Chapter 0294 March to the Tenth Floor!

Jiang Chen trained in the Rock Heart, and his heart was extremely strong. He could see that the posture and words of the Golden Cicada did not look fake.

Once the idea of refining Yuan magnetic gold mountain rose in Jiang Chen's heart, it became unstoppable.

"Lao Jin, I, jiang chen, have promised you that I will do my best. However, you cannot touch the Golden Cicada today."

Jiang Chen turned and said to the rat king.

Shijinshuwang sighed helplessly. He also knew that the fate of his race was all on Jiang Chen.

Without Jiang Chen's help, even Shijinshuwang would not have the ability to reverse the fate of the entire race. So, it had to listen to Jiang Chen.

It also knew that Jiang Chen had promised the evolution of the bloodline, and that he would do it.

"Less dust, as long as you remember the fate of the hamster race, it's all on you. I will do whatever you want me to do. Besides, without Less dust's help, there's no way I can catch this Golden Cicada."

Although Shijinshuwang was a little reluctant, he was sensible enough to let go of his love.

"Well, Jinchan, I swear to god now, as long as your secret is truly valuable, I can guarantee that I won't touch this thunderwood, nor you."

Jiang chen smiled at the Golden Cicada and swore, "If you violate this, teach me to kill the world."

"Well, you human, are not as cunning and capricious as other human beings. Well, I'll tell you the secret of Yuan magnetic gold mountain."

According to my blood line, this yuan magnetic gold mine should be a treasure of the ancient times. It is the writing of the ancient great power. Once anyone can climb to the top of the tenth level, there is a chance to refine this yuan magnetic gold mine. However, there are many conditions to refine this yuan magnetic gold mine. The most important thing is to pass the examination of the tenth level.


"Yes, the tenth level is different from the first nine levels. Besides the powerful magnetic storm, there are other tests. After you pass these tests, if you can find the magnetic core within an hour, by refining the magnetic core, you can refine the magnetic gold mountain and turn Yuan magnetic gold mountain into your own use.

"Magnetic core?" Jiang Chen's eyes moved. "Where is this magnetic core?"

Jinchan shook his head, "In my memory, I don't know where the magnetic core is. All I know is that the magnetic core belongs to the golden seal monarch. You only need to defeat the golden seal monarch to get the magnetic core."

Jiang Chen knew a lot about Yuan magnetic gold mountain, but each Yuan magnetic gold mountain was made by different people. Different writing styles had different characteristics, which depended on how the owner of the refined Yuan magnetic gold mountain conceived at that time.

As for the golden seal monarch, although Jiang Chen did not know what it was, he also knew that it must be a powerful creature nurtured by the essence of the yuan magnetic gold mountain and the ultimate guardian of the yuan magnetic gold mountain.

"What about the golden seal monarch?"

If the gold seal monarch is of average strength, then it is possible to try, if it is really strong and unstoppable, then it is better not to make such a plan as soon as possible.

There was no human emotion in this kind of creature. Once it became agitated, there was no reason for it to be said.

Jiang Chen wanted to refine Yuan magnetic gold mountain, but he knew there was no point in putting moths to fire.

If the power of the golden seal monarch was far greater than himself, then there would be no point in challenging him, no difference from dying.

"The power of the golden seal monarch is not certain. According to my memory, it seems that the power of the golden seal monarch depends on the spiritual activity of the yuan magnetic gold mountain. If you happen to encounter an explosion in Yuan magnetic gold mountain, then the power of the golden seal monarch, no one can tell how strong it is. If the magnetic force of this gold mine does not fluctuate much, then even if the golden seal monarch awakens, his strength will not be too strong."

Jinchan's words reminded Jiang Chen.

"Yes, the yuan magnetic gold mine has always been used as a testing ground by many great powers in ancient times. Since this yuan magnetic gold mine is a masterpiece in ancient times, it must not be too bad. If the strong men of the Yuan realm came to Yuan magnetic gold mountain and stimulated the yuan magnetic spirit, it would definitely be stronger than the yuan magnetic spirit that we secular martial artists stimulated. The stronger the yuan magnetic power is activated, the higher the degree of awakening of the golden seal monarch. So, the beauty of Yuan magnetic gold mountain is that it is stronger when it is strong and weaker when it is weak. What is tested is the potential of a martial artist, not the cultivation and actual combat ability of a martial artist?"

Jiang Chen finally understood, but his heart was filled with joy, "If the yuan magnetic gold mountain is strong when it is strong and weak when it is weak, then although there are many secular martial artists here this time, most of them are below the fifth level, and there is not much violent yuan magnetic force. If so, does that mean that even if the tenth level golden seal monarch awakens, his power is within control?"

With this change of mind, Jiang Chen had some more thoughts about the magnetic core.

"No matter how much wealth or danger I have, please don't stay long on the ninth floor. The assessment time is only ten days in total. The first nine floors took me at least three days. That is to say, I only have seven days to conquer the tenth floor of Yuan magnetic gold mountain."

"If the golden seal monarch is truly invincible, I will retreat immediately. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I cannot give up." Jiang Chen made up his mind.

The temptation of Yuan magnetic gold mountain was obviously much greater than that of thunder cloud wood and Thunder Cloud Cicada.

Besides, the thunder cloud wood and Thunder Cloud Cicada are in the yuan magnetic gold mine. As long as Yuan magnetic gold mountain, the Thunder Cloud Cicada and the Thunder Cloud Cicada are refined, they will be in the bag in the end.

Of course, since Jiang Chen promised the Golden Cicada not to kill it, he would not go back on his promise.

Jiang Chen's eyes flashed with eager light and said to king hamster, "Lao Jin, are you interested in breaking into the tenth floor? In this yuan magnetic gold mine, you can be like a fish in water."

Shijinshuwang chuckled, "Less dust, don't provoke me either. It's a deal. If there's anything good on the tenth floor, you have to consider me."

Jiang Chen said with a smile, "Don't worry. It's good. You must have a share."

Shijinshuwang narrowed his eyes and, like a golden bolt of lightning, rushed up to the tenth floor first, muttering, "I'll explore the road first."

Gold-eating Rat has always been timid and cautious, but this yuan magnetic gold mine, as jiang chen said, he was like a fish in water to devour the king of hamsters.

Under the circumstances of Yuan magnetic gold mountain, the characteristics and abilities of the Gold-eating Rat can undoubtedly be extraordinary.

Therefore, in this yuan magnetic gold mine, even the strong Yuan realm, Shijinshuwang is not afraid.

In this yuan magnetic gold mine, Yuan realm's strong people are also bound by Yuan magnetic gold mountain. But it devoured the hamsters, and in Yuan magnetic gold mountain, it was like a fish in water.

Besides, Gold-eating Rat king really wanted to help Jiang Chen refine Yuan magnetic gold mountain.

Once the yuan magnetic gold mine was refined by Jiang Chen, it would have a suitable place for the gold-eating hamster tribe to live in in in the future. It was better than living in Wanhao stone cave every day and hiding in Jiang Chen's space ring.

The environment of Yuan magnetic gold mountain was definitely beneficial to the growth and evolution of the gold-eating hamster tribe.

Seeing Shijinshuwang's figure jump into the tenth floor, Jiang Chen did not hesitate and shot towards the tenth floor.

The little Golden Cicada flapped its wings and sighed as Jiang Chen and Shijinshuwang left.

"This human, it's so strange that he actually knows the ancient beast language? He... He really wants to refine Yuan magnetic gold mountain? If he refines it, then in the future, this human will not become the master of Yuan magnetic gold mountain. More importantly, become my master?"

Jinchan's consciousness was also awakened not long ago. Besides relying on instinct, he was thinking by passing on memories.

Therefore, it is very simple and confused about many external things.

On the tenth floor, Jiang Chen had already prepared himself mentally. But when he stepped on the tenth floor, he found that the space on the tenth floor was different from the previous nine floors.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Jiang Chen would have suspected that he had come to the outside world.

The verdant trees could not see the end of it, like a beautiful green ocean.

The first level stone steps continued to spread along the forest, giving off a feeling of endless winding paths.

"Is... Is this the tenth floor?"

If it weren't for those stone steps that felt the same as before, Jiang Chen would have suspected that they had left Yuan magnetic gold mountain.

"Well, don't be careless. This yuan magnetic gold mine is an ancient power refining, even if there are all kinds of scenes, it is normal. If I am confused by the beautiful scenery in front of me, maybe there will be a yuan magnetic storm in the next moment, and it will take me away directly."

Jiang Chen climbed the steps one step at a time.

It wasn't long before she reached three or four thousand levels.

On the first floor, there were 10,000 steps. Jiang Chen managed to muster up his courage and walked three or four thousand levels. And there was no resistance.

The slight magnetic fluctuations in the air felt as if they had been encountered in the first three layers, so weak that they were almost negligible.

Fortunately, these weak magnetic fluctuations reminded Jiang Chen that this was still in Yuan magnetic gold mountain, and he must not be taken lightly.

A platform appeared about a third of the way.

The platform was hundreds of acres wide, like a large square. This is, in the middle of this big square, there is a huge sculpture, standing like a lonely peak.

The huge statue was surrounded by irregular figures, with human figures everywhere. Every statue of human nature was lifelike, as if it was poured in human proportions, with three-dimensional features, flowing clothes, and that demeanor. It was so vivid.

It was as if a thunderbolt could wake them up from a sleeping person standing there.

"Is this sculpture so realistic?" Jiang Chen felt a little strange. Ever since she stepped on this platform, Jiang Chen felt an indescribable strange feeling in her heart.

These statues, standing on this large platform, had no rules. In twos and threes, they looked like a street view from the street. Pedestrians were walking in a hurry.

However, Jiang Chen soon found a common point: these humanoid sculptures, all of which had slightly raised heads. Moreover, the positions of the eyes pointed in the same direction.

It was as if, at the moment that time and space froze, they were simultaneously staring in that direction.

Jiang Chen followed the gaze, only to find the eyes pointing at the giant statue.

Suddenly, the eyes of the giant statue seemed to blink suddenly.

"Hmm?" Suddenly, a very ominous feeling welled up in Jiang Chen's heart.