Chapter 414 Let Me Tell You

Although Zheng Tan knew that something was wrong with Zhuo Xiaomao today and he looked worried at such a young age, she did not expect this to happen. Speaking of which, he did not pay attention to kitten zhuo and Zhuo for a while. After all, Zhuo Xiaomao was not like Little Grapefruit. Zhuo came to pick him up when he was free. Even if xiao zhuo could not come, Zhuo's former brothers and sisters would come to help. Now that Zhuo was a physics teacher, Zhuo Xiaomao would go to the School of physics if he didn't come home from school. Anyway, the people in the yard knew Zhuo Xiaomao a long time ago. After all, there was a buddha standing behind this little guy. Even some serious teachers would rarely hold back a smile when they saw Zhuo Xiaomao. Zhuo Xiaomao went there. It wasn't a horizontal walk, but it was almost there. In addition, Zhuo Xiaomao was a small person, a lot of small thoughts, and very smart. Because of this, Zheng Tan had not been worried about him. But now that he heard this, Zheng Tan didn't know how to deal with it. Is this a happy event or a worry? Before Zhuo Xiaomao was born, his biological father left them and ran away. The identity of "Father" in the household register was fake, and it was a martyr. It was a form of protection that Zhuo applied for. In any case, Zhuo Xiaomao had never had a father by his side since he was a child, and even his mother had been away for several years before she came back. Zheng Tan was worried that he would be as sad about this as any other child. In fact, this kid had always been in a good mood. Zheng Tan thought he didn't care about this, but now it seems impossible not to care. According to zhuo kitty, did Zhuo finally find someone now? In the past, the buddha introduced many people, but it never worked out. Now this means that there is progress? Zheng Tan looked at Zhuo Xiaomao. The child looked up at the sky after eating the kebab. After saying that, Zhuo Xiaomao looked at the two bamboo skewers left from the skewers in his hand, jumped out of the chair, walked to the trash can not far away and threw them away. Then he came back. He continued to sit there, without any intention of leaving or talking. It was impossible to communicate with him. How about sneaking out to see what kind of person that person is?" Brother Hei." Zhuo Xiaomao looked at Zheng Tan and looked at him. He raised his head to show that he was listening. He continued." Let me tell you." Zheng Tan: ..." Zhuo Xiaomao said this for an hour. The man's name was Yue Cheng. He was a new teacher at the School of physics this year and a professor. Zhuo did not formally introduce him to Zhuo Xiaomao, but Zhuo Xiaomao met the man a few times at the School of physics and when Zhuo was not around. Zhuo's younger brothers and sisters joked that Yue Cheng might become Zhuo Xiaomao's father. After observing, zhuo kitten felt that it was possible. The buddha also looked after them. School of physics and Zhuo's close friends also joked about a" zhuoyue" group, which sounds like a good match. Anyone would have an idea about this, not to mention Zhuo Xiaomao, who knew better than his peers. To this stranger who might become a family member, say repel, not absolutely, say accept, suddenly join such a person, quite unwilling, there is a kind of unease that the pace of life has been changed, I have never seen Yue Cheng, but since the buddha supports him, the character of the other party should be good. I just don't know what Yue Cheng thinks about Zhuo Xiaomao. Xiao zhuo hasn't said anything yet. He probably just cares about Zhuo Xiaomao's mood. With that thought, Zhuo Xiaomao was in a much better mood. The phone in her bag rang and Zhuo called. Zhuo called the guard in West side courtyard and found that Zhuo Xiaomao hadn't come home yet, so he called him directly." I'm treating Brother Hei to a lamb skewer. I'll be back in a bit... Um... Okay, bye, mom." After calling Zhuo Xiaomao in a sweet voice and not putting the phone in her schoolbag, Zhuo Xiaomao put on a sad expression and said to Zheng Tan," Brother Hei, I heard that man's voice again. He's right next to mom. Brother Hei, do I really want to have more dads?" It was useless to get tangled up like this. It was only one step at a time. All Zheng Tan could do was to see what kind of person the other person was. If he was a hypocrite, one behind the other, Zheng Tan would have to intervene. If the other person was good, Zheng Tan didn't plan to get involved and send Zhuo Xiaomao to his house. Zheng Tan came out and didn't go home immediately. It wasn't six o' clock yet. He planned to go to the School of physics. The School of physics knew some of Zheng Tan, especially the graduate students under the buddha. They were more familiar with Zheng Tan. When they saw Zheng Tan, they called out. Zheng Tan ignored him and jumped to a tree in front of the School of physics and squatted down. Zhuo and Zhuo Xiaomao were still in the yard when they called. He said he would be home in half an hour, and it hasn't been half an hour since he called. Zheng Tan is waiting here. Sure enough, before long, Zheng Tan saw Zhuo come out, and beside Zhuo was not a few young female teachers or students who usually accompanied her, but a man who looked in his early forties. He was not tall, a little over 1.7m tall, not much taller than xiao zhuo. She was not too ugly, she was just fine, she was ordinary, but she looked a little sick, not very obvious, but she could still tell. Such a person... How did Zhuo like it? How did the buddha agree? Zheng Tan recalled Zhuo Xiaomao's biological father and shook his head. He didn't remember. But no matter what, this man is too ordinary, isn't he? Is he charismatic? The title of professor, coupled with such and such honor, should be able to add a lot of halo. Watching the two of them walk to the parking lot of the School of physics, after a while, xiao zhuo came out riding an electric bike, and the man also rode an electric bike and stared. If I go, I don't even have a four-wheeled car?! Zheng Tan went to the parking lot of the School of physics and saw that there were hundreds of thousands or even millions of cars there, especially those with professors in their 40s and 50s who could speak up in the courtyard. Basically, everyone had a car. Even if it wasn't a luxury car, a cheaper four-wheeled car was a basic configuration, right? Neither of them was fast on their bikes. Zheng Tan followed behind them until they parted at a fork in the road. One went back to West side courtyard, the other went to the main gate and squatted in the grass, thinking about Zhuo's expression. It seemed that Zhuo was quite satisfied, and the smile was not that perfunctory, but also a little shy. The next few days. Zheng Tan goes to the School of physics every day. She also heard a lot of gossip about Zhuo and Yue Cheng. In school, it's not just students. The teachers were also very gossipy, and sometimes they could see two people in their fifties standing by the grass in front of the academy with teacups, chatting and talking about Zhuo. After listening to so much gossip, Zheng Tan found out. Yue Cheng was actually only thirty-five or thirty-six years old and had a marriage, but he left early because he was always busy with experiments and didn't have time to spend with his wife. She didn't have any children, didn't talk to anyone after the divorce, and wasn't feeling well. Just after a period of recuperation, he used to work at the national academy of sciences, and then went abroad to meet Zhuo, who they met. Yue Cheng came back a year later than xiao zhuo, and now for Zhuo, he came to the Chuhua university." I heard that the two of them have been working together abroad for the past few years," one said." Really? No wonder they look so familiar. They don't look like they just met." Another person was surprised to think in the tree next to him. When will Zhuo go abroad for a few years? Thinking about it, Zheng Tan was taken aback. After Zhuo joined the project and left for a few years, the buddha gave him an excuse to study abroad. Could Yue Cheng be a member of that project? This thought would explain why Yue Cheng, who was only in his thirties, looked like he was in his forties and had a morbid feeling about him. It was the same when Zhuo came back. If it was for this reason, Zheng Tan thought that Yue Cheng was actually not bad. The person who could be selected by the country to participate in such a project was definitely the elite among the elite. After observing for a few days, he did not find that Yue Cheng had done anything out of the ordinary. The teachers and students of the School of physics didn't say anything negative about this man when they were gossiping. Zheng Tan thought that it was still out of the picture, but when Zheng Tan was planning to stay out of the picture, Zhuo Xiaomao called Jiao family and said that he would invite Zheng Tan over for dinner tomorrow. Zheng Tan was often invited to dinner over there, and people in Jiao family were no longer surprised. Jiaoba Nanny Jiao had no other reaction to this, but Zheng Tan figured out that this meal must have something to do with Yue Cheng. The next day, when Zheng Tan went over, Zhuo, who was wearing an apron, came to open the door." Black charcoal, come in and get whatever you want. The kitten is on the balcony." Zhuo hurried to the kitchen again, the food was still in the pot. Because it was the weekend, Zhuo Xiaomao didn't go to school, and Zhuo temporarily put down the matter in the yard, Yue Cheng obviously did the same. There were two balconies in the house. One was on the master bedroom side, where you could see the large yard for leisure, and the view was relatively wide. The other balconies were very small. Usually, Zhuo only used them to dry clothes, and he didn't go this way. There was no view here, and he could only see the opposite building. Zhuo Xiaomao usually doesn't come this way. But now, when Zhuo Xiaomao and Yue Cheng both walked to the balcony, Zhuo Xiaomao was busy with the help of Yue Cheng with his little gloves. He put up a mechanical rack, which was high above the railing, and there were two grooves on the outstretched mechanical arm. Seeing Zheng Tan, Zhuo Xiaomao waved." Brother Hei, come on. I read the chinese book of the fourth grader next door yesterday. It said that two iron balls landed at the same time. I'm going to do an experiment." Zheng Tan was not interested. Why was it so complicated to do such a stupid experiment? Not interested is not interested, but since Zhuo Xiaomao said it, Zheng Tan didn't know what to do, so he squatted down and watched the two of them busy. Below this side were lawns, and the mechanical racks stretched out long enough to avoid falling on the concrete floor at the edge of the building. They also moved out of the balcony to avoid being hit by someone sticking their head out from downstairs. After the shelves were set up, the timer and a few things that Zheng Tan didn't know what to do were all set up. Yue Cheng looked around, and there was no one nearby downstairs, so he nodded. When Zhuo Xiaomao saw it, he pressed the remote control in his hand. The groove on the arm opened and a big iron ball and a small iron ball fell down. The sound of the landing sounded below, but Zhuo Xiaomao was looking at a timer the first time. Then he took the paper and pen and began to write and draw. Yue Cheng also had Zhuo Xiaomao's paper and pen in his hand, but he didn't write too many formulas like Zhuo Xiaomao did. After a pause, he wrote a number and watched Zhuo Xiaomao calculate." Your formula is wrong." Yue Cheng pointed to the formula written on Zhuo Xiaomao's paper and said." Huh?!" Zhuo Xiaomao looked unconvinced, with the intention of going to my mother's to complain if you can't give me a reasonable explanation. Yue Cheng didn't care about Zhuo Xiaomao's glare. With a smile, he picked up the pen and paper in his hand and said to kitten zhuo," are you reading the previous book? I'll deduce it for you to see..." Zheng Tan: ..." What the hell are you talking about? I don't understand! Didn't two iron balls land at the same time? What are you calculating now? Why are you talking about height and classical physics? Free fall, your sister! Mechanical movement, your grandpa! The formula deduces your sister's grandfather! Zheng Tan's beard trembled. Again. Shaking again, she turned around and entered the house. Where her iq was suppressed, her self-esteem was frustrated, and when she went to watch tv and went downstairs to pick up things, Zhuo Xiaomao called Zheng Tan along. Yue Cheng followed him down the stairs. Zhuo Xiaomao had been introducing Zheng Tan to Yue Cheng when he went downstairs. Yue Cheng had been smiling and listening without any impatience. Although there was grass below, the kitten was free falling and flat throwing. There were too many things thrown down, and some rolled far away. It was not easy to find all of them. Zhuo Xiaomao put them all into his little box, including Yue Cheng's two special little magnetic balls. Zhuo Xiaomao had long been envious of Yue Cheng reaching out to help kitten zhuo carry things. Zhuo Xiaomao walked quickly with his short legs holding the box." No, no!" Before Zhuo Xiaomao could get far, Yue Cheng quickly stepped forward and hooked Zhuo Xiaomao up, swinging him around in the air. Zhuo Xiaomao screamed as he hugged the box. Children also like to scream, but when compared to older children and adults, when they scream, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are frightened or scared, but it means that he is excited and happy that he has never heard Zhuo Xiaomao scream like this before. This child is always more mature than his peers. Even though he was young in class, he was more stable than others in many situations. It was out of place, not like a child. Now, for the first time, Zheng Tan felt that this child was really just a little kid." And Brother Hei, Brother Hei!" Hearing Zhuo Xiaomao's cry, Zheng Tan, who was thinking about something, was about to look over and realized that he had been picked up. Yue Cheng grabbed Zhuo Xiaomao in one hand and Zheng Tan in the other." Let's go and eat!" The atmosphere was quite harmonious during the meal. Zhuo Xiaomao soon became acquainted with Yue Cheng, and there was no struggle in the past few days. Zheng Tan was still happy for the child in his heart. A week later, Yue Cheng proposed to Zhuo and handed him a ring and a small gold seal in the box. Each little golden seal proved the contribution of Jin Zhang's master to this country, and it also represented that they had some privileges that no one else had, and belonged to the special protection category. Zhuo put the two Jin Zhang together. Double gold medallion protection, Zhuo Xiaomao's umbrella has another one. In the warm spring, everything seemed to be exuding vitality. The school bell rang, and a group of children rushed out of the school with their schoolbags. They squatted on a tree and looked at the children running out. Zhuo Xiaomao was among them. Zhuo and Yue Cheng didn't come to pick them up. A graduate student took Zhuo Xiaomao to the School of physics. Zhuo Xiaomao seemed very excited. He was able to go into the lab today to watch an experiment. He also asked a lot of relevant questions along the way, and the graduate student explained patiently. When he looked up at the flowers on the tree, Zhuo Xiaomao saw Zheng Tan squatting on the branch, and his smile widened." Brother Hei Brother Hei!" Zhuo Xiaomao waved hesitantly and jumped down the tree to see what the child wanted to say. Who knew the next thing Zhuo Xiaomao said was," let me tell you..." Zheng Tan turned and ran. Ps: I told you the end of the chapter yesterday, but I didn't expect so many people to post in the book review area. I am very happy that everyone likes to return to the cat, and thank you all for supporting the return of the cat. It will end eventually. It's been a year. For this book, it's been a long time. The subject matter can't be too long. It will be too long. In addition to this year's harmony, there are some things that Chen Ci doesn't dare to write. In the last few days, I hope everyone can accompany the cat back to the end.