Chapter 0292 The Ninth Treasure, Thunder Cloud Wood

Jiang Chen also knew a lot about yuan magnetic gold mountain in his previous life. I know some of the secrets of Yuan magnetic gold mountain.

Therefore, he has a unique advantage in this yuan magnetic gold mine.

Although the primary magnetic storm is very scary, the appearance of the primary magnetic storm will be accompanied by some primary magnetic fluctuations. As long as there is sufficient forewarning and vigilance in advance, it can basically avoid the center of the primary magnetic storm.

As long as you stay away from the center of the magnetic storm, you don't have to worry about being strangled by the magnetic storm.

Of course, if the strength of the super strong, can completely ignore the magnetic storm, that is another matter.

At the level of the elementary magnetic storm in the eighth level of space, if the strong people in Spiritual realm were caught by the storm, they would be able to escape.

Jiang Chen's cultivation was trapped by this magnetic storm, and he was confident that he could get rid of it.

Of course, if he was trapped by the magnetic storm, even if he could get rid of it, the consumption of his own air sea would be great. Jiang Chen did not want to play this kind of adventure game.

At this moment, Jiang Chen had given up the pursuit of speed and put safety first.

In this way, the eighth floor of Yuan magnetic gold mountain, the time spent, suddenly increased.

By the time Jiang Chen reached the peak of the eighth level, he could see that there were only a handful of martial artists in sight.

Jiang Chen knew that even the Spiritual realm martial artists would have been extremely difficult to reach the peak of the eighth level without the cultivation of Spiritual realm's two or three levels.

When they reached the eighth floor, the sky was cold, and Jiang Chen was naturally not polite. After searching around, they found a lot of good things.

"Sure enough, the level of each layer of treasure is different. As the number of layers increases, the quality of this treasure is also increasing. Although the eighth layer of treasure is not enough to make me jealous, it is barely enough."

Since it was barely usable, Jiang Chen would naturally not be polite and began to sweep around.

After sweeping around, Jiang Chen did not stay long. The examiner was right to say that he could not stay for more than an hour at the peak of each floor, or he would be kicked out.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen went straight to the ninth floor.

As soon as they reached the ninth floor, the oncoming air was like a sword and spear that had condensed into a solid substance.

In addition, the magnetic force, like invisible vines, tugged on people's whole body, making people unable to step up happily.

Even Jiang Chen, for the first time, did not dare to neglect the Nameless knife.

We must use the power of weapons to cut through the waves in order to ensure that we can continue to advance.

Huff and puff

Nameless knife opened the way, splitting the small magnetic storms, and Jiang Chen kept climbing. Fortunately, Jiang Chen knew Yuan magnetic gold mountain very well.

When wielding knife skills, he also tried to integrate the metal talent in the Linghai.

Even so, every step in this ninth level of space was a firm belief that it was like going against the current in the sea.

And the attacks that were constantly triggered from Yuan magnetic gold mountain, to the ninth level, appeared to have no regularity, almost everywhere there was a crisis, there was always a test.

Previously, Jiang Chen felt that he spent a lot of time on the eighth floor. But compared to the ninth level of space, the eighth level is simply heaven.

Jiang Chen did not look back, but only glanced left and right from the corner of his eyes, but did not notice that there were other martial artists moving forward.

"Could it be that by the ninth level, the entire army has been wiped out?"

Jiang Chen was also slightly surprised. He knew that among the secular martial arts, the top talents must be hard to find.

However, the four great Sect monasteries set up in the secular kingdoms had raised many outsiders, and there were also some geniuses there.

Take the kingdom of osmanthus as an example. There are four major taoist venues: Qianlan north palace, Dry blue Nangong, Taobao monastery and Qingyang valley. These four major taoist temples have raised many outer disciples, and there are also a group of Spiritual realm disciples.

These outer disciples also had to participate in the primary election.

Most of the secular practitioners that Jiang Chen met on the seventh and eighth levels of space were outer disciples of the four great Sect.

Of course, Jiang Chen guessed that this ninth level of space should not be reached alone.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter to me if anyone else arrives. My goal is to climb to the top and experience what it means to be on top and to see the mountains."

Jiang Chen was not distracted and continued to walk step by step.

There are ten thousand steps on each floor. The first few floors, 10,000 steps, Jiang Chen almost effortlessly.

At the ninth level, every step was really difficult.

After spending a full day and going through countless magnetic storms, Jiang Chen finally reached the peak of the ninth level.


At its peak, there are no magnetic storms.

In this area, the wind was calm and the waves were calm. However, Jiang Chen knew that without the magnetic storm, it did not mean that the magnetic force did not exist.

After all, this is Yuan magnetic gold mountain, and the constraints of the magnetic force are everywhere.

The terrain here is flat and relatively ideal for living.

Of course, Jiang Chen would not waste time. This is the ninth level of space. According to my own theory, the good things here must be much better than the quality of the eighth level.

If the treasures on the eighth level were barely enough, there might be some unexpected gains on the ninth level.

"Hmm? This is the Thunder cloud wood?" Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly turned cold and he died on a golden tree.

"There's a Thunder cloud wood here?" In Jiang Chen's memory, a lot of information about the Thunder cloud wood immediately surfaced.

Thunder cloud wood, in the heavens, also exists.

Look at this Thunder cloud wood, the quality should only be at the middle and lower levels. In the heavens, such a Thunder cloud wood may grow on the roadside without anyone noticing.

After all, the world-renowned, knowledgeable, low-quality Thunder cloud wood naturally couldn't get their way.

However, at this moment, Jiang Chen was exceptionally surprised, as if he had received a treasure.

This thundercloud wood is a kind of spirit wood that is easier to use among the metals. It has many functions, and can be used to forge the sharp weapons of the divine weapon, especially the cultivators who are good at the way of thunder and lightning. Because this thunder cloud wood can lead to thunder, the power of thunder and lightning, the beauty can be seen.

Lighting, on the other hand, is just a function of the Thunder cloud wood.

In addition to attracting thunder, this thunder cloud wood was also born to restrain all kinds of evil. With a Thunder cloud wood in hand, it could be said that all evils are invincible and all poisons are invincible.

In addition, the high-quality Thunder cloud wood, the metal martial arts can also be refined and absorbed, refining the body of gold.

If the divine Thunder cloud wood of the heavens were to be refined into a golden body, then a physical body would be invincible.

It's hard to break through this invincible golden body, no matter how much you try.

Therefore, for those who specialize in physical training, this thunder cloud wood is the most precious.

A golden body is better than any armor. It is the supreme defense. It was almost impossible for a cultivator of the same level to defeat an opponent with a golden body.

Even if an opponent who is one or two levels ahead, it will be very difficult to destroy the golden body. Even without the help of the heavenly treasures, it will not be enough to break the golden body with just fists and feet.

In the hands of the Nameless sword, jiang chen used 60 % of his strength to slash the biggest branch of the Thunder cloud wood.

Jiang Chen was also very moved by this thunderwood. Jiang Chen naturally wanted to pick some for later use since the thundercloud trees were in full bloom.

The crisp sound of the collision came out, and Jiang Chen only felt the tiger's mouth numb, but the tree only left a faint trace on it.

With the profits of the Nameless sword and the 60 % power of jiang chen, they could only leave a faint trace on this branch.

This scene surprised Jiang Chen a little.

"Rumor has it that this thundercloud wood is indestructible. It's true!" Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and looked at the blade of the Nameless knife. Fortunately, the quality of the Nameless knife seems to be much better than thundercloud wood, and it can't be seen at all.

This time, Jiang Chen had a headache.

The thunder cloud wood was so difficult to pluck, and it would take a lot of effort to cut it down.

If Jiang Chen were to cut down at this point, regardless of the cost, it would be absolutely no problem to cut down two or three roots in an hour.

However, once you expend all your energy on it, what energy will you use to challenge the tenth floor of space?

Did he give up halfway before he reached the tenth floor?

This was obviously not Jiang Chen's style. After reincarnation, Jiang Chen would never allow himself to give up halfway. The ambition to challenge the tenth floor clearly surpassed his desire for the Thunder cloud wood.

"Although the Thunder cloud wood is valuable, it only grows at the peak of the ninth level. If I can conquer the tenth level of space and reach the peak of the yuan magnetic gold mountain, what awaits me there must be more precious treasures than thunder and cloud wood.

Jiang Chen thought this way and secretly warned himself that it was impossible to be blinded by the interests in front of him.

Suppressing his desire for the Thunder cloud wood, Jiang Chen was about to take a step forward when he suddenly remembered something. He slapped his head and smiled bitterly, "How did I see this? The people of the Gold-eating Rat devoured all metal objects. This yuan magnetic gold mountain is the best stage for them to perform their magic powers."

For a moment, jiang chen looked at the Thunder cloud wood and his eyes lit up again.

With that said, Jiang Chen immediately opened Wanhao stone cave and released Gold-eating Rat king.

"Lao Jin, I'm going to trouble you again. This is Yuan magnetic gold mountain, and there's almost no pressure on your people of the Gold-eating Rat. Come and see this strain of Lao Jin. Give you an hour to uproot it?

With the Gold-eating Rat, Jiang Chen's appetite grew.

Previously, he only wanted to cut down two or three Thunder cloud wood, but now, he was planning to pull them out.

Gold-eating Rat wang looked at it for a moment and was pleasantly surprised, "It's really Yuan magnetic gold mountain. This... This is the heaven of my people, the Gold-eating Rat."

"Don't sigh, look at this thunderwood." Jiang Chen saw Shijinshuwang's intoxicated face and quickly reminded him.

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