Chapter 415 Curtain Call Performance

Zhuo and Yue Cheng's wedding was held in may. Jiaoba Nanny Jiao took Zheng Tan to a banquet. Little Grapefruit was busy. There were a lot of school leaders attending the wedding, and the buddha took the lead. Because of this wedding, many people knew that there were many big names in the school behind Zhuo and Yue Cheng, and they would not use their identities to find trouble with Zhuo and the others in the school. For Zhuo and Yue Cheng, they wouldn't have a honeymoon like those young people. They had a lot of work to do and didn't have much time to go on vacation. If they wanted to go on vacation, they had to finish a phase of the project. Although he couldn't take a long vacation, he took Zhuo Xiaomao to the amusement park to have a good time. When he was invited to Zhuo Xiaomao's house for dinner again, it was already summer vacation. When Zhuo Xiaomao went to the countryside to play, he caught some shrimp and brought it back to eat. He said he wanted to share with Zheng Tan. Running from East side courtyard to West side courtyard under the sun, Zheng Tan swaggered into the courtyard under the watchful eyes of the doorman. Now that Yue Cheng was living with Zhuo Xiaomao and little zhuo, it wasn't that little zhuo and Yue Cheng didn't have the money to go out and buy a house or anything. It was just that it was convenient to live here, and Zhuo Xiaomao was already used to it. Yue Cheng bought a four-wheeled sedan with good safety and should have spent a lot of money. Many people say they don't need a four-wheeled car, but one day you will find that you do need a door to transport, not a eleventh or a two-wheeled car, because you are not the only one in your life, especially when a family with children comes in, Zhuo is busy in the kitchen. Yue Cheng was gone and went to the courtyard. He also helped xiao zhuo handle some of the things so that xiao zhuo had time to stay at home with the children. Because it was just summer vacation, Zhuo Xiaomao didn't go to school. He was lying on the bed in his small room, reading a book and wiping his feet on the carpet beside him. He jumped up and read the book in zhuo's hands. In fact, it wasn't a book, but a lot of printed papers were bound together, a thick stack, with undergraduate students inside. There were articles published by masters, ph. D., and other teachers in science journals. Zheng Tan couldn't understand it at all, but he was curious about the text that Zhuo Xiaomao had marked on it with different colored highlighters. For example, "There are statistically significant trends,"" these results will be given in a series of reports,"" to a certain extent correct" and so on. Let's talk about taking notes, but the markings don't look like advanced scientific knowledge. After Zhuo Xiaomao saw Zheng Tan. Glad to finally have someone to talk to." Brother Hei, do you know the underlying meaning of these words?" Zhuo Xiaomao pointed at the marked words on the printed paper and said, shaking his head as if he was eager to share an interesting story with Zheng Tan and listening to what little cat zhuo was going to say. Zhuo Xiaomao pointed at the words like a treasure and said," he told me that there are many language traps in the paper that can't be understood according to the meaning on the surface. So I marked all these words and combined them with the full text to see if they really have that hidden meaning." The" he" in Zhuo Xiaomao's words meant Yue Cheng. Now that they had been together for more than three months, Zhuo Xiaomao and Yue Cheng had become familiar. However, the address was still not finalized." Uncle yue," I think it was too unfamiliar, so I directly called" dad." Zhuo Xiaomao felt that it was not easy to speak, so now I only use" he" instead. However, Zheng Tan looked like this, and it was estimated that Zhuo Xiaomao would soon change his name to Yue Cheng's" father." Zhuo Xiaomao had a high chance of mentioning Yue Cheng." Brother Hei, you see, for example, this'statistically significant trend', which means' the statistics are actually meaningless', and this' the results will be given in a series of reports' is actually saying' if this experiment can get more support, such as funding,'" We will continue to do it, and this'statistical investigation'means' according to the grapevine'... Well, this' based on the above results, we predict' is actually saying' I'm sorry, we're just guessing', and this' I hope this research will lead to more in-depth research in this field' is actually saying' whoever wants to do it, I won't do it'..." Zhuo Xiaomao gave several examples in a row, all of which were commonly used in the papers. Jiaoba had actually said that, like the slang in the industry, people in their industry knew the deeper meaning of this, but the layman was fooled by Zhuo Xiaomao as if he was looking for trouble. He marked out all the interesting words in the papers and looked at them like a collection of jokes. He laughed and laughed beside them helplessly. He really didn't know where to laugh. After laughing, Zhuo Xiaomao closed the folder and said to Zheng Tan," Brother Hei, my mother once said she wanted to keep a cat. Last month, she took me to Pet center to see it. She was going to adopt one from there. Didn't the public service advertisement you shot even say that she wanted to adopt instead of buying it?" Zhuo Xiaomao's smile faded with a hint of worry. Zhuo had thought about adopting a cat a long time ago, but now Zhuo and Yue Cheng didn't have time in the house. They mostly stayed at the School of physics during the day, and zhuo also had to go to school. After school, she went to the School of physics more times than she went home directly. Not to mention that Zhuo Xiaomao was just a kid, and it was too late to take care of people. How could he take care of animals? One more pet at home is also a responsibility, not too perfunctory. After much thought, Zhuo gave up on the urge to adopt a cat for the time being. Zhuo Xiaomao felt a little regretful about it. He also wanted to adopt a cat and a dog. Last month, he was optimistic about it, but when he came back, he listened to Zhuo and Yue Cheng's analysis and found that he really didn't have time to take care of it. It was impossible to bring a dog and a cat to the School of physics, and the buddha would definitely shut it out without any hesitation." Oh, just grow up." Zhuo Xiaomao sighed. You won't think that when you grow up, Zheng Tan thought. When I was a child, I wanted to grow up quickly, but when I grew up, I dreamed of going back to the age of a child. After a big lunch at Zhuo Xiaomao's house, xiao zhuo took the lunch box to the School of physics. Zhuo Xiaomao watched tv for a while and took a nap. Zheng Tan stayed with him for a while. When Zhuo came back, Zheng Tan left. He still has things to do in the afternoon, so he won't stay here for long. Coming out of the building, a wave of heat surged up and Zheng Tan walked quickly to a shady place. He walked out along the shady place. Two cats were lying on their sides under the grape trellis taking a nap. A big yellow and white cat sharpened its claws and climbed up the tree trunk. Halfway up, when he saw Zheng Tan, he stopped like a cicada on a tree trunk and looked at Zheng Tan. It didn't shake its tail until Zheng Tan left. It continued to climb up and found a branch to lie down. When Zheng Tan returned to East side courtyard, Charlie was waiting at the intersection leading to the courtyard, where there were large sycamore trees and large shady areas. He parked his electric car here, playing with his cell phone and waiting for Zheng Tan to come back. Obviously, Charlie knew about Zheng Tan's movements from the jiao family and waited here. Zheng Tan was going to Pet center this afternoon to shoot a video. Now the video that Guo's studio shot began with advertising videos, promotional videos, and later, some small story dramas performed by cats became more and more popular. It was because of these screens that a large number of Pet center fans gathered. Although many people are not in the city, not even in the province, and some are still abroad, Pet center already knows a lot about" clearly so." Every time the video comes out, many people are waiting on the internet, refreshing the web page, and buying pet products through the internet to buy here. This has already formed a brand effect. There were many fans of Zheng Tan on the internet, not only Zheng Tan, but also several dogs and cats in Pet center who had their own supporters. Although the video did not necessarily reveal their own characters, the audience on the internet, who would bother about that? It was okay to watch the video. Zheng Tan used to be the pillar there, but now that the pillar has been replaced, sesame seeds are a heavy burden. Although Guo didn't want too many people to know about sesame seeds before, it's impossible for the people around him to not know at all. Later, someone took a photo and posted it online. Sesame was caught poking her head outside the studio. After a while, there were many comments on the internet asking guo not to hide it. After thinking about it, guo decided to let sesame go. Sesame doesn't like to go out as much as the Peanut candy does now. She's too busy at home, too energetic, and has been tossing around all day. Besides, this guy seems to be interested in filming, and sometimes he goes to join in the fun. After the audition, sesame quickly adapted to this life. Every time she looked at the camera, she would run over and pose. Sesame was very smart. Although it didn't need to be taught like Zheng Tan, but compared to other cats, it was much easier to shoot. It could be taught twice, and it was also cute. Many people watch the video just to see the cute cat, unique in appearance and cute in sales. Unlike Zheng Tan's style in front of the camera, it is" lethal." In the human world, it is a rising superstar, Zheng Tan, the former" movie king." Although his influence was still there, it was clear that sesame's supporters were rising exponentially, and it was hard to say when his popularity would surpass that of Zheng Tan Zheng Tan. After all, he was not a real cat and had nothing to do with sesame. After the jiao family asked him to reduce his work here, Zheng Tan's only regret was that there wasn't so much overtime to get Zheng Tan back. The jiao family didn't even want Zheng Tan to come back. Anyway, there were sesame seeds over there, so there was no need to bother Zheng Tan. The jiao family was so worried because Zheng Tan slept for another three days in april. Compared to the previous seven days of sleep, when he had a cold and had to stay in the hospital to hang water, this time his condition was relatively mild, but the jiao family was more worried, and they could not find the cause of the illness. They could only feel relieved that they had a dream at that time. He dreamed that he was sick and was hospitalized in a ward. Next to him was a nurse who was quite nimble, changing her dressing. The nurse, Zheng Tan, had a slight impression that she had been in a relationship before, but before he could flirt with her, she came back." Oh, black coal is back for dinner." Seeing Zheng Tan, Charlie put his phone back in his bag and opened the umbrella installed on the electric car. After Zheng Tan jumped into the back seat, he rode to Pet center. The props and cameras at the studio were all ready. Some of them were taken in the morning, and some were taken when Zheng Tan came over. In the shadow of the hallway outside the studio, the big dog, who was in charge of the door, saw that Charlie was about to push the door open and rushed over. The crack in the door opened and squeezed into the room, blowing the air conditioner. Soon, he stopped panting with his tongue outstretched and found a place to take a quiet nap. Dogs also like to take part in filming after resting for a while and go home early after filming. Charlie knocked on the door and went into Guo's office to hand in a form. When he saw what guo was writing, he was a little surprised." Boss, who did you arrange this' closing performance' for?"" A few of our team members are old and can't be bothered anymore. They don't look like humans and don't have wrinkles, but if you pay attention, you can see that they're not young anymore." Guo picked up the small mirror next to him, looked at his face and sighed," life is like a hot bath water. It's very comfortable to soak in it, but the longer you soak in it, the more wrinkles you have." Charlie thought for a moment." That sounds familiar." Shaking his head, he continued," but boss, you're still young. You're in your prime. You don't have to be emotional." The Li Yuanba, which occupied an entire shelf, squinted at Guo and continued to take a nap