Chapter 0286 The Genius of the Mind Appeared!

However, just as they said, in the past half a day, if you want to walk to Wanbao pavilion, this state of mind power is really terrible.

Even the four of them, Ancestor, were not strong enough to reach Wanbao pavilion in Samsara Road in half a day.

Entering Wanbao pavilion was the real test.

The level of illusion in the ten thousand treasure pavilion was undoubtedly higher than before.

If the previous temptations, the horror, the illusion of life and death, were not enough to knock down the powerful people, then this Wanbao pavilion, faced with endless temptations.

Especially the temptation of martial arts, especially the temptation of divine weapons.

There are undoubtedly very few people who can get rid of this temptation.

After all, almost everyone in the world of martial arts, especially secular martial artists, lacked the secret books of martial arts.

It was the lack of food that made him look hungry. Since they were hungry and thirsty, and encountered all kinds of unique secret techniques, how many people could be as motionless as a mountain, never to look, never to choose, never to move?

"Wanbao pavilion, I guess those with strong hearts won't pass until the third day, will they?"

"The third day?" Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun smiled faintly. "Sister Bing Lan, you are always so optimistic. A mere secular martial artist, thinking about Wanbao pavilion on the third day? In my opinion, it is impossible. Sect's top talent can pass Wanbao pavilion in three days. I estimate that there will not be more than five people in each sect. It has to be a Dharma Sect of mental strength. If you don't pay attention to mental strength, I don't think you can get rid of Wanbao pavilion in five days."

The previous owner who was in charge of the first level said that he passed the Samsara road calculation in ten days. Eight days through Samsara Road, good mental strength, over the pass line; If passed within five days, it means that the talent in mental strength is outstanding and can be called a genius. Within three days, those who could walk out of Samsara Road were absolutely rare geniuses in a hundred years and were bound to enter the vision of several Ancestor.

After all, after walking through Samsara Road in three days, even the top four Sect geniuses couldn't be picked out much.

"Old Sun Chasing Monster, you always seem to look down on worldly martial arts. It's a good thing that you managed to find the genius of the innate body from the worldly world." Nine Lions Ancestor smiled strangely. "Don't you want geniuses to come out of the secular world?"

Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun smiled faintly, "It's not that I don't want to, it's just an objective analysis. After all, the secular world is the secular world. The resources of the secular world are less than one percent of Sect. The probability of their emergence of geniuses is naturally one percent of Sect. How many of the four great Sect can be called geniuses? At this rate, you probably know that finding a genius from the secular world is like finding a needle in a haystack."

Ancestor Of Chiba smiled and shook his head, but did not speak.

Suddenly, an exclamation came from the main control area, "How is that possible?"

"Is... Is this a mistake?"

"Really? Someone actually passed Wanbao pavilion? This... Isn't this just a little more than half a day? It hasn't even arrived yet?"

"Evil? Is there really evil in the secular world?"

"There must be something wrong in Samsara Road, or something wrong with the prompts here. It's impossible to walk to Wanbao pavilion in half a day, let alone pass."

"Yes, Wanbao pavilion. How many people can resist the temptation of so many treasures? Can a secular martial artist turn a blind eye to these temptations? Impossible!"

The big four Ancestor, of course, would not personally host the first round.

Those who made these exclamations came from the four big Sect senior Sect officials who were drawn out to preside over the first round of Samsara Road assessment.

These screams came from them.

When the four big Ancestor heard this startled exclamation, they all looked at the main control area with astonishment.

Once someone passes through Wanbao pavilion in Samsara Road, the main control area will receive a prompt. As many people pass, green shadows will appear in the main control area.

"What the hell? Samsara Road is an ancient relic. How could it be wrong?" Ancestor Of Chiba yelled and rushed over first.

Then, Ancestor Bing Lan rushed over.

Nine Lions Ancestor looked at Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun with a half-smile, "Chasing The Sun old monster, since you are so sure that no one will pass through Wanbao pavilion in three days, you must believe that Samsara Road made a mistake, right? Haha."

Nine Lions Ancestor seemed to have a very ordinary relationship with Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun, and at this time, it was natural to take the opportunity to mock Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun.

Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun was also confused at the moment.

In just half a day or so, someone passed through Wanbao pavilion? This sounds like bullshit.

However, he was an old Yuan realm weirdo, and naturally knew that Samsara Road was an ancient masterstroke and could never make a mistake.

In other words, some of these secular martial artists actually passed through Wanbao pavilion. And in less than a day, this speed was definitely more than any of Sect's geniuses.

This state of mind power has definitely reached a terrifying level.

Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun was mocked by Nine Lions Ancestor. Although his face was burning, he couldn't care less. He put down his pride and ran towards the main control area.

A green figure appeared on a smooth Dashi mirror in the main control area.

"Unbelievable, unbelievable." Nine Lions Ancestor muttered, "The secular martial arts are indeed hiding a lot of good seeds. It seems that there are some problems with the way we chose our disciples before the four great Sect. To the secular martial arts, the prejudice is too heavy."

The four great Sect disciples were generally promoted from within Sect and passed down from generation to generation. And the secular martial arts, although they set up the secular taoist temple, which is the legendary outer gate.

However, no matter which of the four big Sect, there is a lack of enough attention to the outside world. Those sent to the outer sect were either marginalized figures within the sect, or those who knew that there was no future in Sect and would rather enjoy wealth in the secular world.

It was precisely because of the lack of attention from the outside world that the channels through which secular martial artists wanted to enter Sect were very narrow.

After all, the selection of outsiders to the secular world was already rare.

The selection of the outside sect was also less.

Once every five years, once every ten years.

For young martial artists, ten years is enough time for them to miss the golden period of cultivation and the best stage of cultivation in their lives.

Therefore, the fate of most of the secular martial artists was already predestined almost at the time of their birth.

There were very few who could change their lives and enter Sect by surprise.

"Fellow daoist Bing Lan, in your eyes, have you ever seen such a genius among secular martial artists?" Ancestor Of Chiba, too, was full of disbelief.

Ancestor Bing Lan fang yan smiled bitterly, "Brother Chiba, although my Liuyun sect is good at digging up geniuses, it still needs a procedure to dig up geniuses. Based on this impression, if I say I can see a person's potential, brother dao, will you believe it?"

Ancestor Of Chiba chuckled, "That's true, but such evils are really rare. I am the top genius of the four great Sect. Perhaps I have outstanding talents. But there are very few people who can have such a powerful state of mind."

Nine Lions Ancestor's eyes shone brightly, "Is it a genius with a strong innate heart? I remember that a genius with a strong innate heart has a kind of clear king's heart. A genius with a clear king's heart is born with a strong innate heart and is not disturbed or confused by the outside world, just like a king who does not move..."

"You're starting to think nonsense again." Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun sneered. "We are the Union of sixteen countries, the most non-existent territory in The boundless realm. In the history of The boundless realm, we have never heard of the genius of the heart of the king, so we have such good luck that we were bumped into?"

Nine Lions Ancestor laughed and said, "I don't know who said it just now. He said that among the secular martial arts, no one can leave Wanbao pavilion in three days."

Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun said indifferently, "There is always a chance in the world. Besides, even though it is powerful to leave Wanbao pavilion, the final test may not necessarily pass."

"Funny how easy it is for Wanbao pavilion to get out of this situation. You think you can beat him in the last round?"

"Not necessarily." Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun laughed.

"Old Sun Chasing Monster, I think you're just trying to argue. How about this, if this person can walk out of Samsara Road, this genius, and your Ziyang sect won't let us compete?" Nine Lions Ancestor provoked her.

"Nine Lions, why do you always say such innocent things at your age? Although I have some personal opinions, the selection is a big deal in Sect. There is no connection between the two. Quit the competition? Why should I quit when I meet a genius?"

"Now you admit you've met a genius?"

"It's rare to have a strong heart. It depends on the performance later on. If your talent is mediocre and your other qualifications are mediocre, you will be a useless person after all."

Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun's words were not without reason.

A strong heart is just a big guarantee to hit the Yuan realm. However, if a martial artist is not talented enough in martial arts and has no qualifications to cultivate to the yuan realm, no matter how strong his mental strength is, it will not work.

Talent is also very important in martial arts.

Talent and mental strength are indispensable.

With only talent and no strong mental strength, the road to martial arts is certainly not far.

However, just having a strong mental strength and not having enough talent to match it would also be a waste of this powerful mental strength.

However, even if Ancestor Of Chasing The Sun's words made sense, the other three Ancestor obviously didn't care too much.

What they were more concerned about was that they must keep an eye on this invincible genius and see his performance in the next round of assessment.

If the talent and other aspects are good, then this is definitely a material that can be made. Even if the final force is not enough to compete for the top 16, it is worth cultivating in the long run.

"Who is this genius?" In Ancestor Of Chiba's mind, the shadow of the river dust suddenly appeared. He did not know why he suddenly thought of it.

Perhaps, among the 400,000 martial artists, the only thing that left an impression on him was jiang chen.

However, in terms of mental strength, Ancestor Of Chiba did not notice anything special about Jiang Chen.

Of course, other Ancestor had more or less Jiang Chen's shadow in his mind. After all, Jiang Chen was the only person who made an impression before the exam.

It's just that when it comes to mental genius, the probability of one in four hundred thousand, no one can tell who it is.

Besides, they couldn't possibly know who it was after putting on a mask and a suit. He could only remember the number of the competition nameplate through his participation nameplate, so as to focus on the competition nameplate.

As for who is behind this nameplate, it will have to wait for the final mystery.