Chapter 0291 Magnetic Storm

Indeed, as the examiner said, at the beginning of Yuan magnetic gold mountain, there was not much pressure, just like the ordinary mountains, and there was almost no pressure.

On the second level, the magnetic force fluctuated slightly, but to a martial artist, its influence was almost negligible.

Jiang Chen mustered up his courage and rushed to the third floor.

The third layer's magnetic force was much higher than the second layer's, but for jiang chen, it was obviously not enough to affect his pace.

Of course, Jiang Chen was not the kind of person who would go overboard.

This yuan magnetic gold mountain, with the triple cultivation of jiangchen and Spiritual realm, broke through the five floors, it was easy.

After all, this was a primary, and it was also aimed at secular martial artists. The difficulty could not be so great that Jiang Chen, the Spiritual realm trio, could not surpass it.

On the fourth floor, along the way, Jiang Chen could occasionally see a few people who had been exerting too much force in the early stages, resulting in a lack of strength, sitting cross-legged on the stone steps of the fourth floor, seemingly planning to meditate in place and accumulate strength again.

Jiang Chen sighed when he saw this.

"These guys don't understand the principle that haste makes waste. This is Yuan magnetic gold mountain. The more you stop meditating, the heavier the bond of the magnetic force your body feels. Meditating and regulating your breath in Yuan magnetic gold mountain is like a cocoon."

Jiang Chen also studied the yuan magnetic gold mountain in his previous life and knew the beauty of this mountain.

Once trapped by this mountain, you must never stop and meditate. Because in Yuan magnetic gold mountain, there is absolutely no outside spiritual power for you to absorb.

If you can't absorb the spiritual energy from the outside world, how can you replenish the spiritual energy consumed in your body?

Yuan magnetic gold mountain is not without spiritual power, but as the name suggests, Yuan magnetic gold mountain is a metallic magnetic force. With a strong killing power.

If it wasn't for a cultivator who was born with a metallic talent and could not perfectly absorb the metallic magnetic force, once absorbing the metallic magnetic force, it would be equivalent to continuously inhaling the sharp blade into the sea of air, which would definitely be a chronic suicide.

"You guys, if you don't want to die, just move on. Meditating in Yuan magnetic gold mountain is definitely looking for death." Jiang Chen snorted and kindly reminded him.

After saying that, he did not care whether the other person appreciated it or not.

He reminded her that it was only out of kindness. If people listen or not, he can't control them.

If he did not listen to his advice, and eventually suffered, or even died, it can only be blamed on his own death.

Jiang Chen walked briskly, unhurriedly, and soon reached the fifth floor.

On the fifth floor, there was a divide.

On the fifth floor, they passed the third round.

In Yuan magnetic gold mountain, thousands of miles around, although there were 34,000 people taking part in the assessment, the number of people they met with each other was still small.

All the contestants were scattered in different directions, in different areas, in every corner of Yuan magnetic gold mountain.

On the fifth floor, Jiang Chen was able to clearly feel the power of Yuan magnetic gold mountain's restraints, and he suddenly improved.

"The fifth level is indeed different from the front. On this fifth level, without the realm of the true qi master, I am afraid it is not enough to challenge you to the next level."

However, by the fifth floor, this level was passed.

"The examiner said that after the fifth floor, there are some opportunities at the peak of each floor, just like a lottery. Now that I pass the fifth floor, should I try my luck?"

Jiang Chen thought. Anyway, there was a limit of ten days for every test. Jiang Chen was not in a hurry.

At the top of the fifth level, he wandered around. With the power of jiang chen's mind and mind, The Eye of Heaven And the Eye of God and the god of the Seven Orifices Communicate with Spirit worked together. Naturally, all the good things could not be hidden.

However, when jiang chen looked around, he smiled.

The examiner was not lying, but the so-called opportunities and good things at the top of the fifth level were indeed rare for secular martial artists.

However, for Jiang Chen's current cultivation and vision, these things were like chicken ribs, and he had no motivation to reach out.

"Just leave these things to those who need them more."

Secular martial artists have very few opportunities to advance. These things are undoubtedly very valuable to the secular martial arts practitioners. To most secular martial arts practitioners, they are indeed rare treasures. Even if they can be used, there is even a chance for the martial arts practitioners in the true state of qi to change their lives.

Jiang Chen was not the kind of person who would take advantage of everything. Since these things were no longer needed by him, why would he go and rob the secular martial arts?

Jiang Chen naturally disdained doing harm to others and not to himself.

In a second, Jiang Chen came to the sixth floor.

At the sixth level, the magnetic force became more and more obvious. The air current in the void was flowing with the sting of a needle.

There was a tingling sensation in the air.

Jiang Chen knew that this was a way of expressing the force of magnetism. However, for Jiang Chen of Spiritual realm's triple, this slight discomfort, like a drizzle, had little impact.

What Jiang Chen did not expect was that in this sixth level of space, there were actually a lot of martial artists who had already arrived one step ahead of him.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly in his heart, "Although the examiner repeatedly emphasized not to exert too much force, these secular geniuses are obviously very confident."

Jiang Chen naturally had no intention of competing.

He had his own plan. It was like a long-distance race. The one who ran in the front might not be able to reach the end.

Jiang Chen wanted to follow his own pace and not be affected by the outside world.

Those who can climb to the sixth level are at least masters of true qi.

When Jiang Chen arrived at the peak of the sixth level, he found that there were several secular geniuses searching this area nervously.

Obviously, these guys had a taste of the sweet stuff in the fifth floor area, so in the sixth floor area, they were more enthusiastic and wanted to get more opportunities.

Jiang Chen took a casual look at the treasures in the sixth level, which was indeed a level higher than the fifth level.

However, most of them are only suitable for master level treasures, some of which are useful for half a step of Spiritual realm.

However, in Jiang Chen's eyes, these things were still not of enough grade and had no right to let Jiang Chen pick them up.

Like Jiang Chen, there were also some secular martial artists at the Spiritual realm level.

These warriors wandered around the sixth floor area, disdaining to stay and rushing towards the seventh floor.

Those who were qualified to hit the seventh floor were undoubtedly Spiritual realm level.

Spiritual realm barely made it to the seventh floor in half a step, but it was extremely difficult.

So, when they reached the seventh level, the way these secular geniuses looked at each other was obviously much more complicated.

He was on guard, on guard, and even a little hostile.

After all, everyone knew that they were strong competitors when they reached the seventh floor.

Since they were competitors, it was normal for them to be on guard against each other.

Jiang Chen could also feel some hostile, even provocative eyes shooting at him. Obviously, Jiang Chen was able to reach the seventh floor, although low-key, but also attracted some attention.

Fortunately, the contestants didn't know each other's information, and they didn't know how good Jiang Chen was in the previous two rounds.

If they knew, they would have to think twice before provoking Jiang Chen.

Of course, Jiang Chen did not care about these silly provocations in his eyes. Jiang Chen disdained such low and boring tricks.

Besides, during the assessment, they can't attack each other. Anyone who breaks the rules, even if they pass the primary after the event, will be directly expelled from the second round.

After reaching the seventh level, the flow rate of the air obviously increased a lot. As the air flowed, the sense of sarcasm increased several times.

Even Jiang Chen could not be as flat as before.

However, although the speed of progress was slightly affected, for Jiang Chen, the seventh layer of magnetic force was still not enough to stop Jiang Chen.

Half an hour later, Jiang Chen reached the peak of the seventh floor.

In this area, the number of people who could reach was obviously much smaller. The contestants in twos and threes, scattered all over the place, looked breathless and very weak.

Jiang Chen looked at the warriors sitting on the ground and knew that they were no longer able to challenge the eighth level of space.

As Jiang Chen walked around, another group of martial artists dragged their heavy steps to the peak area.

They were sweating profusely, their faces flushed red, and the veins on their foreheads bulged, giving them a feeling that they could collapse at any time.

Jiang Chen still did not touch the so-called treasures on the seventh floor.

When his footsteps reached the eighth level of space, the air around him flowed and made a terrible whine. One moment, it was like a golden horse, the other was like a war drum, the other was like a horn, the other was like a fierce bird.

A piercing sound, drawn into the eardrum; And the wind in the air was as sharp as a knife, which obviously added a strong killing spirit.

Suddenly, a storm tens of meters in front of him suddenly rolled out of the void and dragged a worldly genius who had just arrived there into it.

That posture, like an ancient beast, stuck out a terrible tongue and swept away.


It was just in time to make a scream, and the next moment, the whole person was swept away by the storm, as if it had disappeared out of thin air.

"Magnetic storm?" Jiang Chen's heart stirred and he suddenly remembered something terrible.

This magnetic storm is a powerful storm in Yuan magnetic gold mountain. It is a whirlpool formed after the turbulence of metallic airflow. It can be big or small, and very scary.

A magnetic storm of tens of meters in size was enough to engulf a small Spiritual realm warrior.

Once the magnetic storm appeared, the difficulty was infinitely increased.

With the power of this magnetic storm, even Jiang Chen could not be taken lightly.

Once again, the Seven Orifices Communicate with Spirit's magic was unleashed, and Jiang Chen kept climbing.

Although the magnetic storm was ferocious, it was not without evidence. As long as they avoid the center of the storm, the risk can be greatly reduced.

So, in the end, to deal with this magnetic storm, it is not how to defeat, but how to predict in advance.

(The third one is here, and the fourth one is here. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.)