Chapter 411 The Cat at the Concert

The next day, when Zheng Tan was out walking, he heard that someone had died suddenly on a street. When he heard that someone had collapsed on the phone, he didn't get up again. When the ambulance arrived, Zheng Tan had already swallowed his breath and didn't feel much when he heard the news. He just felt that the street was quite close to where he was yesterday. Besides, he had no other idea. He still went to the lakeside villa as usual. Feng Baijin had graduated, but he decided to start a business in Chuhua city and set up a game development studio. Because the two children were rarely at home now, Jiaoba's 70-square house did not seem crowded at all. Instead, it felt empty, and he did not want to move there. He would not move there for at least three years. Feng Baijin was used to living there, so the lease was renewed. It's just that Zheng Tan doesn't go that far now. Hu Zi rarely came here now, and now the weather is getting colder and colder, that guy almost only stayed at home to fatten up, often occupying Feng Baijin's notebook and keyboard, when Feng Baijin went to the toilet at work, he would see Hu Zi squatting on it. Later, Feng Baijin hired someone to make a keyboard-style heating pad to divert Hu Zi's attention. Unfortunately, in two days, Hu Zi continued to occupy the keyboard of the notebook, not even the keyboard-style heating pad. Maybe it was just looking for trouble and a sense of existence? Hu Zi didn't seem to be the only cat who liked to sleep on the keyboard. Zheng Tan saw many cats like this, such as the Heimi on the third floor. Now when Zheng Tan went down to the third floor to visit, he often saw that the Heimi occupied second Mao's laptop keyboard. He wandered around and had lunch with Feng Baijin. Zheng Tan came back slowly. Recently, the Chuhua university was very lively, and most of what Zheng Tan heard while walking was about christmas eve concerts. In some parts of the campus, posters were also put up. There were large posters on the billboards. Behind the band members, there was a huge black cat picture in the background. It was the team emblem of the band. Niboy, Ah Jin's band. Now that Ah Jin and the others were getting more and more famous, they had long left their childishness. Popularity has been rising for the past few years. Especially among many students, the popularity is very high. The Chuhua university was the last stop on Ah Jin's campus tour this year, scheduled for the night of the 24th of this month. It was christmas eve, but it was also friday. It was just in time. If you want to get tickets, you can either buy albums or other related products, or you can get a reward for participating in some activities. Of course, there were many tickets in the school. At a few fixed points in the school, there were long lines of students who were not afraid of being blown by the cold wind. Standing there, they would either chat with the people in front and behind or play with their mobile phones. No matter how long the line was, they would get tickets. If there were no tickets, they would have to find someone to buy tickets on the school forum. But in that case, the price would be very high, and many students could not afford it. Compared to the high price tickets sold for resale, they would rather blow the cold wind and endure it. In addition to the tickets, there were also some neighborhoods around the ticketing office, such as the black cat team badge, which sold quite well, anyway, it was not expensive. Most students would spend a few dollars to buy a team badge after they received the tickets. Even after the concert, they could be a good decoration. Of course, there are also people who don't care about this kind of thing. When they see a long line, they ask the people around them. "What's going on over there? Is it another celebrity lecture?" Sometimes, there are some famous people in the school who come to visit the main hall of the school. For example, some old actors, famous hosts, successful entrepreneurs, influential professors at home and abroad, and so on. Every time such a situation occurred, there would be a long queue to collect tickets. "You don't know that? Of course it's niboy!" The person next to him said scornfully. "What's a niboy?" The man asked again. The person next to him gave his classmates an explanation with an expression that he couldn't do anything about you. "I heard that Ah Jin, the lead singer of niboy, has been to our school's Guitar association." "I know. I heard from my classmates at the Guitar association that Ah Jin was performing on the same stage as their previous president. They were the two who started the double guitar performance. I still have a video in my hand. I watched it several times and it was exciting!" Someone joined the discussion. "When did it happen? It must have been years, right?" "What kind of thing did the deboy lead singer do?!" "What's the big deal? That year, niboy wasn't as famous as he is now, but Ah Jin was still very strong. He even played guitar with the last president of the Guitar association." "Wow! There's such a thing!" A student said in surprise. "Are you ignorant? You don't pay attention to the Guitar association, so you don't know how popular the Guitar association is in our school. If you want to join the society, you have to go through layers of screening. Otherwise, the association will definitely be full. The main reason for this is because the Guitar association can get some tickets to the concert every year. The seats are not bad." Every time she heard someone talking about Ah Jin and his band, Zheng Tan would think of those young people who were down in the dumps and almost cornered. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached this height and shook his head. Zheng Tan continued to walk. He didn't need to collect tickets even if he wanted to see the concert. He didn't worry about the tickets at all. As he walked, Zheng Tan went out of the school's side door and headed to the hengwu square. He decided to go to the "Triumphant return" for an afternoon nap and grab some snacks to pass the time. Since the establishment of Hengwu square, there have been more and more people and cars here. Zheng Tan could hear some people honking their horns as they walked. It was once said that the more eager people were to be utilitarian in front of them, the more they liked to honk a few times to express their dissatisfaction when faced with difficulties. The traffic in the city always tests people's patience and morality, and the sound of the horn becomes the reference to judge the character of the city, no matter which city it is. There would always be such an impatient person who would honk loudly at anything. For Zheng Tan, who had excellent hearing, this kind of trumpet sound was simply devastating, so when he heard the rapid and irritable trumpet sound, Zheng Tan quickly ran past with his ears pressed down until the trumpet stopped or was far away from the sound point, then slowed down. Unlike the nightclub, the main consumers of the "Triumphant return" are young groups, with college students in the majority. And niboy's audience was mostly college students. The "Triumphant return" has been doing activities recently. A certain amount of money will be spent with a ticket for a school concert and some small things, such as the team emblem of niboy, pendant, etc. When they come over, they see someone rushing in and saying "Hope there are tickets" to the people next to them. Every time Zheng Tan came over, someone would report to them. After all. Zheng Tan, the vip client, was too special. Zheng Tan ignored everything else because it was a temporary idea. He didn't bring his card, so he asked someone to help him open the room. Anyway, the person in charge here was already familiar with Zheng Tan. There was no need to doubt the authenticity of the cat at all. Because of this, Zheng Tan didn't bring the card several times. It was too troublesome to bring the card alone. Sometimes he came here swinging around. After eating some nuts in his private room, Zheng Tan jumped onto the sofa to sleep. He didn't expect someone to come in when he squinted. It was not the waiter, but Baozi, one of Ye Hao's most important men, who was rarely here today, followed Baozi in a baseball cap. When he came in, he lowered his head slightly, closed the door, and then raised his head to recognize him. It was Ah Jin, the hot topic of discussion among many people these days. Isn't the concert still a few days away? "Black charcoal, long time no see!" Ah Jin took off his hat. It was too easy to be recognized in the "Triumphant return." He was not so careful when he went to the nightclub yesterday. As expected, there were many young people coming to the Triumphant return. Ah Jin and his band arrived in Chuhua city the day before yesterday. When they came here, they must visit their former owner, go to the overnight building, and come to the "Triumphant return" today. Because there were so many people at night, it was easy for people to recognize them here. Ah Jin came over after he had disguised himself in broad daylight. He didn't expect that when he was talking to Baozi, someone reported to Baozi that the black cat had come to take a nap again, so Ah Jin hurried over to see the black cat that had once appeared at the turning point of his life. Ah Jin often wondered what would have happened to him and his teammates if they had not met the black cat outside the night building. Now that the band was popular and popular, he was also asked why their band badge was a black cat, and he never gave up Zheng Tan. This was Ye Hao's suggestion, and Ah Jin kept it a secret. Ah Jin stayed with Zheng Tan for a few minutes before he was called to urge him over. He had a lot to deal with before the concert. After bidding farewell to Baozi and Zheng Tan, Ah Jin left with a baseball cap. Before leaving, Ah Jin still left four tickets for Zheng Tan. He remembered that there were four people in Zheng Tan's family. Even if the family didn't go, they could still send their friends home without their vests today. They couldn't bring the tickets back. He didn't want to hold them in his mouth. Baozi sent them to the Chuhua university and sent them directly to Jiaoba. Because Little Grapefruit was going to his classmate's birthday party today and would not be back until tomorrow, and Jiao Yuan was not here, Jiaoba and Nanny Jiao were not interested in these things either. They just stood in the distance and looked at them. They would not enter the arena and crowd with the young people, so the tickets were finally handed to the graduate students under Jiaoba. The graduate students under Jiaoba almost knelt down. They didn't expect their boss to even get this ticket. It wasn't the kind of ticket the school received. It was a vip ticket! Many students were jealous of the treatment of Professor Jiao's students, and they kept getting sour. But when asked about the source of the ticket, Jiaoba smiled and didn't say anything. What else could he do, say it was because of the face of his cat? Who would believe it! On the night of the 24th, the Chuhua university's main sports ground was cordoned off from a long distance and other vehicles took detours. As night fell, the atmosphere around the main sports ground became unusually hot. In the past, there were many people out of the safe nightclub, and there were very few people on campus. But today, the main sports ground of the Chuhua university seemed to attract the popularity of the surrounding areas. It made the streets around the school gate and even Hengwu square a lot quieter. Many people who didn't get tickets wandered around the edge. Even if they couldn't get in, it was better to hear something from the side. There were no tall buildings around the main sports ground. Even if there were, the doors were closed. They were not allowed to enter. They were afraid that the students would have an accident on the roof. Every time this happened, the convenience that the relevant departments of the student union could get was apparent. They could enter without tickets and proof. Some people in the court stood on a tree at the edge of the sports ground and looked at the area occupied by the students. The people at the back could hardly see the faces of the people on the stage, so many students held binoculars in their hands. Before they started, Ah Jin went onstage to tune up. Before the song started, the fans below the stage started yelling. The normally reserved girls were no longer reserved, shouting at each other, jumping and jumping. Zheng Tan's beard trembled with fear. With the opening of a familiar song by the fast-paced students, the atmosphere exploded again. On winter nights, the temperature was low, but the atmosphere was very warm, and the temperature seemed to have risen several degrees. The students had digital cameras, binoculars, light sticks and other tools in their hands. After the concert began, in the dark, the fans waved their fluorescent sticks and color boards professionally, following the rhythm, all kinds of bright lights swinging together, without looking messy. Some people say that if you like an idol, you must go to his concert, because, across a screen, you can't experience the kind of scattered heat that radiates from the stage that can make people's blood boil. The life on the stage was so dazzling that for the fans below, at this moment, in the small world of the fans, the people on the stage were all they could not replace. Ah Jin and his classmates also interacted with each other. Several members of the school Guitar association, including the current president, were fortunate enough to go on stage. After playing a song on the same stage, during the break time, the people of the Guitar association shared some stories about Ah Jin and the school, which were also approved by Ah Jin. The students had already graduated, and now many people did not know that the famous song was actually written in Old tiled house, which caused a lot of discussion, screams, and loud inquiries from the audience, but it was too far away to be heard clearly. After a short break, Ah Jin played the song. After hearing the story behind it and listening to this song again, the fans felt different from before. It seems that every time I listen to this song, I have a different feeling. Ah Jin was playing the guitar when someone shouted from the audience, "Look, there's a cat!" "Don't be noisy! The concert is going on. Listen to the song. Be quiet and pay attention to your quality!" Someone scolded in a low voice. "No, there is a cat!" Many people saw it, their jaws wide open and pointed to the stage. Zheng Tan, who was squatting on the tree, almost slipped off the tree when he saw the situation on the stage. I'll go! How did the sheriff get up there? Shouldn't this guy be squatting in a doghouse in a small flower bed?! Lian a