Chapter 413 Brother Black, I'll Treat You to Lamb Skewers!

The superintendent was very angry, and Jiao Yuan called to ask about it. Fortunately, by the end of the year, the students were busy preparing for the final exam, buying souvenirs, and grabbing tickets home. There were fewer people blocking the sheriff, but he was not so free on campus anymore. Every day when he came out and was seen, someone would immediately chase him. The students chased after him, and the police chief ran away, so now, when Zheng Tan was walking around the campus, he rarely saw the police chief wandering so freely on the road. He could only hide in the yard to play with ah huang or communicate with two dogs in the small flower garden. That's the downside of being famous. You don't get the benefits. It's a lot of trouble. Seeing what happened to the sheriff, Zheng Tan was glad that he had been keeping a low profile, and Ah Jin did not reveal himself. After christmas and new year's day, the jiao family counted the days every day, waiting for Jiao Yuan to come back. This was the first time that Jiao Yuan had been away for so long. It had been six months and it was finally hard for him to come back. Jiao Yuan called the jiao family and told them that he was probably a little late. He was working in the teacher's lab over there. It was not good for Jiao Yuan to leave on his own. Even if he was just a freshman, and he really left, the other students in the research group didn't say anything on the surface, but they must have some thoughts in their hearts. This Jiaoba understood that his students were like this, and now that the undergraduate students had left one by one, some graduate students had not finished the work on hand, and all wanted more people to help. In fact, this could also deepen Jiao Yuan's relationship with the other senior brothers and sisters, which would also be a network in the future. At the same time, it can also make the teacher's impression of jiao yuan better. In the future, whether it is going abroad or taking the postgraduate examination, the teacher will definitely help. Understanding or understanding, Nanny Jiao was still uncomfortable and continued to look forward to the day. On the 26th of the lunar month, the Chuhua university was deserted. Jiao Yuan just came back, and Jiaoba drove to the station to pick up the people. After six months away from home, Jiao Yuan had changed a lot. He used to be a student. There was pure and young arrogance that belonged to the students. But now it seems that things are much more mature, leaving parents can really speed up the growth of people. What upset Zheng Tan was that. Anyone who comes back likes to lift him up and weigh him. The protest is invalid. Although he came back late, it was also a good thing to have a happy new year. Jiao Yuan said that some of the senior brothers and sisters in the laboratory over there still had to stay in the capital for the new year, and the experiment was in a critical stage. He couldn't leave, couldn't even go home, and spent all his time in the lab. Some of the hottest things to study, and many people in other countries do it. If you slow down, the results will be meaningless to some people. Who cares how much time, money, and energy you spend. How many sacrifices have you made? It was so hard. Zheng Tan had heard of many such things happening in this field. The new year was coming, and Jiao Yuan and his friends gathered again. He made an appointment to take Zheng Tan to the "Triumphant return" to swipe his cat card. The four people in the yard plus Fu Lei, the five of them were chatting and drinking at the" Triumphant return" for a night. Zheng Tan was listening to them talk about his miserable college life. Xiong Xiong was probably the most leisurely of the five. Jiao Yuan, Su An, Lan Tianzhu and the others were very busy. They had to stay in the lab outside of class time, and it was not easy to sneak around, because their teacher knew their father, and they often contacted each other. Not only did they not perform well, but they were caught sneaking around. There was no light on his father's face. Everyone else felt that they had a way, that they had someone on top to take care of them, and that they didn't have to worry about anything, but they didn't know that they were under a lot of pressure. When others were playing, they had to go to the lab to do some work. When others were chasing girls, they had no words with their subjects. When others came home, they had to stay in the lab to help their senior brothers and sisters. Who is luckier than who, and who is more bitter than who? As for Fu Lei, he was working part-time, and his family conditions were not good, so he spent a lot of money for high school. Now, it was a bit difficult for him to work in college. He didn't have many classes anyway, and some classes were also skipped boldly. He went out to find part-time jobs and internships, to lighten the financial burden, and to find a place to settle down as soon as possible after graduating from college. His father couldn't afford to go out and get involved. He could only listen and sigh on his own. Why didn't he feel anything at all when he was in college, but now he felt that these five guys had suddenly started to mature quickly?" I suddenly feel that I was so awesome in high school. I learned about astronomy and geography. I went to university for half a year, and I forgot a lot of things. When I graduate from college, I think I will forget all the knowledge that doesn't involve major." Fu Lei, who had worked part-time as a tutor during his freshman year, was impressed. Jiao yuan said," that's right. I often meet people who ask me,' you are a university student in a famous school, and you don't know anything about junior high school and high school?' but now I only look at things that are related to my major, and my impression of the outside of the major is faded." The other three nodded in agreement." Actually, most of the time, it's nothing strange," Su An said. Xiong Xiong chuckled." A cat once said that the more you learn, the more you know; the more you know, the more you forget; the more you forget, the less you know; why are you learning?"" Haha!"" hey, Xiong Xiong, do you remember a teacher's note at the end of your chinese test in junior high school?" Lan Tianzhu asked with a smile. Xiong xiong's face straightened up as he mimicked the expression of the chinese teacher in their junior high school and said solemnly," you don't deserve it, that's all!"" I met that teacher the other day when I went to the market to help my mother carry the basket. He looked much older."" Make sure everyone has time to visit the junior high school teachers tomorrow. They live not far from here anyway," Jiao Yuan suggested." Okay, let's go with the high school students. We'll probably be back one or two times a year." This year, it went well. Jiao Yuan, Su An and Lan Tianzhu didn't finish their fifteenth day at home. They left one after the eleventh. Nanny Jiao cried for a few more days at home, not only Nanny Jiao, but also Su An and Su An. Su An ran over and pulled Nanny Jiao to cry together." I thought about it before I came back. I looked forward to it. A few days after I came back, I felt like I was making a scene. I told him to' hurry back to school', but now that he's gone, I feel like..." Before she could finish, the two mothers cried. Zheng Tan hid outside the door and dared not go in. For fear of being pulled to adjust the atmosphere. Forget it. Look at the options Jiao Yuan and the others have chosen. They might have to continue to study or go abroad in the future. After all, there are many fields. The foreign ones should be more authoritative, and many things at home are not recognized internationally. So the chances of them going back to chuhua university were very low, so in the next few years, would this kind of thing happen every year? Probably, getting used to it would be better. Of course. The development of technology made it much easier for people from two different places to contact each other. Nanny Jiao made a video call with jiao yuan every week and sent a text message from time to time, which was much better than the days when there was no phone and could only look forward to leisurely letters. When the school season started again, Nanny Jiao and the others were busy, so they didn't have much time to grieve. Zheng Tan strolled to the school's outer wall, took a pencil and added a note on the wall," february 28, 2011." Zheng Tan looked up at the bright sun in the sky. Zheng Tan drew a circle at the back of the date and added a few hairs on the outside. Zheng Tan had lunch in Jiaoba's office at noon. Yi Xin came here every day to eat together. Jiaoba was now hosting a big project, and Yi Xin was also involved. Sometimes the apprentice and master would discuss the progress of the project for a long time, and then assign the task to the graduate students with them." Hey, Teacher Jiao, tell me, when can I get ahead?" When she was with Professor Jiao in private, Yi Xin was much more casual. Jiaoba looked up at Yi Xin and said," when they stop calling you' brother yi'." Because Yi Xin was kind to people and young, he was not many years older than many graduate students, so many people in the institute now follow Jiaoba's graduate students to call yi xin" senior brother yi" instead of" teacher yi." However, it makes sense for Jiaoba to say so. When yi xin gets ahead, no student would dare to call him" senior brother" so casually, even if he was friendly to others. Talking about the mice in the lab recently, Yi Xin thought of the red hamster that was under intensive care. Relying on this red mouse, he supported several articles with high impact factors in the hospital, which were still provided as treasures by the big bulls of the Faculty of health sciences. The food was carefully prepared, poured out on the day that they could not finish eating, and took a blood sample carefully. The big bulls in the hospital did not dare to let young students take the initiative. They were afraid that they would break the red haired rat's cervical vertebra with just a little bit of force like the mice, otherwise the teachers in the hospital would definitely cry and faint in the toilet of the Faculty of health sciences. Fortunately, the red mouse was still strong. Although it was not as energetic as it was when it was first delivered, it was still much stronger than the other mice. From this point of view, it would be no problem for the red mouse to live for another three or five years, which was considered a miracle to many people. Now the red fur rat's temper was" kind." A little, but the people who were in charge of sampling and feeding would still be cautious. Otherwise, being bitten was not a small matter. The courtyard wanted to use this red fur mouse to breed more red offspring. Unfortunately, it had not been successful. Either the mice that were sent in were bitten to death, or they had not given birth to red offspring and had all kinds of congenital diseases. Some people have tried cloning, but unfortunately, it was still unsuccessful. In addition, if the pressure really tightened, the red hamster still went on a hunger strike, scaring all the big bulls who usually put on airs in front of the provincial leaders, and hurrying to stop. Usually, the little guy could have a meeting with the big bulls to discuss the solution if he was not happy or if he was in an abnormal state of poop. After all, This red hamster looks old to many people. What if one of them is not careful? As he spoke, yi xin looked at the black cat, who was dozing by, and thought, this cat is not young for so many years, but he didn't notice yi xin's expression. After he had eaten and slept here for an afternoon, he turned over the window and left. In the afternoon, he had to pick up the kitten from the school attached to him. Today, xiao zhuo had a meeting, and he planned to ask the students of the buddha to help him. Instead of rejecting it, he called Jiao family to let zheng sigh. Anyway, Zheng Tan had nothing to do. He used to pick up grapefruit like this, so he went over there. Today, the school ended early, two classes in advance, and the last two classes were for the interest group. Zhuo Xiaomao didn't sign up, so he came out with his backpack after class. Zhuo Xiaomao's eyes lit up when he saw Zheng Tan squatting on the wall by the school gate. He called out" Brother Hei." He ran over and the pencil case in his schoolbag shook, clattered, clattered. Zhuo Xiaomao is now in the second grade next semester, in fact, with his knowledge and ability, in the second grade, he was a total waste of talent. However, Zhuo did not intend to let Zhuo Xiaomao go to the children's class. She hoped that Zhuo Xiaomao could learn and communicate with the children of her age and integrate into this generation. In the class, Zhuo Xiaomao didn't read the textbooks many times. He read his own books and the teachers didn't say anything. Because Zhuo Xiaomao read a lot of books and asked a lot of questions, the teachers in primary school could not answer them at all, plus the buddha and Zhuo had told the teachers, so the substitute teachers did not do much to restrain Zhuo Xiaomao. After seeing Zheng Tan, Zhuo Xiaomao took out the ten yuan in his pocket and sighed." Brother Hei, I'll treat you to lamb skewers!" Zheng Tan looked at Zhuo Xiaomao. Isn't the child going straight home? However, Zhuo Xiaomao seems to have something on his mind today. Shaking his head, Zheng Tan hurriedly followed. The little Zhuo Xiaomao was familiar with the way he walked to the school gate and bought two kebabs. Zhuo told him that the food outside was not clean and could not be eaten more, so he had bought them. Instead of heading straight back to West side courtyard, he took a long wooden chair on a small road on campus, handed a skewer of meat to Zheng Tan's mouth, and ate the second skewer himself with his other hand. With the help of zhuo kitty, Zheng Tan could only eat with her mouth moving. Zhuo Xiaomao suddenly said," Brother Hei, I think I'm going to have more fathers." Cough! Zheng Tan, who was eating a kebab, choked on the ps: many people asked about the time, and Chen Ci specifically explained that it would be over next week