Chapter 410 The Killer Wasn't Too Cold

When Xiong Xiong came back, he looked at the paint on the newly bought bicycle that had been knocked off not long ago. He cried without tears and touched the place where the paint had been knocked off, but there was nothing he could do. Could he still blame the big tabby cat? However, it was better to knock off a few pieces of paint than to steal a car. Xiong Xiong felt a little better at the thought. Xiong Xiong's pursuit progressed well, and he even invited someone to a movie on the weekend. Although it wasn't two people's time, it was just a group, but it wasn't progress? It was rare for Zheng Tan to stay at home on the weekend. He didn't go to help Xiong Xiong watch the car and had a good weekend. This day, Zheng Tan took a walk in school and had a good weekend at home. After Little Grapefruit came back, the atmosphere at home was really different and much more lively. But after two days, Little Grapefruit had to leave again. Other people's workdays, school days, Zheng Tan has always been bored most of the time. After jogging along the main road of the campus, Zheng Tan heard someone calling him and turned around to see that it was ninth. It had been a long time since she saw ninth. Zheng Tan had not seen her twice since she was in the same high school as Little Grapefruit. She could never meet anyone on the overpass. Besides, ninth didn't go to the high school affiliated to Chu hua, but at another high school. It was far from here. It took him half an hour to take a taxi. Zheng Tan couldn't go there on a normal day. However, today is not a day off, and this time should also be the time for classes. High school students are not like college students in the course arrangement, so it seems that ninth skipped class and waved to Zheng Tan, "Black charcoal. Let's talk." Because she often came here in middle school, xiao jiu was not unfamiliar with the campus of Chuhua university. She knew where there were many people, where there was hardly anyone following ninth to a quiet place. Ninth sat on the edge of a round flower bed, and Zheng Tan jumped up and squatted beside him, waiting for ninth to speak. Normally, if nothing happened, ninth wouldn't come here on purpose, so Zheng Tan wanted to know why ninth came today. Sure enough, little nine looked around. After confirming that there was no one, he said, "Black charcoal, I'm leaving." Zheng Tan:?! Ninth and the others did not have the same learning arrangement, and she had a strong purpose. He knew what he was going to do in the future. Know what skills you have to learn. Some of the things that were taught at school didn't really help her much, but it was impossible to drop out of school, and she still had to learn. However, she had someone to teach her. This time, ninth was going to follow the professor's own teacher to some places to study and learn more. She did not like to waste time. Her early experience had a great impact on her. The intense study in school was very stressful for her. She was not a big student and went to school late. She had difficulty accepting some of the more profound knowledge now. Of course, it was because she was not interested in it. Interest was the driving force, and Kunye did not force her to think through the textbook knowledge that she was not interested in, so according to ninth's interest, he arranged people to take little nine to other provinces and cities to study and see what she was interested in. Although there was no class, some people would teach knowledge at ordinary times. Kunye's men don't raise trash. You can have no diploma, but you can't be incompetent. For ninth and the others, a few years later, when someone of her age stepped into society with innocence and freshness, she was already able to hold up a small piece of the sky on her own. It was definitely different from Little Grapefruit's world, and it was her own choice. Zheng Tan could not refute anything and would not influence ninth's thoughts, "It's the first year of senior high school, and my teacher said that I will be released for two years. I will also take the college entrance examination in other provinces when I am in the third year of senior high school. I will take the college entrance examination again..." Ninth continued. This was not the first time Zheng Tan had heard and seen the college entrance examination. Because this province has a large source of students, the score line and competition of the national college entrance examination are higher than most provinces in the country every year, so some people who wander in the middle and lower reaches of the country, their families will take some ways to arrange them to take examinations in those provinces that are not competitive, so they have a relatively higher chance of getting better universities. Obviously, Kunye also put a lot of effort into ninth. However, when ninth left, it was more than two years. In the past two years, Zheng Tan did not see little nine come here today to talk to Zheng Tan. Otherwise, she would not see him after leaving. Later, she planned to go to the high school affiliated to Chu hua to see Little Grapefruit, and even bought sugar. Ninth always remembered Little Grapefruit's sugar delivery. Besides, although she was not at the high school affiliated to renmin university of china, she knew someone who could make them take care of Little Grapefruit. Zheng Tan listened to ninth and thought, "Is this the change from a little girl to a big sister?" After talking about his own business for a while, recalling the past and looking into the future, ninth looked around again to make sure no one was coming, and whispered to Zheng Tan in a gossipy manner, "Black charcoal, do you know the thirteen eunuchs under Kunye?" The thirteen eunuchs? The word did ring a bell. Zheng Tan recalled that he had once seen a word in Kunye's study, which had the words "Thirteen tai bao" written on it, and it was very imposing. Zheng Tan remembered that he was wondering why the blind old man didn't write something more domineering or a more pretentious word like "Endure" or "Kill." In addition, when Zheng Tan was with Ye Hao and the others, he heard them talk about this word. Ye Hao and the others seemed to be very afraid of it, and mentioned that one of the reasons why many people were afraid of Kunye was because of his thirteen bodyguards. Ninth said in a low voice, "I heard that grandpa kun organized the thirteen tai bao when he was young. Thirteen people, thirteen killers, helped master kun solve the blacklisted people. But now I don't hear much. The people inside seem to have changed a few batches. That's what my teacher said. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the thirteen people." "By the way," ninth thought of something and said to Zheng Tan, "I heard that there is a person named black cat among the thirteen people, black charcoal. Does that person look like a cat? I really want to see him." Zheng Tan complained to himself: he never wanted to see a person like a killer. He knew from hearing about this profession that he was not a good person, a cold and unfeeling kind of person. If he knew who the killer was, he would have avoided it. Ninth was really getting bolder and bolder after talking. Ninth looked at the time and was about to rush to the high school affiliated to renmin university. When she got there, she just happened to meet the time for lunch at the high school affiliated to renmin university. After sending xiao jiu to the bus, Zheng Tan came back and met Xiong Xiong, who was riding a bicycle, within two steps. The child seemed especially happy today. "Black charcoal. Do me another favor today! Hey, maybe after today, we'll be done!" Zheng Tan stopped and looked at Xiong Xiong. The smile on this guy's face is really silly. If the woman really accepted Xiong Xiong. Would this guy laugh even more foolishly? Anyway. Since it was a critical moment, Zheng Tan had to help. Xiong Xiong said it was four o' clock in the afternoon, plus more than an hour. I should be able to make it home for dinner. After telling the time, at three o' clock in the afternoon, Zheng Tan saw Xiong Xiong dressed up. Her hair was trimmed and arranged into a slanted punk hairstyle. It was obvious that she went to the shampoo shop in the afternoon to fix it. When Zheng Tan was watching tv with Nanny Jiao yesterday, a star on the tv had a haircut that Nanny Jiao had criticized. Zheng Tan was very embarrassed because he used to like it so much that he didn't want to see xiong xiong do it again this afternoon. I wonder if Nanny Jiao would have any feelings when he saw it. I think the generation gap is serious. Xiong Xiong had a smile on his face, but he was also a little nervous. This guy would rub his hands on his pants from time to time to wipe the sweat away. It's winter, and when many people wear cotton-padded jackets and thick sweaters, this guy can actually sweat from nervousness. Zheng Tan despised it in his heart. It's just an appointment to confess. Are you so nervous? At the same flower shop, xiong xiong took the reserved flowers and took a ride away. Zheng Tan squatted in the car seat and helped to watch the car. Afraid that Zheng Tan would feel cold, Xiong Xiong put a down vest in the basket. Zheng Tan could squat in the basket if he was cold. With Zheng Tan around, Xiong Xiong was not afraid that the vest would be stolen. Of course, even if the vest was stolen, as long as the confession was successful today, it would still be quite cost-effective in Xiong Xiong's eyes. Because the time today was different from the other days, Zheng Tan didn't see the young man waiting for the bus with his bag on his back when he stayed here. Just in time, the big tabby cat was nowhere to be seen, so as not to worry about squatting in the car seat, looking at the pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Time gradually passed. It was early in the winter. It was already a little dark at 5: 30 in the afternoon. By 6: 00, it was all dark, and Xiong Xiong never appeared. When the evening breeze blew, Zheng Tan shivered, but he didn't want to jump into the basket. He continued to squat in the car seat and scolded Xiong Xiong in his heart: it's been an hour, it's almost two hours! Now that I'm freezing, I have to be scolded for being late. When Xiong Xiong comes back, he must make a good stroke! With a yawn, Zheng Tan looked down the road. Every time a taxi came by, Zheng Tan stared at it without blinking, hoping to see the taxi pull over and then Xiong Xiong's funny face appeared. Unfortunately, he was disappointed every time. In the distance, because a section of the road was being renovated, it was uneven, and the headlights of the cars seemed a little bumpy. The flying dust in the night was not as obvious as in the day, but it made the light of the headlights seem to be covered with a layer of fog, a layer of fog that could not be dispersed by the wind. Sneezing, Zheng Tan jumped out of the car and moved a little to look around. The big tabby cat was probably irritated by the crowd in the shop and was about to come out for air. When it reached the door, it paused, shrank, shook its paws, looked around and seemed to be hesitating whether to come out to catch the cold. In the end, it took a step and one ear noticed the movement on the other side of the road. The other ear turned towards the alley next to the restaurant. Suddenly, it seemed to have discovered something. A mouse came out of the square manhole cover by the alley. The big tabby cat suddenly became excited. It swept away the lazy look just now, and all its muscles seemed to tense up. When the mouse did not notice, it quickly moved to a more hidden corner, bent down, and was ready to go. The rat sniffed and looked around vigilantly. No one came and it did not find the big tabby cat hiding in the corner. It felt safe for the time being, and then it began to eat with a piece of food in its arms. The big tabby cat crept closer to its prey. Before the mouse could react, the tabby cat shot at it. Although many cats are fat, sometimes they have flexibility that doesn't fit their bodies. Meow without shadow claw! After continuous patting, the big tabby trapped the mouse and bit it down. The alley was filled with the miserable cries of rats, but soon, none of the girls had just come out of the restaurant carrying a packed lunch box. When they entered the alley, they found the big tabby cat on the side, so they planned to go back and tease as usual. But when she got close. The big tabby cat suddenly looked up at the girl. There was still blood on his mouth. She bit on a somewhat mutilated mouse, her eyes still cold and murderous, which succeeded in stopping the girl. The winter evening wind blew past, and the loosened scarf did not block the cold wind. The girl shrank her neck. She tightened her scarf and left quickly. Probably, she didn't expect that the big, lazy, coquettish cat she always saw to have such eyes. At the same time, on a nearby street. A passer-by in a hurry on the sidewalk, a middle-aged man in a high-end leather coat with slick hair, walked through them, holding a cell phone in his hand as he made a phone call, speaking roughly. A young man passing by looked at him curiously, just in time to catch the sight of the middle-aged man. "Look at your uncle, look!" The middle-aged man suddenly kicked the young man to the ground, then looked around at the people around him, "What are you looking at?! Look again and dig your eyes out!" The people around them didn't dare to say anything more when they saw this. This man was not easy to provoke at first sight. One more word, this crazy person might have kicked him over. Didn't they see the young man still lying on the ground with his stomach covered and couldn't get up? Ignoring the young man who had been kicked to the ground, the middle-aged man continued to walk and call while holding the phone, scolding some lying filth in his mouth. A young man with a bag brushed past the middle-aged man. He was similar to many pedestrians, and there was nothing special about him. After passing the middle-aged man, the young man with the bag seemed to feel cold. He huffed at his hands and stuffed them into his pocket. Then, there was a commotion not far behind him. The middle-aged man who had just kicked a man with a phone fell to the ground and tried to shout at him but didn't answer. After a while, a woman screamed in terror and passersby shouted to the police. The young man with his bag turned a corner and walked into an alley. When he reached the other end of the alley, he saw the big tabby squatting beside him licking its paws and the remains of a mouse beside the big tabby. Sensing that someone was approaching, the tabby cat raised its head vigilantly. Seeing that it was an acquaintance, the tabby cat returned to its usual closeness, meowed a few times, and took the initiative to rub against the young man's trousers. A cat can always switch between a cute and a killer. The young man bent over and picked up the tabby cat. Under the dim light, he took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped the tabby cat's mouth. He did not mind that the cat was dirty. He carried the cat to the front of the restaurant. Just as he was about to go in, he saw Zheng Tan squatting in the car seat. He was stunned. Obviously, I didn't expect to meet at this time. After the surprise, the other party smiled and waved to Zheng Tan, then walked into the restaurant, sat in an empty seat by the door, ordered some food and played with the big tabby cat. "Black charcoal! Sorry I'm late!" Xiong Xiong came out of a taxi, smiling like a trumpet flower, afraid that others would not know he was happy, but just quietly looked at him. "Well, you've worked hard. Let's go and invite you to Jiao Wei's restaurant for hot soup! We'll pack whatever you want!" Xiong Xiong said boldly. That's more like it. Zheng Tan jumped out of the car and was about to leave. As long as Xiong Xiong followed him to Jiao Wei's restaurant, it would explain why Zheng Tan couldn't make it to dinner. Jiao Wei's parents would contact Jiao family, so Zheng Tan wouldn't be scolded. Before leaving, Zheng Tan looked at the young man with the bag on his back. The other party also looked up and smiled at Zheng Tan. "Bye!" Turning around and shaking his beard, he always felt that the man was a little strange, but apart from knowing that he was very sticky to cats, he couldn't see anything. Whatever, he was just a passerby. Ps: there was a period of power outage at home at night. Just as Chen Ci was about to post his leave on weibo, another call came in