Chapter 417 Is This Yours?

Since we have already retreated from the "Circle" Zheng Tan didn't have much trouble with things in Pet center either. The pictures of blackc on the internet were all the same, and when Zheng Tan went online, he found that his photos appeared less and less, replaced by the new generation of cat stars in Pet center. Sharp chin, round chin, long hair, short hair, skinny fat ball, cute and cute, all kinds of cats, quickly attracted the attention of new and old customers and netizens, and everyone gradually stopped talking about those old cats who had already retired from the circle and were still a little unhappy at first. But soon, he didn't care. Anyway, he didn't plan to live on this. However, after no task, Zheng Tan felt free, which was psychological. Go outside and visit? But everyone seemed to be busy with their own business, and then Zheng Tan didn't want to disturb them all the time. Zheng Tan didn't want to stay at home, because when he was free, he wanted to sleep. He didn't sleep as lightly as usual with chief Big Fat. Compared to the beginning, it wasn't a long time, but it was too frequent, and the dreams were always about familiar scenes of being a human being, just as Zheng Tan remembered, very real. After waking up, Zheng Tan had to sit and think about whether he was a human or a cat. One day last week, when Zheng Tan woke up, he didn't notice. He walked out of the room directly and came face to face with mother jiao who came out of the kitchen. Zheng Tan's first reaction was not to fall on his feet immediately, but to raise his paw and scratch his head in a daze. The bowl of soup in Nanny Jiao's hand nearly shook off. Fortunately, over the years, he had seen Zheng Tan behave differently from other cats, or else Nanny Jiao would have dropped the bowl of hot soup in his hand. After that day, Zheng Tan didn't really want to stay at home, or else he would have fallen asleep. I don't even know what I am. Sure enough, if I have to worry about one thing, I have to replace it with something else. It's better to go out and wander around the campus bored than to sleep in a daze. But to be honest, Zheng Tan was worried. The calendar went on like this every day. When she came back to her senses, she realized how fast the time had passed. In fact, he didn't do anything and didn't have any impressive things. The calendar in the living room had inadvertently been turned to september, 2012. Little Grapefruit was in his third year of high school, and his studies were getting busier and busier. But he still went home once a week, then did some tests and read books at home. Jiao Yuan was still in the capital city and could come back once or twice a year. Jiaoba took another project. Every day, apart from sleeping at home, he spent most of his time working in the hospital. Nanny Jiao led the graduates to prepare for their lessons and revise their papers. Everyone lost a few pounds like the students. The only fat one was Zheng Tan. Jumping off the scale at home, Zheng Tan stretched and gained a pound. It couldn't be seen from people, but putting a cat on was different from putting on weight because it was raining outside. Zheng Tan had been cooped up at home, eating, sleeping and eating. Now that the weather had finally cleared up, Zheng Tan decided to go out for a walk. At home, he could only sleep, sleep and dream, and grow meat. In any case, it was better to go out for a walk. After two weeks of continuous rainy days, apart from the freshmen in the military training, everyone else was more looking forward to the sun. When the sun cleared up, there were a lot of people outside drying their quilts and clothes today. Like Zheng Tan, Ahuang, who had been cooped up at home for so long, also came out to exercise his muscles and bones. It was good for him to bask in the sun. When he came out of East side courtyard, Zheng Tan walked aimlessly, not knowing what he was thinking. When he heard the children's cries and laughter, he came back to his senses and found that he was almost at the kindergarten. As soon as Zhuo Xiaomao left, two more people called Brother Hei came - Wei Xiaopang and Two Elements. When they first entered kindergarten, the two of them bumped over to the fence when they saw Zheng Tan, then cried at Zheng Tan outside. Zheng Tan had just seen them having a good time with the other children, but his face changed in the blink of an eye, crying and shouting to go home. As soon as Zheng Tan left, the two of them went back to play with each other. So, after Zheng Tan knew their strategy, he always took a detour every time he passed by the kindergarten, never letting them see him. Second Mao also told Zheng Tan about their curriculum, so that Zheng Tan wouldn't be caught by the two children in the outdoor class when he went there. When she first entered kindergarten, second Mao first taught Two Elements not" thank you" and" I'm sorry," but how to protect herself, and how to overturn each other on the ground. This was known after Two Elements beat up a little boy with his own brush and cried. For this reason, er mao was scolded by his mother when he brought his wife home. As for Wei Xiaopang, at first, it seemed that no one in the class would take the initiative to look for trouble, because this was not an easy person to deal with. He was much stronger now. When they saw Zheng Tan, they only shouted a few times, not crying and begging to take him home. At this age, children change a lot every year and know more and more. However, Zheng Tan was used to taking detours and rarely went to the kindergarten. If you take a detour from the kindergarten, there is a" y" intersection. One side leads to the inner part of the school, and the other is towards the main gate of the school. Zheng Tan turned around and walked towards the gate, wondering if he wanted to go out and have fun. Otherwise, it would be too boring. Every day, he would wait for the time to pass. If he was really a cat, he would be fine. He would be able to play for half a day without those worries. But the problem was that Zheng Tan was not a real cat. There was an open space near the school gate, where the school bus started. There were electric ones with a dozen or twenty seats, as well as passenger ones with more than fifty seats. The former only went on campus, while the latter sometimes went on campus and other places outside the school to pick up new students and foreign guests. One of the big customers went to the high school affiliated to renmin university of china, and now Nanny Jiao Little Grapefruit and the others often sit on it. At this time, at the parking spot, there were three small electric school buses, which the big guests did not see. The teachers who drove the small school bus parked there and drove at 80 % of the time. They didn't wait until they were full. They really drove when they couldn't wait, but they usually didn't wait for people all the time. In the school bus by the side. The driver sat there, playing games with a tablet. Even though these 40 or 50 year old people drive the school bus here every day, the family conditions may not be as bad as the students think. There are a lot of cell phones with thousands of dollars in hand and tablet computers. The master was sweating profusely when he clicked on the screen, and his bald head became brighter. Zheng sighed, who had originally planned to walk straight out of school, paused. He turned around and went over there. He jumped onto a small sycamore tree next to him. It was impossible to squat on a branch. The tree was too small. The branch above could not bear Zheng Tan's weight, so Zheng Tan just looked over there with the trunk in his arms. Zheng Tan had seen the game that the master played before. It was a small casual game developed by Feng Baijin and the others - cat and mouse. The master clicked on the screen to catch the white, gray, and black flower rats that were moving on the screen, big and small, running fast and slow, cute, and looking shabby. Different rats have different attributes and different points. Some of them may not be able to react very quickly to young people, and some of them will always miss out on higher points. Not to mention people who didn't play games before they were 40 or 50 years old. Otherwise, in a ten-degree weather, the master wouldn't be sweating profusely at the click of a screen. It was urgent." Oh, my! Almost!" The master sighed." What's wrong? You didn't surpass your grandson?" The teacher on the school bus next to him asked with a smile." Yes, it's only about 200 points short. More than 20 black rats will do. Alas, old people can't compare to the actions of young people. My grandson, who just went to primary school, plays better than me." The groaning bald driver was about to raise his head 45 degrees in sorrow when he realized that there was a black cat in the tree next to him, staring at his side." Hey, that black one, come over here!" The bald driver waved happily." Let's play together." Zheng Tan: ..." The driver next door: ..." In fact, the bald driver said the same thing, but he did not think that the black cat really came over and was bored. Since the other party let him go to play games, why didn't he go? Jumping into the passenger seat, Zheng Tan looked at the bald driver and waited for him to display the tablet. The bald driver glared, then laughed, took out his tablet and clicked on the game. When the driver next door saw it, he sneered in his heart," you bald bastard, aren't you afraid that the cat will scratch the thousands of tablets your son bought you?" Obviously, the bald driver didn't even think about it at all. All he could think about was going back to tease the kid after his score exceeded his grandson's. He was still showing off in front of him yesterday. The bald driver had been playing this game for a week, and Zheng Tan had never played it before, but he had seen Feng Baijin play it before. He was quick to play it, one with a cat, one with a finger, and one with a cat's paw. When the time came, the bald driver looked at the score and laughed loudly, clapping his legs as he laughed." It's finally over!" Here is the ifi, the score is automatically uploaded online. No, the ranking of friends on the list has been changed, and the uncle's ranking has jumped three places." Old zhao, it seems that the job of catching mice is still cat-like. Look, once the cat joins, the score will go up!" The bald driver said in an experienced tone. With a wave of his hand, he said to Zheng Tan in the passenger seat," come on, come on! Let's just pass my son and let him know the result of the tiger!" The driver surnamed zhao next door: ..." Shaking his head, master zhao did not intend to pay attention to the old bald man. He had already sat on his side for nearly ten students. It should be about the same now. Can we go now? However, when he looked back, he found that there were nearly ten students just now, and there were only three students now. He looked at the bald one next door, ho! All of them ran over! Some students took photos of the game with their mobile phones and uploaded them to the internet. Some students asked what the game was and then asked themselves what the next one was. Both boys and girls craned their necks to watch. Since the incident of the police chief cat at the ne boy concert, nothing interesting has happened in the school. It was not easy to catch one. The students were excited to post, forward, and re-forward it. Many people saw Zheng Tan playing games with the bald driver. Faculty of health sciences, a lab. After Professor Jiao caught the person who was browsing weibo with his head down, the child was not in a hurry. He smiled pleasantly, pulled up the weibo he had just seen, then faced Professor Jiao and raised his large screen phone." Boss, look! This is yours, right?" Jiaoba: ..." Ps: it's over in three chapters. Also, don't worry, Chen Ci doesn't write tragedies. By the way," back to the past and become a dog," written by the beluga girl, anyone interested in this kind of thing can go and see.