Chapter 416 Time of That Generation

In fact, Guo had been thinking about the curtain call a long time ago, but it was just because he was busy and didn't start. It happened that the weather was hot and he stayed at home for the summer, so he simply listed this plan. The cats in the studio were indeed old. Before the studio was established, they had been in Pet center for several years. Some of them were stray cats that were adopted. Due to the outbreak, many cats were thrown away, and some of the cats that looked expensive were willing to throw directly into the street. The lucky ones were picked up by Guo. Some of the cats who were about to take part in the curtain call were raised here since childhood, such as the short american cat "Prince." There were also a few long-haired cats, several years older than Zheng Tan's. The oldest one was also over ten years old, not as strong as at its peak. Some of them had wandered outside and had fallen ill. Although they were well cared for after coming to Pet center, they were weaker than other cats of the same age. Each time the same scene was filmed, it would probably be filmed several times over and over again. Especially now that the audience's requirements for the quality of the film have become higher and higher, the filming of the video has become stricter. Even if the main characters in the video are cats, we should try our best to wear less and improve the quality. In this way, The roles of cats and dogs must have been increased. That's why the jiao family didn't want Zheng Tan to be here right now. After all, walking alone was different from taking part in the filming. The latter had too much work to do in a short period of time. Even if Zheng Tan was easier than the other cats, he had to spend half a day with her. If necessary, he had to go out with her. Knowing that guo was going to have a farewell video, Zheng Tan quickly made up his mind and decided to" retire" with the princes and the others. Anyway, there are few people coming to Pet center now. Nanny Jiao had long hoped that Zheng Tan would put down the matter here and not lack money. Why do you have to find so many things? Besides, it wasn't that Zheng Tan wouldn't come here after the" exit." He could still drop by when he was bored. After finalizing the six cats and two dogs that were going to" back out" this time. Guo began to take action to prepare for the filming. The video of the six cats and two dogs leaving the circle was not done in a day or two. In the form of a documentary, according to Guo's high standards. It was estimated to last longer because guo wanted to go with the season, shooting a little in the summer and a little in the late summer and early autumn. When it was autumn and winter, one more shot would not be able to be taken in spring. Guo planned to add some from the video he had edited before. The video didn't come out until the end of the year, and Guo also made some souvenirs, such as pillows, calendars, postcards and so on, which belonged to the six cats and two dogs. When the buyer comes to buy something from Pet center, he will send out some souvenirs. Before the film came out. Six cats and two dogs, including Zheng Tan, had less work to do, but they would also take part in the filming, even if they were to show their presence. Some netizens and customers in Pet center noticed the change, but they didn't say anything. Just like in the entertainment industry, the older generation gives way to the new generation, the same is true here. Until Guo released the news that the six cats had" withdrawn from the ring," the internet exploded. Many people mentioned blackc, and many asked about the other cats. Even the supporting roles were loved by many people." Curtain call? No way?!"" Are bc and prince both old? Are they past ten?"" You can be considered an old cat at the age of seven or eight, and a dog's words are probably even shorter. In this way, you are indeed not young. It's good to retire. Have a good rest. There is no need to struggle."" Seven or eight years old is an old cat? Nonsense! My cat is twelve years old and still goes to the eaves to catch birds every day!"" My cat is fourteen, and I saw it catching mice the day before yesterday." However, it was still a pity for everyone to complain about it. Many of them were old customers in Pet center, and they were deeply impressed by the first batch of cats and dogs, including blackc, who shot the commercial, because at that time," obviously." Pet center's rise in the market was not as mature as it is today, bringing a lot of fun and benefits to many foster families. In a flash, after all these years of their rise, mobile phones were not as popular, the internet was not as popular, Pet center was just an unknown small shop, the studio was poorly equipped, and Guo was still in a hurry for the shooting of more than a thousand yuan. Now, look at how much has changed. In the closing video, there were some unpublished images of ng taken in the early years, including pictures and videos of six cats and two dogs, including Zheng Tan. Although Zheng Tan didn't make much mistakes in the early filming, the other cats and dogs would make mistakes, and there were a few scenes where Zheng Tan's helpless expression when the other cats and dogs made mistakes in succession, which amused the audience. On the screen, the cats would act out the characters in the story according to the characters they arranged, and the scenes of life would tell others what the real ones were like. Some cats, with their shelves in their hands, looked like the flower of a high mountain in the distant snow. It was noble and not to be trifled with, but in fact, you could hook it up by picking a weed and shaking it in front of it for two seconds. Some cats, on the other hand, look innocent and kind, but in fact, you want to be close to them and interact with them, but you find that no matter how much effort you put into it, it will still stand high and look at you like a fool. Not every cat, like the Peanut candy, has the ambition to become a cat on a cat in the cat world. It fights outside all day, fights big cats and dogs, fights bigger dogs after dogs, and occasionally comes back with a few gifts, such as birds, grasshoppers, fat rats and so on. More cities had smaller and more homely pet cat areas. The former" prince" Every morning, after eating, he would routinely jump onto the long wooden board tied with a hemp rope. After scratching from the front to the back, no one would call him. Anyway, when he was full, he didn't think that there would be any big cat problems. He was indifferent to the outside world. After scratching, he would find a comfortable place to take a nap. Now, after eating, it will find a soft place to bask in the sun and sleep with narrowed eyes. Among the two dogs, Zheng Tan had known the old dog for many years - the golden retriever who had won many pet exhibitions, the" master," whose head was still used as a packaging for some of the dog food produced by the store. In the past, it ran energetically on the grass and jumped high to pick up the frisbee. Now, it just grabbed its rice bowl and couldn't jump up. Older male dogs, once led out for a walk, urinate along the way, telling other dogs their age, gender, and status through pheromones in their urine, leaving their" business cards." When it sees a good markable object, it will be full of energy. It will raise its hind legs, sprinkle a few drops of dog urine on the target, sweep down the ground with arrogance, roar a few times, and then find the next one suitable for" markings." The target could be a tall tree or a fire hydrant on the side of the road. Now, he looked lazier when he was out walking, he didn't look for the target as often as he did when he was young, and he didn't have much strength to lift his legs. However, if there were other younger male dogs around, he would still pee with his hind legs raised high, proving that the sword was not old. Every cat or dog has its own story and cat / dog life line. Guo integrated his own summary into it and asked everyone to review the changes and contributions of these eight animals from the beginning to the present. Of course, Guo would also use some artistic techniques to exaggerate and exaggerate them to achieve better results. At the end of the film, there was a long road. Zheng Tan walked on the road, stepping on the withered and yellow leaves of the chinese parasol tree, and gradually walked away. The final image was taken by guo at the Chuhua university. Zheng Tan was walking on the main road of the campus nearest to East side courtyard, where tall sycamore trees were planted on both sides. When filming, Zheng Tan had the illusion that he would be really old if he walked like this. It was obvious that his life and cat life were only thirty years old. Everyone has a different person or thing with the word" classic" in their hearts. It is irreplaceable in their hearts. When people with different ideas talk about this topic, they can even have a bloody debate. They can decide who says the classic first and then decide who says the classic is the real classic. Their farewell performances also meant the end of an era. Just like the star chasers chasing after their idols, the timing of their idols symbolizes an era, and when the idol dies, it opens up a new era. More newcomers will enter the eyes of the star chasers, and more exciting, well-produced promotions and screens will replace those crude, low-budget videos. It gradually replaced the old yellowing figures in his memory. However, after leaving the screen, human stars will be remembered by someone. They have a huge fan base, many fans will remember in a few years, and then run it again, interview the retired artists, and bring back the glory of the past. But on cats, this kind of situation is very rare. People often say ten years a generation, but for cats and dogs, ten years may be their life. No matter how well they say it now and how many people on the forums like them to keep them, they are not human after all, and their influence is limited. In a year or two, there may be very few people who remember them. However, compared to dogs, cats may not care. As some people once said, in fact, many cats can tell at a glance that you like it or don't like it. The problem is, it doesn't care at all. Do what you want, do what you want, stay in the house on a rainy day and bask in the sun on a sunny day. In a high wall courtyard, a mansion, or a warehouse on the street, Or in some more ordinary families, in their own way, Just like hundreds of years ago, between the talented and the beautiful, Walking through the slums and the rich, passing by people you know or don't know. It wasn't a long time ago. People have fun, cats have fun, and life is more fun. After the curtain call, Guo's office hung a framed painting with eight paw prints, two dog paw prints, and six cat paw prints