Chapter 0287 All the Attention in One Body

Jiang Chen let out a light breath and smiled bitterly in his heart, "Wanbao pavilion? If I hadn't seen so many treasures in my previous life, I'm afraid I would have stopped to take a look. This Wanbao pavilion's mirage level is obviously higher than before. If other secular martial artists were to enter this Wanbao pavilion, I'm afraid there would have been a lot of people who would have fallen here."

Jiang Chen had seen the heavens and was immune to the temptation of the so-called Wanbao pavilion.

Moreover, his strong heart constantly reminded him that this Wanbao pavilion must still be illusory, fake, and unreal.

No matter how real a fantasy is, it's also a fantasy.

Martial arts manuals, these things, are the most unattractive to jiang chen. Not to mention the level of the Union of sixteen countries, even if it was a more powerful force in The boundless realm, Jiang Chen did not think that their martial arts secret book could attract the attention of jiang chen.

As for the divine weapon, the rare and exotic beast, since he knew it was a fantasy, Jiang Chen was naturally immune to it. He would not look sideways or take another look.

Even if it was tempting, he would never take the bait.

So Jiang Chen passed Wanbao pavilion almost effortlessly.

At this moment, jiang chen did not care about the reaction of the outside world at all, let alone because his strong breakthrough to Wanbao pavilion, the outside world's heated discussion about "Mental genius" caused a sensation in an instant, causing a frenzy.

After leaving Wanbao pavilion, Jiang Chen rubbed his eyes and almost misjudged himself.

The person who appeared before him was the previous owner of Psychokinesis pass, who was also shocked to see Jiang Chen.

"Why did you come out? Give me the things you picked from Wanbao pavilion."

"Something picked up in Wanbao pavilion?" Jiang Chen was taken aback. "Then Wanbao pavilion is clearly an illusory fantasy. What is there to choose from?"

The examiner raised an eyebrow, "The road to Samsara is not real. Who told you that Wanbao pavilion is fake? How can you pass the examination if you didn't choose the treasures?"

"True or false?"

"Cut the crap. Either you pick a treasure and give it to me so that you can pass the review, or I'll call you out right now." The examiner's tone was cold.

Jiang Chen was a little confused for a moment, but he sorted out the whole story in his head and a smile appeared on his lips.

All of a sudden, he stepped forward and punched out, "Gods, ghosts and ghosts, they are all illusions to break for me!"

With one punch, the examiner was blown into a cloud and dissipated in place.

Next, the clouds were light and the wind was light. Jiang Chen suddenly returned to where he had left.

At this time, a voice came: "Congratulations, you passed the Samsara Road assessment."

Then, before Jiang Chen could resist, he was swept out by a force.

The next moment, Jiang Chen's figure appeared at the assessment point in Psychokinesis pass.

Seeing Jiang Chen appear, hundreds of eyes shot at Jiang Chen at the Psychokinesis pass assessment point, as if they were going to pierce through the mask, the dress, and the real Jiang Chen.

"Examiner, congratulations. You are the first one to pass the Samsara Road assessment. You don't have to say anything. Hand over your name plate. We will record your Psychokinesis pass assessment results for the comprehensive assessment later on.

He didn't need to speak, so he avoided speaking and his voice was recognized.

After all, there were powerful people present, especially the four great Ancestor, who might be able to recognize some people through their voices, but not necessarily.

Jiang Chen felt it for a while before he was sure that he had really walked out of Samsara Road this time and returned to the outer perimeter of the Psychokinesis pass assessment.

Ancestor, the big four over there, had already agreed that after the examiner came out, he must not come forward to negotiate, otherwise, it would be illegal.

However, at this time, each of the four big Ancestor's hearts were itching to break the rules that they had personally set up and went forward to talk to this evildoer.

He left Samsara Road in less than a day. Such a performance was simply heaven defying.

The big four Ancestor had little doubt that even the top four Sect geniuses would not be able to pick three out of Samsara Road in a day.

There was even the possibility that none of them could be picked out.

According to the rules, those who have completed the first round of assessment will enter the designated rest area and wait for the end of the ten-day period before entering the next round of assessment with other contestants who have passed Samsara Road.

Jiang Chen was led into the rest area, sitting cross-legged and meditating.

On the way back to Samsara, after experiencing this journey of mental energy, Jiang Chen's mental energy realm had also improved, and the Rock Heart realm seemed to have some signs of breakthrough.

Jiang Chen naturally hoped to take this opportunity to work hard to raise the level of Rock Heart to another level.

Rock Heart's training was more difficult than those of the Rock Heart and the ears of the wind.

It was rare to have such an opportunity to train one's mental strength. Jiang Chen had benefited greatly this time.

Passing through Samsara Road in one day was bound to be an amazing achievement.

When Jiang Chen walked into the rest area, many of Sect's top executives were snooping around, occasionally casting surprised glances, obviously curious about this genius.

If there were no strict rules, they would definitely run up to Jiang Chen and take off his mask to see who he was.

The big four Ancestor, at this moment in their hearts are also overturned, they are now looking forward to ten days to pass quickly, quickly enter the next round of assessment.

The next level is talent assessment.

If this talent level, this person continues to show evil, then it can prove that this person is definitely an immortal genius, a top genius who can take all the costs to recruit, and do not hesitate to do so.

Samsara Road, indeed, was difficult.

Although there was a devil against the sky, three days later, no one came out of Samsara Road.

It was only on the fifth day that some of the most powerful secular warriors walked out of Samsara road.

On the seventh and eighth day, the number of martial artists who came out obviously increased.

On the ninth and tenth day, it was almost swarming out.

Ten days passed quickly.

In the end, the total number of people who actually passed the Samsara road was just over 70,000.

With a base of 400,000, there were only 70,000 left in the first round.

Those who did not walk out, or were kicked out halfway, were kicked out of the ancient relic and were not even qualified to stay.

After all, the spiritual power needed to support and open this ancient relic was astonishing.

The fewer people, the less consumption.

The eliminated ones, in Sect's eyes, would naturally become useless. Since they were trash, Sect could not continue to waste resources on them.

This is the rule of martial arts survival - worthless, eliminated immediately.

In this first round of assessment, in addition to Jiang Chen, there were also a group of people who left Samsara Road in five days, and this group of people, in terms of mental strength, also received additional attention.

Because of the evil Jiang Chen, the four great Sect examiners were all enthusiastic.

Obviously, they also wanted to see what kind of performance this mental genius would have in the next assessment.

Is it continuing to be invincible?

Or are they just ordinary people?

For a moment, all the examiners were filled with anticipation. I look forward to killing a mythical black horse among the secular warriors.

Jiang Chen stood in the crowd of 70,000 people and listened carefully to the assessment rules of the second stage.

The second test is not to test how high your cultivation is, but how high your martial arts talent is. Of course, in addition to martial arts talent, we have other tests of talent. If you want to test all of your talents, we welcome you. After all, in this assessment, we are going to select talents from all walks of life and not stick to the path of martial arts."

"All right, now, I announce that the second round of assessment begins." With the announcement of the examiner, the second round of assessment officially began.

This second round of assessment was not complicated.

To put it bluntly, it was the test of the spirit root.

What is a spirit root? Like Long Juxue's innate Qing luan, this is a spirit root.

The so-called spirit root is how much potential the innate spirit root in your body has, what level of talent it is, and what step it can take in the future.

In the course of martial arts, talent is also very important.

This test, if it was the previous jiang chen, would definitely be kicked out.

However, through the two years of transformation, through a series of remedies, and after absorbing and melting the icy marrow of the heart, Jiang Chen's talent could actually be considered to have passed the heaven defying change of fate and completed the transformation.

Now, his talents, his Linghai level, are absolutely superb.

Most importantly, he absorbed and melted the icy marrow of the heart, which was the core essence of the Ice fire monster lotus.

You know, Ice fire monster lotus, that is the top ten plant spirits in the sky, which shows how evil the potential of the Ice fire monster lotus is.

The second level was also divided into a hundred areas for testing. Jiang Chen was also assigned to the ll area. There were only a few hundred people left in each district.

Jiang Chen did not know that his nameplate, after a round of assessment, had now become the subject of secret attention from all walks of life.

Although Jiang Chen could occasionally feel all kinds of strange peeping eyes, with jiang chen's character, he definitely would not be afraid of the outside world's secret attention.

On the contrary, he was open-minded.

Since you want to participate in the selection, it is to make a big splash, it is to face any challenge.

Jiang Chen didn't feel any malice, so he didn't care.

"Tsk tsk, see that? That devil, he's from our ll zone. It's his turn to test soon."

"Ah, this son, he must have even been targeted by the four big Ancestor. If the talent assessment is outstanding, then this kid, even if the carp leaps into the dragon gate in one fell swoop, flew into the sky!"

"Why should he be outstanding? As long as he is not bad, he will have a bright future. If he is outstanding, then there will be no suspense in the preliminary election of this big selection. He must be the first person. Moreover, he is definitely the top genius who is qualified to compete for the last 16 finalists."

"Competing for the last 16? That's not easy. There are countless talents in Sect competing for this list. He is a secular martial artist, even if his talent is amazing, but his foundation is shallow after all. He doesn't have enough time. It's not easy to surpass the genius of Sect for no reason."

These comments kept coming to Jiang Chen's ears.

Jiang Chen was just indifferent. At this moment, his order was just right.

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