Chapter 0288 Rock Evil

With the help of six flaming lotus plants, Jiang Chen was much more relaxed in absorbing the spiritual power of this fire attribute.

The six flaming lotus plants surrounded the dust in the middle, which greatly reduced Jiang Chen's pressure and absorbed it.

"This Ice fire monster lotus is worried about not being nourished. This cave is really a natural environment for nourishment. Tsk tsk, it's really hard to find a place to break through iron shoes. Unfortunately, I can only operate six evil lotus plants at a time. Otherwise, this speed of replenishment will be even more adverse. In the end, the cultivation realm is still too weak."

Jiang Chen had some regrets. If he could release more evil lotus now, his speed of replenishment would increase greatly.

The faster the replenishment speed, the faster the growth of the evil lotus.

The rapid progress of the evil lotus was of great help to jiang chen's cultivation.

The six flaming lotus plants greedily absorbed the incessant essence of the fire spirit in this cave, and then through Jiang Chen's refining, continuously enriched Jiang Chen's air sea.

Jiang Chen's sea of qi was molded through the Five-dragon heaven opening pill. Although he was not a congenital body, but through the shape of the Five-dragon heaven opening pill, his sea of qi was also a complete qualification with basic five elements talent.

However, the two attributes of water and fire, which were developed first by Jiang Chen because of the fate of the Ice fire monster lotus, were temporarily the two most important aspects of Jiang Chen's cultivation.

The other three basic attributes, although Jiang Chen also intended to cultivate, but ultimately there is no Ice fire monster lotus such as the support of an adventure against heaven, the speed of training, is not enough to compare with the two attributes of fire and water.

On this day, in the cave of the fire spirit vein, the fire spirit is abundant, and Jiang Chen's fire lotus is naturally like a fish in the water.

For other secular practitioners, this was a test.

To Jiang Chen, it was a vacation, even more enjoyable than a vacation.

"Tsk, tsk, one day has passed. This Rock Evil is really good. He is the first one to challenge the difficult level."

Now, the outside world has given jiang chen a code name, called "Rock Evil." Because Jiang Chen was too evil in the first round of the assessment. If his heart was not like a rock, how could he walk through Samsara Road in one day?

So, before Jiang Chen's real identity was revealed, everyone had to give him a code name.

"Heh heh, geniuses are usually unique. This is Rock Evil. He doesn't look at any other talent tests, and his target is the martial arts talent test. Besides, he has to choose the most difficult one. What is evil? This is evil!"

"Don't brag too hard. Every day in the cave of the fire spirit vein, it will be twice as difficult. On the third day, the fire spirit power will be four times as powerful as the first day. It won't be easy. I hope this so-called genius doesn't give up halfway." Not everyone is willing to praise the performance of a genius, but there are also people who pour cold water on it.

"If someone dares to challenge a difficult level, it means they have that confidence."

"Yes, this selection is not a child's play. This Rock Evil is so determined. He must have his own ideas. If he was too unruly, he would never be able to cultivate such a strong dao xin. In my opinion, this son must be confident."

"Yes, a true genius must have such courage."

Jiang Chen did not know that all kinds of discussions about him had reached an unprecedented hot point.

Jiang Chen also felt that with the arrival of the next day, the fire spirit power in the cave of the fire spirit vein obviously became much more violent.

The fire storm continued to sweep over, like countless ancient ferocious beasts, rampaging through the caves, trying to tear all living creatures inside into pieces.

The fire lotus, which had absorbed the fire spirit power for a day, obviously grew a lot stronger. The huge fire lotus petals, like the greedy mouth of a giant beast, sucked in the fire that kept coming.

"The fire is getting stronger and the fire spirit is obviously more active. It seems that the difficulty of this difficult level of assessment is increasing day by day."

Jiang Chen also realized this, but with the protection of the six constantly strengthening fire lotus, Jiang Chen's body would not be affected at all, and to stabilize it, it was still light, no pressure.

The next day, time quietly passed.

On the third day, Jiang Chen realized once again that the fire in the cave was like a mountain of fire, and a strong torrent of fire was continuously gushing out from the ground.

In all directions, the caves were also ablaze, like countless ravens flying around in the caves.

This posture was doubled from the next day.

However, the six lotus plants that had been nourished for two days in a row would naturally not feel laborious in the face of this situation.

If the fire had been so violent on the first day of their arrival, perhaps the six fire lotus plants would have become a little laborious at once.

However, two days of adaptation, two days of absorption became stronger, so that the fire lotus was very familiar with this day's fire pulse, very adapted.

Therefore, on the third day, the six evil lotus plants still had the strength to face this situation.

On the third day, the atmosphere of the examiners outside also became strange.

The appearance of genius, some people are full of expectations, some people are inevitably jealous.

"The third day is almost over. It looks like Rock Evil will pass the exam without a problem."

"Does this mean that this son is a superior spirit?"

"A superior spirit, coupled with the power of the heart against the heavens... This is definitely evil. Is this a god-given evil, given to our Union of sixteen countries?"

"Haha, those Sect geniuses are finally not lonely. With such a secular evil, how much pressure and challenge will they bring to Sect geniuses?"

"Challenge? Pressure?" Someone objected. "Don't say it too soon. The Sect genius's background is not comparable to the secular genius. This Rock Evil, who wants to challenge the Sect genius, is far behind in the beginning. If he is over thirty years old, no matter how talented or mentally strong he is, he will miss the best time to cultivate."

Cultivating before the age of 30 is the best opportunity to shape.

If you haven't tapped out your potential before you're 30 and haven't hit many, then after you're 30, no matter how talented you are, you might be limited.

Therefore, although this person's words were not pleasant to hear, they were also true.

However, someone immediately objected.

"Over thirty years old? How is that possible? How can such a genius be unearthed over thirty years old?

"Yes, it would be better if he was in his teens or twenties. If that's the case, he would definitely be qualified to challenge those Sect geniuses and even step on them."

The examiners talked about it, most of them hoping to see a genius rise from the secular world.

Although they were from Sect, they were happy to see the myth of such an attack.

The third day was finally over, under everyone's attention.

However, the Rock Evil they were talking about did not come out of the cave.

"Three days, isn't it? This... This Rock Evil, why hasn't he come out yet?"

"He won't forget himself so much that he forgets all the time, will he?"

"Maybe, I really forgot the time."

"Well, you guys are optimistic. Why don't you say he can't stand the fire and has been burned to ashes?"


"What is impossible? Is it possible that a strong heart means a strong talent? How can there be such a rule? Besides, children of the secular world do not have any inside information and do not know how terrible the power of heaven and earth is. It is not impossible for a newborn calf to be fearless and devoured by the fire of heaven."

The speaker had always been against the so-called genius of the mind. Rock Evil was the kind of stubborn person who did not want to see the rise of secular geniuses.

Three days later, the acclaimed "Rock Evil," "Mental genius," did not leave the cave

Therefore, his first thought was that the so-called mental genius had been swallowed up by the fire of heaven.

Otherwise, in three days time, the assessment has passed, why not come out?

However, according to the rules, the assessment period is ten days. Within ten days, even the examiner cannot enter the cave to investigate.

"Alas, the secular world, after all, lacks knowledge. The country boy, does not know the sky is high and the earth is thick, challenges the difficult level, but ended up in a dead end. Unfortunately, unfortunately, that body of mental talent." The man tutted and sighed, somewhat gloating.

"Tsk tsk, do you Ziyang sect people gloat like this? Or are you afraid that the genius of the secular rise will threaten the so-called innate body of your Ziyang sect, which also comes from the secular world?" When someone heard the guy's tone, they couldn't help but fight back.

The Ziyang sect executive smiled. "Gloating? Is that necessary? Besides, even a genius with mental strength, if his talent is mediocre, what right does he have to be compared to Long Juxue of the innate body? Threatening the innate body? It's a joke. Is the innate body something that can be easily threatened by cats and dogs?"

"Stop arguing. The ten-day deadline is not up. No one knows what happened in the cave. What proof do you have when you say he was swallowed up by the fire?"

"Does this require proof? As long as he stays for more than three days, he will pass the examination. When the time limit for three days is up, he will not come out. Isn't it obvious? Is it still a kind of enjoyment in this day's fiery spirit cave?"

"Well, a genius is never something a frog in a well can guess. Let's just wait and see."

No one could convince anyone, but when it came to the downfall of a mental genius that the big four Ancestor cared about, most people were still unwilling to accept this reality.

The fourth day passed, but he still did not come out of the cave.

In this way, the few guys who failed to sing "Rock Evil" became even more proud.

"Four days have passed. If you want to come out, you will come out early. It seems that the so-called genius of mental strength will not be able to withstand the fire of heaven after all. I think it's time for everyone to put down their expectations and accept the reality."

"Well, the fifth day is almost over. If you want to come out, you should have come out already. It seems that sometimes it is unwise to expect too much from secular geniuses, alas."

Most of the examiners who supported Rock Evil also looked a little disappointed and a little dejected.

Although they are not willing to accept such a reality, as time goes by, there is no doubt that this hope is getting weaker and weaker.

At this very moment -


A loud noise came from the cave, and then, boom, boom, continuous loud noise, constantly coming out, for a moment, it seemed as if the sky was falling apart and the earth was shaking.

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