Chapter 0293 Thunder Cloud Cicada

Shijinshuwang was reminded by Jiang Chen, smiled and walked around the Thunder cloud wood. After a while, he grinned and said, "Less dust, I can uproot this thundercloud wood in half an hour. However, this thundercloud wood has left the soil of mount yuanci and can't be planted anywhere else. Are you sure you want to uproot it?"

This question caught Jiang Chen by surprise.

"Less dust, this thunderwood is very rare. It may not be a pity to pull it up like this. Otherwise, I can help you pick some branches, which will be enough for you."

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, "Lao Jin, this doesn't seem to fit your style. When did you become so caring?"

Shijinshuwang smiled awkwardly, "Less dust, I... Oh, I listen to you."

Jiang Chen waved his hand, "I'm afraid I won't be able to come back to this gold mine in the future. Since this thunder cloud wood is in front of me, it is my opportunity. If heaven doesn't take it, it will be a disaster. Pull it, pull it up!"

On the previous floors, Jiang Chen did not touch the treasures, but did not want to lower his status to snatch things from the secular martial artists that he did not need at all.

However, this thunderwood, in the ninth level of space, and it is absolutely useful to Jiang Chen, and it is a wonderful thing, Jiang Chen naturally will not be soft-hearted.

The heavenly way runs, and one sip at a time, and it has its own destiny.

This thunder cloud wood appeared here, and the river dust also appeared here, which meant that this thunder cloud wood and Jiang Chen were destined.

Jiang Chen knew that the way of heaven was reasonable, so it was impossible for him to keep a good treasure.

Gold-eating Rat wang saw that Jiang Chen was so determined, of course, he would not object. Once his head was drilled, he would have to dig into the ground.

"Wait a minute."

Just then, a stiff voice came from above the Thunder cloud wood, which sounded extremely stiff and was actually an ancient beast language.

Gold-eating Rat wang was stunned, stopped drilling, and then ran straight up to the Thunder cloud wood at an amazing speed.

Jiang chen raised his head in surprise. Jiang Chen could understand the ancient beast language as well.

Even he and Shijinshuwang were unaware that there were other creatures on the tree.

Pa, pa, pa

Shijinshuwang flew on the thunderwood, his movements were smooth, and he was even more flexible than a monkey.

"Hmm?" A golden light shot out from above the Thunder cloud wood. Jiang Chen followed the golden light and saw a fist-sized Golden Cicada flapping its thin wings and flying in panic.

"Thunder Cloud Cicada?" Jiang Chen's mind immediately flashed with the message.

The thunder cloud Golden Cicada and the Thunder cloud wood are almost inseparable. Therefore, Thunder cloud wood is also known as the Thunder cloud wood.

The Golden Cicada was named after the "Thunder Cloud Cicada." It shows the close relationship between the insect and the tree.

The Golden Cicada was only about the size of a fist, but it clearly had a very psychic aura, and its intelligence had reached the level where it could speak ancient beast language.

Although Jiang Chen knew that Golden Cicada was a very intelligent creature, the fact that the Golden Cicada spoke beast language still proved that the blood of the app was not low.

A Thunder Cloud Cicada with a low bloodline would never speak the ancient beast language.

Shijinshuwang narrowed his eyes and stared at the Golden Cicada flapping its wings in the air with a greedy face.

Apparently, the noble blood of the Golden Cicada gave Shijinshuwang an unprecedented urge to eat.

Obviously, although this Golden Cicada was of noble blood, in terms of cultivation, it was not as good as Shijinshuwang.

In itself, the Thunder Cloud Cicada was not a fighting spirit.

However, Thunder Cloud Cicada is also famous in the world of the heavens. Because not only does he have many wonderful uses in the Thunder cloud wood, but he also has many benefits that even thunder cloud wood doesn't have.

The Thunder Cloud Cicada shell of the Thunder Cloud Cicada can be used to make war armor. This armor was not an ordinary armor, but an invisible armor.

Moreover, this thunder cloud Golden Cicada has a golden cicada shell of a god. For a cultivator, once he refines an Thunder Cloud Cicada and obtains this god, it will be equivalent to obtaining a survival and survival branch of the Golden Cicada.

Once the golden cicada's ability to escape from its shell was put into use, it was extremely confusing. A Spiritual realm martial artist, if he had practiced the golden cicada's ability to escape from its shell and used it well, could even deceive a Yuan realm strong man.

To put it bluntly, this golden cicada's escape from its shell was a god of fake death. Through the fake death, to cover the real body to escape, confuse the opponent.

Shijinshuwang, of course, was not interested in some sort of golden cicada escape. In fact, the Gold-eating Rat family's means of escape were no worse than the Golden Cicada.

It was more concerned about the Golden Cicada's bloodline, the noble bloodline.

Once swallowed, it might have an important role in the evolution of its bloodline.

At this moment, Shijinshuwang's mind was filled with swallowing, swallowing, eating

"Less dust, can you give me this Golden Cicada blood food?" Although Shijinshuwang was full of impulse to eat, he was still very clear that Jiang Chen had to consult on this matter.

"Lao Jin, what are you in a hurry for? This Golden Cicada knows the ancient beast language, and has a noble bloodline. If you swallow it, it is absolutely a waste of nature." Jiang Chen was not the kind of person who had the advantage and was unwilling to share it with his subordinates.

However, this Golden Cicada, Jiang Chen did not want to be swallowed up by Shijinshuwang.

Shijinshuwang said dejectedly, "Less dust, this Golden Cicada has pure blood. If I devour it, maybe it will stimulate the evolution of blood. You promised me..."

"Lao Jin, evolution of blood is indeed an agreement between you and me. However, this Golden Cicada cannot be swallowed up by you for the time being. Besides, in this yuan magnetic gold mine, you have the means to enter the earth, but you don't have the means to reach the sky. If you want to catch this, I'm afraid it will be difficult."

The Golden Cicada had never been far away, and their eyes were bright as if they were listening to Jiang Chen and Shijinshuwang's conversation.

The Golden Cicada was also surprised to see that Jiang Chen, a human, could speak ancient beast language.

"Humans... Thank you." The voice of the Golden Cicada, like a timid girl, was somewhat timid and shy.

It obviously heard the conversation between Jiang Chen and Shijinshuwang, knowing that this human had stopped Shijinshuwang from thinking ill of it.

"You don't have to thank me. You don't have to kill me. But you have to show some sincerity." Jiang Chen said lightly.

Shijinshuwang was good at drilling, but he couldn't do anything about the thundercloud Golden Cicada, but it didn't mean that Jiang Chen couldn't do anything about the thundercloud Golden Cicada.

The Ice fire monster lotus was the best weapon for a sneak attack.

However, Jiang Chen did not want to go that far for the time being.

The Golden Cicada looked at Jiang Chen timidly, "What... What sincerity?"

The Golden Cicada had clearly awakened the memory of the ancient heritage not long ago. Although the ancient beast language could be spoken, it was a little stiff and a little stagnant.

"What kind of sincerity?" Jiang Chen smiled. "What kind of sincerity do you think is worth letting you live?"

"I... I don't know either." The Golden Cicada was a little confused, but then said proudly, "But it's not that easy for you to catch me in this yuan magnetic gold mine."

"I don't need to catch you. As long as this Thunder cloud wood is uprooted, you won't have a place to live. By then, you will die without a doubt."

This sentence, obviously very effective, hit the soft spot of thundercloud Golden Cicada.

"No, no, no humans. I know you're not that kind of vicious person. I... I can tell you a big secret."

"A big secret?" Jiang Chen smiled. "You were born in the yuan magnetic gold mountain. How much of the world outside is unknown. What big secret are you talking about?"

Jinchan panicked, "The secret I'm talking about is related to Yuan magnetic gold mountain."


"As long as you promise not to target me or destroy the Thunder cloud wood, I will tell you this secret, but you and this stinking rat have to make a heaven and earth oath."

Gold-eating Rat wang roared, clearly expressing strong dissatisfaction with the contempt of the Gold-eating Rat.

Shijinshuwang was very upset that tangtang Shijinshuwang was called a "Smelly mouse."

"The oath of heaven and earth?" Jiang Chen stroked his chin with a playful smile. "I don't think a secret is worth more than a Golden Cicada or a Golden Cicada."

"No, no," the Golden Cicada quickly shouted, "This secret is definitely more valuable. This secret can give you a chance to refine the whole of Yuan magnetic gold mountain. Do you think it's worth it or not? By then, this thunder cloud wood or my Golden Cicada will be yours. Everything on this yuan magnetic gold mine will be yours."

"What? Refining Yuan magnetic gold mountain?" Jiang Chen's face changed slightly.

Shijinshuwang sneered, "Are you crazy to live? Do you think it's possible to refine Yuan magnetic gold mountain?"

Shijinshuwang didn't believe it anyway.

But Jiang Chen's face grew grim. His knowledge of Yuan magnetic gold mountain was not comparable to Shijinshuwang's.

Yuan magnetic gold mountain, in the ancient times, the various planes of heaven were indeed many of the magic weapons refined in the big na. They could be big or small, big or covering the sky, and small could be turned into dust.

In the heavens, there are also a few strong ones, forever a Yuan magnetic gold mountain. Such a strong person, but no one is willing to provoke.

After all, if Yuan magnetic gold mountain were to be used as a magic weapon, its power would be too terrifying.

This Yuan magnetic gold mountain is obviously of no rank compared to the heavens, but if it is a treasure, if it can be refined, it is worth more than some Thunder cloud wood and the Thunder Cloud Cicada. And it's much more valuable.

"Human, think about it. I can tell you that to refine Yuan magnetic gold mountain requires not only a matter of strength, but also a little skill. Coincidentally, I know this secret. And this secret is on the tenth floor of Yuan magnetic gold mountain."

It had to be said that Jiang Chen was very moved by the temptation of the Golden Cicada.

With his knowledge of Yuan magnetic gold mountain, if he could refine it, he would have the advantage of Jiang Chen. Even if they met the strong people of tian Spiritual realm and offered up Yuan magnetic gold mountain, it would be enough to confront them head-on.

These are not the benefits that a few Thunder cloud wood can bring.

"Less dust, don't listen to it!" Shijinshuwang followed Jiang Chen for a long time. Seeing jiang chen's expression, he knew that Jiang Chen was moved. In a hurry, he shouted.

"Jinchan, what if the secret you're talking about is fabricated?" Jiang Chen asked coldly.

"It won't be fake. I can also make a heaven and earth oath. If the news is fake, I am willing to become your blood food and be devoured and refined by you."

The Golden Cicada was also in a hurry and quickly explained.

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