Chapter 0287 Talent Test, Jiang Chen's Choice

Talent testing is relatively simple and straightforward.

When Jiang Chen was in The kingdom of the east, he was trained as a test.

Although the talent test and the cultivation test are slightly different, the general method is the same.

Talent testing, testing the talent of a martial artist; Cultivation as a test, is to test the martial arts strength of the current stage.

"Excuse me, which tests are you going to take?" Seeing Jiang Chen's nameplate, the examiner knew that Jiang Chen was a mental genius in the first round, so he was unusually polite between his words and actions.

He was also afraid that if his tone was a little inappropriate, offending such a genius, being remembered by the other party, and thus angering his own Sect, and even rejecting his own Sect, then his own Ancestor would skin him and cramp him afterwards.

Talent test, there are martial arts talent test, elixir talent test, Fu Li talent test, array talent test, beast talent test and so on.

According to the rules, the second round of the test lasted the same ten days.

Time is fair to everyone, it is ten days.

Ten days, if you want to take every talent test, it is obviously not enough.

Therefore, for the examiner, there must be a choice.

Use these ten days as much as you can to choose a talent test that you are confident in. Otherwise, if you want to take part in everything, you may ignore one thing and lose the other. In the end, you will lose everything. All the tests did not show the best talent.

"I only take part in the martial arts talent test."

Jiang Chen's goal was very clear. His ultimate goal was also martial arts.

As for other talents, Jiang Chen didn't need to test them at all. Within the scope of this Union of sixteen countries, Jiang Chen did not think that anyone would have an advantage over him in other talents.

There was no need to test it.

The examiner was slightly stunned, then smiled and said, "Well, you are indeed a genius with mental strength. Your heart of martial arts is as firm as a rock, different from others."

Indeed, it was different. The other examiners would more or less choose two or three of them.

Only one of them was chosen. So far, Jiang Chen was the first.

One must know that those who dare to choose only one examiner have great courage.

After all, choosing only one item meant putting yourself in a desperate situation.

If this assessment fails, then there is no chance to continue to participate in the assessment, which is directly out.

If you choose two or three items, even if this one fails, there will be other talent tests to look forward to.

As long as one talent reaches the standard, the assessment can continue.

"Only one option?"

"This genius of the mind is truly confident and invincible."

"Tsk tsk, it is indeed a genius. The actions of a genius are so special and different."

"If this son has outstanding martial arts talent, my Union of sixteen countries is destined to have a miracle, a miracle of martial arts rising from the secular world."

"That's true. A secular warrior, with such a talent, can rival Sect's greatest genius. Such a genius, once given time, will even go further than a genius from a clan and create more miracles."

"That's right. Secular martial artists have been honed out of suffering. The degree of hardship is not comparable to the Sect disciples who were born with the golden key."

Jiang Chen followed the examiner to a cave in the midst of an exclamation.

"The martial arts talent test is actually a test of your control and affinity for the natural forces of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are natural and have the basic five elements of power. And this martial arts talent test is to test your affinity and control for the five elements of power."

"There are countless caves here, each of which corresponds to the five elements of heaven and earth. These caves are divided into three levels: simple level, medium level and difficult level. What the examiner has to do is to select one of the caves and feel the power of the spirit of heaven and earth inside. The more difficult it is to choose and the longer you stay, the more talented you are in this field."

"For example, if you choose a metal cave, you will be tested by the force of heaven and earth."

"So, do you understand?"

Jiang Chen nodded. The rules were easy to understand.

"Well, now that you understand, start choosing how easy it is to assess. If you choose a simple level and stay for three days, you will pass the assessment and be considered a lower level spiritual talent."

"If you choose a medium level of difficulty, you will be considered a medium level of spiritual talent if you pass."

"If you choose a difficult level of difficulty, once you stay for three days, it is a superior spiritual talent."

"This rule shouldn't be difficult to understand, right?"

Jiang Chen smiled, "Is the highest level difficult? How should we test it if it's a congenital spirit?

Although Jiang Chen was not a born spirit, he asked curiously.

Haha, if it's a congenital spirit body, it must be a superior spirit body. On the basis of a superior spirit body, if it's a congenital spirit body, it will definitely cause a strange phenomenon in heaven and earth, which is not difficult to detect. Moreover, Sect's senior management has a set of methods to test the congenital spirit body. However, a congenital spirit body is rare to meet in a hundred years. All these years, I heard that the Ziyang sect accidentally picked up a treasure."

Picked up a treasure? Jiang Chen smiled. Of course, he knew that the examiner was talking about Long Juxue, the innate Qing luan.

He also knew that in a small place like the Union of sixteen countries, the innate body was really not simple.

But to say that Jiang Chen's vision, the innate body, is not enough to see.

In his previous life, Jiang Chen, the disciple he accepted, which beginning was not an innate body?

For the heavens, the innate body is the most basic. If you can't reach the body of nature, you will not be able to live in the plane of the heavens.

The innate body is called a genius in the secular plane, and it is the most basic requirement in the various planes.

"Okay, please make your choice now."

"Difficulty level, fire and water attributes." Jiang Chen had already made a choice.

"What?" The examiner was shocked.

The genius in front of him was obviously very ambitious. The examiner was not surprised that he had chosen a difficult level.

Surprisingly, he chose two attributes, water and fire.

Both of these attributes, everyone knows, water and fire are incompatible.

In the Union of sixteen countries, knowledge of martial arts is limited. Most practitioners can only develop one attribute talent.

Only a special genius can develop two innate attributes.

The advantage of an inborn body is that its body is born with the attribute of five elements perfect, and it is born with the talent of five elements complete.

"Is there a problem?" Jiang chen saw the examiner was startled, and suddenly thought that there was something wrong with his choice.

The examiner waved his hand, "No problem, no problem."

In his heart, he cursed evildoer, which was really too evildoer. He picked the hard level as soon as he came up, and he actually picked two attributes that were completely incompatible with each other.

This choice, not to mention the results of the test, was enough to scare people off the chin just because of this unnatural assessment method.

"Are geniuses all freaks?" The examiner smiled bitterly in his heart.

Indeed, in the eyes of the examiner, Jiang Chen's choice was indeed too strange.

"Okay, can we start now?" Jiang Chen was not interested in the change in the examiner's mood. He just wanted to pass the examination immediately.

"You can start, of course." The examiner smiled bitterly. "You see, these two caves are the test points of the difficult level respectively. One contains the heavenly fire spiritual vein and the other contains the heavenly water spiritual vein. Remember, this difficult level examination is extremely difficult, and the living environment is extremely bad. If you can't support it, come out early, and never force yourself to die in vain."

The examiner kindly reminded him.

Jiang Chen's eyes scanned the cave with deep meaning.

With a lift of his feet, he stepped directly into the cave containing the heavenly fire spirit vein. He decided to challenge the fire attribute talent assessment first.

As soon as he stepped in, Jiang Chen felt as if he had suddenly walked from spring to summer. A burning sensation spread all over his body.

In this cave, there was a special cave, and all around them was a fiery red cloud, as if even the air was fiery red.

It was as if he had suddenly walked from the ice cave to the crater.

Jiang Chen could clearly feel his hair was a little scorched. A wave of heat rushed towards him. The red clouds around him were gathering, forming a fire cloud storm, and sweeping towards the dust of the river.

That feeling, like the waves washing the sand, made Jiang Chen's breathing slightly faster.

This level of heat was not fatal, but the constant burning, heating, and roasting still made Jiang Chen slightly uncomfortable.

Such an environment would require a full three days to pass.

Jiang Chen drew his breath like a dragon, refining the heat wave that kept coming. Under the guidance of Jiang Chen, the essence of fire attribute in this heat wave was continuously injected into Jiang Chen's air sea.

"Hmm? The essence of this fire attribute is so pure?" Jiang Chen was also slightly surprised by the absorption.

The purity of the fire attribute spirit power in this cave is no less than some high grade fire attribute Spirit medicine, or even better. Vaguely similar to the purity of the holy fire attribute Spirit medicine.

"Earlier, the examiner said that the difficult test point contained the fire of heaven. Could it be that the fire of heaven was hidden beneath the cave?"

Jiang Chen's thoughts stirred the Ice fire monster lotus in his body. Not long after, six fiery vines grew around him.

Each vine rose rapidly, and the petals of the Ice fire monster lotus, each of which was enough to accommodate three or four adult strong men lying on top.

And the body of this Ice fire monster lotus flower has 20 or 30 petals.

It was obvious that Jiang Chen was the one who attracted them this time.

Under the feeding of fire spirit power, these six fire lotus plants suddenly became vigorous, like the glutton that had been hungry for millions of years, and suddenly met a big meal, devouring the sea, absorbing the fire spirit power in this cave.