Chapter 412 School Pet

Usually, this kind of campus concert, the defense work is still good. People should be strictly guarded. Even if the ministers of the student union of our university go in, they have to show several certificates, not to mention those without certificates. But no one expected a cat to suddenly appear. Cats are animals that can't be guarded against at times. If they are not careful, they will jump out and brush such a big scene. There are so many people, deafening sound effects, and people shouting. Generally speaking, animals will avoid them far away. Unfortunately, the sheriff is a special case. Of course, Perhaps it was because the venue was much quieter just now, and Ah Jin played "Cat's fantasy," which attracted the cat. Because of the sudden appearance of the police chief, the other members of the band on stage were surprised. They really didn't arrange for this to happen. They rehearsed all the parts several times. Because it was the last stop of the campus concert tour and Ah Jin's connection with the Chuhua university, everyone paid special attention to it. But the sudden appearance of a cat was completely unexpected, especially when Ah Jin played cat's fantasy. Even Ah Jin, who was playing, could not help but pause when he saw the movement on his hand. But when he saw the cat jumping onto the stage, he raised his hand to organize the staff who were coming to take the cat away and continued to play. There was also a lot of speculation under the stage that it was arranged by the people from ne boy. Although some of them had seen the police chief, there were so many cats like this in the country that no one knew for sure, so they could only keep looking at them with great curiosity, the sight that had been placed on Ah Jin. Most of the cats on the stage now had the guts of the sheriff sometimes. Zheng Tan had learned that unlike Big Fat's security and Ahuang's cautious timidity, the sheriff was always able to show everyone what was special about him. The sheriff jumped onto the stage and looked around. Then he walked up to Ah Jin, who was still playing, and up to Ah Jin's feet, slowly wagging his tail, probably thinking of something. Ah Jin was standing. After the sheriff came over. Ah Jin sat directly on the ground and played with his legs crossed. A lot of people were already shooting with dvs. Regardless of what they were thinking, the appearance of the police chief was indeed like the egg that popped out of the concert. Some people exclaimed in a low voice," look over here! Look over here!" Others advised the people nearby to keep quiet. What if I scare it away? Fortunately, the sheriff was bold, so he just glanced down the stage and ignored him. Then he squatted down beside him, staring at the guitar and Ah Jin's hand playing the metal string. He tilted his head slightly and looked at the tip of his tail, knowing that the sheriff had found something interesting again. In a few seconds, the sheriff raised a paw and hooked the strings of the guitar. As a result, a voice that did not match the original tune appeared, but Ah Jin did not stop. He continued to play, and after the sheriff tried it once, he thought it was fun. He had played it before, but now he suddenly found it again. Fortunately, with Ah Jin around, these abrupt tones did not seem bad, but they added a sense of strangeness. The halo on the stage was almost attracted by the sheriff. Most of the band couldn't help but cover their faces and laugh. They weren't worried that the concert would be ruined or that the cat would come for the camera. Perhaps, the cat's appearance could help them make a lot of headlines. When Ah Jin finished playing one song, he didn't get up immediately. He also sent the guitar to the sheriff. The sheriff looked at Ah Jin, looked at the guitar in front of him, and then hooked his tail. He raised his front paws and began to play Ah Jin's guitar. At first, he tried, but slowly, and then he was probably addicted to it. He tried to cover his face more and more quickly. It was a shame that the sheriff ignored the noise from all sides on the stage. Is this the art of cats? It's so weird! However, the students below the stage did not dislike it. Instead, many people applauded and thought that the cat was really interesting. Some people even shouted and cheered for it. Fortunately, the sheriff didn't want to keep playing. After about ten seconds, he retracted his claws. When Ah Jin heard the discussion under the stage begin again, he raised his hand and pressed it down in the air." Many people have asked us about the team emblem. Why do we have dogs and the team emblem is cats? I've also said that a black cat has been very helpful to our ne boy to this day. Thank you very much for it. We will keep using this badge and it will also prove that our ne boy is going to be brilliant step by step," Ah Jin said. The audience didn't say anything, waving the glow sticks and color boards in their hands, holding up the dv and camera. They all hoped that Ah Jin would continue to talk about the mysterious black cat and make more news, but Ah Jin didn't continue to talk about it. Instead, he said: "And the song I wrote back then," cat's fantasy," also told everyone that it was because of a cat. When I came to the Chuhua university, I was wondering if I would meet that cat back then." Some of the students in the audience had already guessed what Ah Jin was going to say. They covered their mouths and began to get excited. Sure enough, Ah Jin continued," now, I finally see it again, and I can perform on the same stage as it."" Ah, -" some of the students below the stage finally shouted excitedly. Was it this one? Was it because of this cat that led Ah Jin to write the divine song cat's fantasy? I feel so honored all of a sudden! Coming to the live concert on christmas eve was indeed a worthwhile trip! This is our Chuhua university cat! A cat full of artistic talent! Good job, Ah Jin! Keep on gossiping! Go on and say something that everyone doesn't know! However, the excited reaction of the audience startled the sheriff, and he jumped back a few steps with his back hunched, with the intention of running away if everyone called him that again. Ah Jin put a finger to his mouth and made a" shh" gesture to the audience. The audience suddenly became quieter." Everyone, don't scare it away," Ah Jin said with a smile. Ah Jin handed the guitar to his teammates and then picked up the sheriff. The superintendent did not resist either, probably because he had just cooperated and felt that the man in front of him was not bad, not dangerous, and very obedient." Thank you very much for the inspiration you gave me. Thank you very much for coming today." Ah Jin said to the sheriff and raised his hand to touch his cat's head. Back then," cat's fantasy" really made Ah Jin famous, and ne boy also made him feel like he was there, if he had expected it to be. After tonight's event, their ne boy will make a big splash in the entertainment industry. This is a good thing for ne boy. He should thank the cat, whether it was black or black. The sheriff" meow" after Ah Jin finished speaking, and it sounded like a response to Ah Jin's words. The sound was clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone present through the sound equipment. Some people under the stage began to translate this sentence. Many students even smiled and said" boy," including Ah Jin. They didn't expect the police chief to respond so cooperatively, thinking that the cat was really amazing! However, only Zheng Tan, who knew the chief well, knew that the chief was actually holding the cat in the wrong way because Ah Jin felt uncomfortable. He grunted to express his dissatisfaction. Who knew the timing of the grunt was so coincidental that it was misunderstood by everyone. At this time, it was probably someone in the school who took the dog out for a walk and went nearby. The dog heard the police chief's voice magnified by the stage sound equipment and immediately roared at the top of its lungs. It recognized that it was the voice of the cat that had always had a hard time with it, so it roared especially fiercely and loudly. At this time, there was no shocking sound to cover it up. At this moment, the venue was relatively quiet, and some people heard the barking of dogs. The sheriff, who was still in Ah Jin's arms, had one ear, and he started shouting in the direction of the voice," woof! Woof!" Boy: ..." Staff: ..." Offstage student: ..." Zheng Tan: ..." Damn, the sheriff is showing off his foreign language skills again! The others shouted in their hearts at the same time," what the hell!" Alpacas galloped around the entire venue. A lot of people couldn't help but shout that if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, many would have thought that it was arranged by ne boy, such as a fake voice, but obviously, it was true. There was another round of discussion, and someone recognized the sheriff, followed by screams and whistles that swept through the venue. However, the reactions of the students below the stage obviously frightened the sheriff. They broke free of Ah Jin's hand and ran off the stage without a trace. Even if someone wanted to keep him, they couldn't stop him. The cat was too agile and fast. Moreover, it was night, and the sheriff's hair was a lot black, so it was hard to find him. However, the so-called monk could not run away from the temple, and the cat could not run away from the nest. Since it was confirmed that it was the police chief, some people who knew the police chief wanted to find the police chief to take a few more photos afterwards and then post them on the internet to show off. Look, this is the cat playing with ne boy. After the sheriff left, the concert continued, but everyone was thinking about the cat. After the concert was over, everyone left and the signing was done during the day, so now that it was over, they all left separately, and ne boy's people wouldn't stay long. The Chuhua university's school forum was buzzing, and most of it was about the" egg" that was on tonight. The identity of the police chief was also taken out by everyone. After being revealed by people familiar with the matter, some people who didn't pay much attention to cats and didn't know about the staff in Family courtyard only knew that the police chief's oddity was far more than that, and this cat could bark, and this was true! Many people clamored to see the legendary cat tomorrow and get close to it, while others took the time to post what they saw and heard about the night online. The people who took the video also uploaded it to the video site to share, although it was not very clear from a distance. Only a little shadow could be seen, and when they heard the sound inside, the netizens could also know what happened on this unusual night. The next day, many entertainment news headlines reported last night's events. Although ne boy was a lot worse than other popular movie stars, it was enough to attract attention." An unexpected egg! A magical cat!"" The ne boy lead singer and what the cat had to say."" who was" cat's fantasy" for? The other star of the christmas eve concert came on stage!" It had to be said that because of the police chief's unexpected appearance, he also gave ne boy a strong sense of existence, and some people who were not interested in ne boy also paid attention to ne boy because of this matter. Ne boy's company also seized the opportunity to give it a push, and its positive image had to be painted. Lan the old guy found out this morning that there were many students in the courtyard. There were still students outside the gate. He didn't go over to ask any questions. It was better to look at the flowers when he had time to gossip. But when old man lan walked to the little flowerbed, he found that there were more students guarding the entrance of his little flowerbed. If it hadn't been for the reconstruction of the little flowerbed, some people would have climbed over the wall and entered the small flowerbed. The dogs in the small flowerbed had been barking because they had noticed many strangers walking outside. Sure enough, there were three kinds of barks, which were exactly what was revealed in the forum yesterday. In the days that followed, there were always some people wandering around the little flower bed, and many other schools. They could not enter Family courtyard, so it was okay to stay here. Many people who came to chuhua university to play with their classmates would come and take a chance to see this magical cat of the Chuhua university. And the sheriff inadvertently became the school pet of the Chuhua university