Chapter 0295 There Were Many Crises

Just as Jiang Chen's sense of crisis hit him, the giant statue's eyes suddenly opened and a terrible beam of light shot down without warning.

Sooner or later.

Jiang Chen's eyes closed at the moment of crisis, and the Rock Heart suddenly formed a defense in the sea of knowledge.

The beam of light shot down directly into Jiang Chen's eyes, trying to penetrate them directly into Jiang Chen's sea of knowledge.


Rock Heart's mental defense blocked this beam of light.

Jiang Chen felt his mind flutter and his consciousness nearly collapse when he was hit like this. The muscles of his whole body tightened, and it felt as if he was going to freeze in an instant.

"Not good."

Jiang Chen's ominous thoughts deepened, and he tried to suppress the terrible waves in his heart, took two steps, and ran madly forward.

This place, he knew, could not stay for a long time.

The beam of light from the giant statue's eyes was definitely piercing through the soul, attacking the soul, and then directly metalizing the human body into a humanoid sculpture.

Jiang Chen was now 100 % certain that those humanoid sculptures were definitely not made of metal. That must have been the experimenter who had appeared on the tenth level before.

Maybe, it was decades ago, maybe, it was hundreds of years ago, maybe, it was thousands of years ago.

This ancient relic, generation after generation into the yuan magnetic gold mountain, there must be countless people to break through.

And the disorderly humanoid sculpture must have passed through this place, without warning of the huge statue's metal eyes, it was directly refined into a metal sculpture.

This is simply too scary.

Jiang Chen ran hundreds of steps away from the huge statue in one breath, only to slow down a little.

In retrospect, Jiang Chen was still a little scared.

If he had reacted a little slower, or if the Rock Heart had been less defensive, he would have been one of those humanoid statues.

Even if he reacted so quickly, the Rock Heart's defense prevented most of the light attack, but the attack still made his body as heavy as lead, and his muscles immediately stiffened.

That beam of light attack broke through the Rock Heart's defenses, and the rest probably didn't have 5 % power. Even if it was less than 5 % of his strength, it almost imprisoned him. This terrible power made Jiang Chen sweat.

It continuously stirred up the fire lotus spirit power in the body and melted away the attack of the remaining metal beams in the body.

The five elements, south fire conquers west gold, fire power, born to restrain the power of gold.

Under the refining of the fire lotus spirit power, the invading gold power in his body was slowly refined, and Jiang Chen's body gradually recovered.

"On the tenth floor, that beautiful scene is really just confusing. Although there aren't those terrible metamagnetic storms, the metal giant Evil Golden Eyes is more terrifying than any of them."

Jiang Chen felt a lingering fear.

At least an early warning of a magnetic storm. There were always some signs and signs to follow before the magnetic storm started.

However, this Evil Golden Eyes is simply a pervert. As soon as his eyes opened, the beam of light shot into his soul. The speed of attack was comparable to the speed of light, making him unprepared.

If it wasn't for Jiang Chen's Rock Heart, which had been trained to send and receive all at once, it would have been invaded by the Evil Golden Eyes and turned into a sculpture on the spot.

Scary, really scary.

By calculation, more than three thousand steps, just one third of the way.

"Is there going to be three trials in this tenth floor space? The Evil Golden Eyes of this giant statue is only the first?"

When Jiang Chen calculated, he felt that the possibility was very high. Three thousand steps, exactly one third of the first floor.

If it was as he had predicted, the journey would be relatively safe before the second test.

Sure enough, as jiang chen predicted. Along the way, Jiang Chen did not encounter any challenges.

"It seems that the meaning of the assessment on the tenth level is more obvious than the previous nine levels. On the first nine levels, a lot of things are random. This tenth level space obviously has obvious traces of man-made arrangement. Then, what will this second level test be?"

At this point, Jiang Chen knew that there was no way out.

More than 6,000 steps were completed step by step by Jiang Chen. According to Jiang Chen's calculations, this should be close to two-thirds of the road.

If, as I calculated, the second test on the tenth floor should be not far away.

As soon as he thought about it, Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly froze.

In front of them, a huge gully was intercepted. It was as if the ancient gods had picked up a huge axe and slashed it at the mountainside.

The long gully was like a huge scar on Yuan magnetic gold mountain, and the rocks below were jagged, making one look fearful.

Jiang Chen stood in front of the ravine and looked ahead. At this distance, if it was outside, the Spiritual realm trio could fly for a short time, enough to cross the ravine.

However, in Yuan magnetic gold mountain, bound by the magnetic force, Jiang Chen estimated that he would have to divide at least three or four times before he could leap over the ravine.

However, under the ravine, the rocks were jagged and there was nothing to borrow.

"Is this the second level?" Jiang Chen looked at the gnarled rocks below, his heart filled with fear.

This gully, if it was the second level, would never be as calm as it seemed.

Perhaps, this seemingly calm ravine contains a terrifying test.

"No matter what, time waits for no one." Jiang Chen thought of something and immediately urged six flaming lotus vines to line up along the ravine.

Since there was no bridge on either side of the gully, Jiang Chen planned to build a temporary bridge with fire lotus.

It takes three or four leaps to leap over the ravine. Jiang Chen's six fire lotus plants were enough for him to make six leaps with the help of six times.

As long as there were no accidents, that would be more than enough.

At this time, Shijinshuwang was not as presumptuous as before, and followed Jiang Chen to the first fire lotus.

Whew, whew

The figure cut through the void, and Jiang Chen jumped to the second fire lotus. The flower petals of the fire lotus are huge, and a single petal can accommodate a few adults. And a flaming lotus, with its petals, was more than enough to contain the dust of the river.

Suddenly, a strange rock below suddenly moved and made a sharp buzzing sound.

The shrill sound broke the silence of the ravine, and all the monsters, like the sleeping monsters waking up, jumped up one by one.

With a twist of his body, he transformed into a creature of different shapes and threw his head up.

Although each of these creatures had a different shape, they were all in the shape of weapons, emitting a terrifying aura of death.

"Roar, kill him, kill him!"

"Yuan magnetic gold mountain, how can humans blaspheme and kill?"

"Ten levels of holy land. It's been a long time since humans have entered. Kill! Kill!"

These The Golden Ge Monster, with their shrill and shrill roars and their beastly shrieks, sounded extremely harsh and heart-wrenching.

Whew, whew, whew

The The Golden Ge Monster, which had been transformed into various weapons, came fiercely towards jiang chen.

It seemed that these The Golden Ge Monster had a primitive hatred for human beings, as if they had been instilled with a special idea that they would kill if they saw human beings.

In that instant, Jiang Chen was surrounded by thousands of The Golden Ge Monster.


Jiang Chen's Nameless knife swept across, swinging the top two The Golden Ge Monster away, and with the help of huolian, his body jumped up again, cut through the air, and cut out again.


The sharp knife force tore three or four The Golden Ge Monster into pieces, and the metal fragments fell down the gully like crushed stones.

However, killing three or four The Golden Ge Monster was a drop in the ocean to the tens of thousands of people.

Countless The Golden Ge Monster, like locusts, roared all over Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen blocked left and right, but still could not avoid all the The Golden Ge Monster.

However, he was in the air, where there was no help, and he used up all his energy, and his body was about to fall.

At this time, his jumping distance was not enough to reach the third fire lotus.

Very awkward position, this is going to fall, just in between the second and third fire lotus.

Without the help of force, unless Jiang Chen grew wings, the fall of his body would naturally be unstoppable.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was not in a mess in the face of danger, and the Nameless knife was dancing like a madman, blocking all those who were trying to attack him from the edge of the knife.

The number of The Golden Ge Monster is large, but the strength of the individual is obviously not enough to fight Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen's body was suspended and his strength was not fully exerted.

Jiang Chen was on the verge of falling into a ravine, into the nest of countless The Golden Ge Monster. His heart was pounding, and his limits were pushing the Linghai.

The third flaming lotus vine was summoned by Jiang Chen, and the vine grew again, and it shot down in the direction of the river dust. The petals, like a big mouth, directly grabbed Jiang Chen's body.

Jiang Chen was caught by the third fire lotus, which shocked so many The Golden Ge Monster.

"Kill him, kill him!"

All the The Golden Ge Monster shot at the third hot lotus.

The third fire lotus vine was like a water snake, running around and around. Suddenly, it swung violently like a spring and threw Jiang Chen's body directly onto the fourth fire lotus.

This power was so fast that the The Golden Ge Monster did not react.


A The Golden Ge Monster in the shape of a huge axe, like a small mountain, directly cut at the fourth fire lotus. Look at that posture, it's very much destroyed together with huolian and Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was also annoyed by the The Golden Ge Monster.

With a pinch of the hand, the first three flaming lotus plants quickly came over, and one by one, the flaming lotus vines turned into long red ropes, directly pulling the giant axe The Golden Ge Monster and locking it in the void.

Four flaming lotus petals, four true flames, like four flaming dragons, cooking this huge axe The Golden Ge Monster.

The four fire lotus plants stirred together, and the real power of fire burned the The Golden Ge Monster to ashes in a few seconds.

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