it very useful? The Big Green Worm can do it too," the old man said with dissatisfaction." I can also show everyone's past..." The Human tablet added quickly." That's fine. After all, the cost of feeding da qing is still very high," the old man was happy." In the future, I will give you a position of central consultant. The lower realm is involved in reconnaissance. I will let them all look for you." Fang Ning hurriedly said," I have completed my mission. Now I can reunite my whole family."" Of course, I've always promised a thousand dollars, so I'll have you in your family photo right away." The system master immediately agreed..."" Fang Ning was so shocked that he almost threw himself to the ground. He quickly said," stop bullshitting me. You dare to digitize me, or your system will crash."" I was just joking with you. How could I be so scared? I'm not a system of evil spirits," the old man said." Don't joke about it. I want to live a few more years." Fang ning was really shocked. If she were to be hung up as a photo, it would really be managed to death..." Get lost, your wife's family is waiting for you in dragon mystic realm. Remember to visit your family and return to work."" Got it." Fang Ning lengthened his voice and went into the dragon mystic realm. (The whole book is finished.