Chapter 0290 Yuan Magnetic Field, Ten Thousand Zhang Gold Mountain

The feeling of heaven and earth collapsing lasted for a good half an hour before it gradually weakened.

Smoke billowed from the cave, accompanied by a volcanic eruption of dust.

For a moment, everyone's eyes were filled with gray smoke.

After all the smoke fell, the examiners looked at each other with astonishment written all over their faces.

Obviously, something drastic must have happened in this cave. From this point of view, that Rock Evil, I'm afraid, is really unlucky.

Just then, an examiner wiped his eyes, and his pupils suddenly shrank, looking at the hole with an incredulous face.

At the entrance of the cave, a figure suddenly appeared in everyone's eyes.

This figure was Rock Evil, whom they were talking about.

"This... How is this possible?" The Ziyang sect executive who had been clamoring for so long was now completely stupid.

He had always been the most ferocious one, and firmly believed that the so-called Rock Evil had long been devoured by the flames of heaven.

However, at this moment, Jiang Chen, who was standing alive at the entrance of the cave, undoubtedly hit him hard in the face.

"After the fire attribute assessment, can you enter the heavenly water spirit cave?"

Jiang Chen stepped forward, presented the name tag and asked lightly.

All the examiners had very rich expressions. The examiner was the quickest to react. He chuckled and said, "Yes, yes."

Although they did not know what had happened in the cave.

But is this still important now? They passed the examination and came out safely. It didn't matter what happened in the cave.

What was important was that a true genius appeared.

It was also the first time the big four Ancestor learned about the changes here. Because of the rules, they can't steal people right now.

However, at this moment, the four big Ancestor's heart was full of energy, and began to plan the recruitment plan in his heart.

After walking through Samsara Road in one day, this talent of mental strength could make the top four Sect geniuses sweat their guts out.

And the talent test was full of top talent.

The two most important aspects of this big assessment were all demonic and completely unlike the performance of a secular child.

Even if the top four Sect geniuses came to take part in this kind of assessment, it was nothing more than that.

"When did such evil happen in the secular world? This son, no matter what, must find a way to recruit him." Ancestor A Revered Man Who Pursues the Sun, the Ziyang sect, also changed his attitude on Samsara road.

Previously, he did have some prejudice against secular geniuses.

But at this moment, his prejudices were long gone. Jiang chen's iron proof proved that there were geniuses among the secular children.

However, if A Revered Man Who Pursues the Sun knew that the genius under the mask was Jiang Chen, who had been listed on his death list before, his expression would be very interesting.

"This son aspires to martial arts and ignores all other tests of talent. With such a firm heart of martial arts, I have the strongest inheritance of the ziyang sect among the four great Sect. With such a talent outside of the ziyang sect, what right do the other three sects have to recruit?"

A Revered Man Who Pursues the Sun had a strong sense of superiority in martial arts.

At this moment, the other three Ancestor were thinking about it.

Treasure tree sect's Ancestor Of Chiba, in his heart, also listed the Ziyang sect as the strongest competitor.

"Ziyang sect has a congenital spirit body. If this talent of mental power is also snatched away by the Ziyang sect, then the structure of the four great Sect equals will be completely broken in a few decades. In any case, this talent of mental power must be recruited to the Treasure tree sect. No matter what the cost, we must recruit this son. Although there is some gap between the inheritance of martial arts of Treasure tree sect and the Ziyang sect, if we talk about the resources of cultivation, it is the first without dispute among the four great Sect. As long as we use the resources of cultivation to lure such a genius, we may not necessarily choose to do so. After all, ziyang sect has an innate body, Long Juxue. Even if this talent of mental strength were to join the Ziyang sect, it could only be cultivated as a second potential talent."

The reverend qian ye quickly grasped the strengths and weaknesses of the Ziyang sect.

Liuyun sect and the Wanling sect, compared with the ziyang sect and the treasure tree sect, were relatively inferior in recruiting martial arts talents.

"In terms of the inheritance of martial arts, my Liuyun sect is not as good as the Ziyang sect; in terms of the resources of cultivation, I am not as good as. However, in terms of my ability to tap the potential, I am the top four Sect. In addition, my liuyun sect has a tradition of dual cultivation. If it is guided, such martial arts talents may not be useless to me."

This was the idea of liu yun zong bing lan Zunzhe. There were many female cultivators in the liuyun sect. In Sect, there were all kinds of beautiful female cultivators.

To recruit martial arts talents, I'm afraid this is the best entry point for Liuyun sect.

As for the Wanling sect, their desire to recruit martial arts geniuses was indeed urgent, but Nine Lions Ancestor also knew that among the four major sects, they had no advantage over the Wanling sect.

However, the Wanling sect has always targeted talent recruitment.

"It's a rare encounter for a hundred years. But if I choose, I will still choose the river dust. Jiang Chen, this son, can actually control a large number of spiritual beasts and set up battle formations. Such a talent for beast control has never been seen in the history of my Wanling sect. With this talent, I can give up on the competition. Just in time, I can take this opportunity to retreat and let the other three give up on fighting with my Wanling sect to steal Jiang Chen.

Nine Lions Ancestor was more interested in Jiang Chen.

However, he never thought that the genius that everyone was talking about right now was Jiang Chen.

Five days passed quietly.

When jiang chen walked out of the cave of the heavenly and water veins, the examiners looked at him with astonishment.

Genius of the mind, that's all.

Superior talent, that's all. However, the two attributes of talent are both superior talents, and the two attributes of water and fire, which are originally mutually exclusive, are both superior talents.

This was unheard of.

Both water and fire attributes should be mutually exclusive, but this son, unexpectedly, both water and fire attributes have achieved amazing superior talent.

"Evildoer, a genius with dual attributes, has many choices in martial arts training, and the road to martial arts is naturally wider. In actual combat, it is also more advantageous. Such a genius is simply born for martial arts."

All the examiners had to give their thumbs up in their hearts. Such geniuses, whether you were jealous or jealous, had to admit that they were truly the greatest evildoers.

Such geniuses, in the final contest of the grand selection, would certainly become the heart of the Sect disciples.

They could almost imagine how many Sect geniuses would be trampled by him in the final contest.

The examiner held Jiang Chen's nameplate in his hand, looked at it again and again, and then recorded the results.

"Young man, congratulations. Both water and fire are great talents. I have to say one more thing. Such a genius can compete with a genius from Sect. Come on!"

The examiner's demeanor was still very good. When Jiang Chen heard this, he smiled and said, "Thank you for your encouragement."

After the second round of talent assessment, another group of people were ruthlessly brushed off.

More than 70,000 people, and nearly half less.

With less than 40,000 people left, they reached the third level.

A towering mountain, looking from afar, towering high into the sky, pierced into the sky, as if it were on the same level as a balance. Countless clouds and fog shrouded the surroundings, looking like an immortal mountain outside the square, giving people endless daydream.

"This mountain is called yuanci wanzhang jinshan mountain. It has 100,000 steps, one level per 10,000 steps, and it is divided into ten levels. Those who climb this mountain to the fifth level will pass the potential assessment. Those who can climb to the sixth level will pass the assessment. Those who can climb to the seventh level will have excellent potential. Those who can climb to the eighth level will be called geniuses. If you can reach the ninth level, it will be comparable to the talents of the four great Sect. If anyone can reach the tenth level, then you will be proud. Even the top talents of the four great Sect are no different."

The magnetic field of a gold mine is ten thousand feet, but it is not a simple stack of layers.

"This magnetic field is worth ten thousand feet of gold. With each level, the magnetic force will double and the difficulty will double. So, at first, you may find it very easy. But the further you go, the harder it will be for you to take a step forward. If you exert too much force at the beginning, it is very likely that you will not even reach the fifth floor, and your strength will collapse and not be able to enter. Remember, the magnetic force of the yuan is so strong that the more you reach the back, the heavier your body will become. With each step you climb, you will feel your footsteps getting heavier and heavier."

The examiner explained the rules in detail.

Of course, in order to stimulate your potential and honor your initiative, this yuan magnetic gold mine will have some special opportunities for you on every floor after the fifth floor. If you are lucky, you can get some unexpected gains there. Of course, before you hit the next level, you only have one hour to stay on the next level. That is to say, you only have one hour to try your luck. Otherwise, staying for more than an hour means that you give up and continue climbing, and Yuan magnetic gold mountain will pop you up. That's the end of the assessment."

"Well, that's the rule. Let's go."

At the foot of the majestic mountain, the dust of the river looked at the golden steps and was amazed.

"Yuan magnetic gold mountain, I didn't expect that in this mysterious realm of the secular plane, there was a yuan magnetic gold mountain." Jiang Chen sighed repeatedly.

Perhaps these examiners, including the four great Ancestor, all knew that the yuan magnetic gold mountain had a strong yuan magnetic force, which could absorb everything, produce a strong yuan magnetic force, and change the trajectory of all the gas fields and force fields.

However, these are just some common functions of Yuan magnetic gold mountain.

The real ancient magnate, this yuan magnetic gold mountain directly refined into a magic weapon, which can be retracted, used wonderfully and kept in one mind.

Jiang Chen looked at the towering Yuan magnetic gold mountain, and his heart was also curious. This piece of magnetic gold is also a magic weapon from ancient times.

Figures kept shuttling past the river dust, and birds flew towards the stone steps of the magnetic gold mountain, like apes and monkeys climbing on both hands and feet, climbing at high speed for fear of falling behind.

Jiang chen took in all kinds of thoughts, took a deep breath, and leaped towards the stone steps of the yuan magnetic gold mountain.

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