Chapter 418 Become Your Grandfather's Cat!

Zheng Tan didn't expect to get angry after leaving the Pet center studio. Although he wasn't as popular as the sheriff, he still heard students pointing at him every time he went out. In this regard, Zheng Tan did not feel much, and the jiao family did not deliberately do anything. After all, the impact of this time was not big, nor did it directly cause any trouble. At most, they were taken a few more photos, but now go out, or walk to the school bus stop. Then, he continued to play games with the bald driver, and this way, the car that Zheng Tan was in would always be full in a moment. If the school had not written in the contract with these drivers that there was a penalty for overloading, the bald driver would have been overloaded every time. Sometimes Zheng Tan didn't go there, but the students who often took the school bus already knew the bald driver. If they had a choice and were not in a hurry, they would rather go to the bald driver's car, and some students who were free to drive talked to the driver. For example, "Have you broken the game record," "Add a friend score in the game," "That black cat didn't come today" and so on. Then, he took his phone to weibo: look, brother is in this car again today, but unfortunately, he didn't see the black cat. The good business of the bald driver made the rest of the motorcade jealous, but what could be done? Who told them not to have a cat to pull people up? When Zheng Tan was in a good mood, he would take the bald driver's school bus around the campus. During the break, the bald driver shared the bread in his bag with Zheng Tan. After eating, he would drink some water. The bald driver continued to drive, while Zheng Tan continued to sit in the car and watch the scenery. The students also made way for the seat in the copilot's seat, and if any of them went to grab the seat, they would be glared at by others. Unless Zheng Tan took the initiative to get off the copilot, very few people would take the initiative to grab the seat. However, Zheng Tan would not join the fun at a few peak hours, which was just to make him uncomfortable. It was different to walk around the school on the bus. When Zheng Tan was too lazy to run around, it was nice to sit in the car and watch the scenery. He got off at an intersection. Normally, no one gets on or off the bus here, but today, an old lady and her little grandson were waiting nearby to wave. There was no seat in the car, so Zheng Tan got off directly. Give the seats to the grandparents. And. Zheng Tan also wanted to go to Old tiled house. The phone was still hidden here. There were a few more buildings in the Old tiled house district that had been marked with dangerous buildings, but the school still did not make a big move. There were rumors that the school was planning to demolish and rebuild the whole place. But it might take another year or two, maybe even longer. In any case, before this area was pushed down, Zheng Tan still hid his phone in the same place. Sixty-eight and Jin Gui took a big order and went on a mission together. There was no news for the past two months. Before Sixty-eight left, he changed Zheng Tan's phone to a new one. The mobile device was updated so quickly. When Sixty-eight changed the equipment himself, he also changed Zheng Tan's phone. He also helped to charge the phone bill and set up a meal. Zheng Tan was very comfortable with it, so there was nothing to worry about. Zheng Tan went in through the window, pulled out his phone from the drawer, and started to check his weibo account. He knew that he was popular on weibo recently, and he had to be cool every time he opened his phone. He then evaluated the angle of the new photos taken by the student and picked out a few to forward the photos that he had taken well. From the day of registration to now, Zheng Tan's account has posted a lot of weibo. Flipping through weibo, Zheng Tan saw a student preaching doomsday, and it was also true that doomsday rumors had been circulating this year, especially at the end of the year, all kinds of rumors were flying around, and there were also arguments about taking advantage of the opportunity to promote the "Doomsday life saving suit." Forget about the rest, Zheng Tan noticed a netizen whose id was "Make fun of you" and his recent weibo posts were basically about the end of the day, such as "How to spend money when the end is near," "It's over if you don't go crazy," "N ways to die on the end of the day." After flipping through a few pages, her hands itched and she replied with a "Tease" under the new weibo post. The other party's reply was also very quick. At the beginning, he even argued with Zheng Tan about the possibility of doomsday in 20121221. Seeing that Zheng Tan still insisted that this was a lie, the other party began to get impatient. From argument to quarrel, the other party was indeed a doomsday believer. But Zheng Tan, who had experienced it personally, knew that after that day, the days were still the same. Because of some of the posts that Zheng Tan forwarded about himself, he attracted a lot of fans, and his id was called "Make fun of you." There were also a lot of people watching over there. When Zheng Tan and the other party quarreled like this, the two parties' watchers came over to watch and those who were afraid of not doing anything wrong started to heckle, "What if nothing happened on the 21st?" "I'm just teasing you!" He replied, "If this is fake, I'll broadcast it live!" You're right that more people can coax and fool people. Obviously, before the 21st, the netizen who "Made fun of you" had indeed fooled a lot of people. Look at that tone, firm and without a trace of hesitation. Of course, there are also some people who feel that this kind of guarantee is as unreliable as the "Fake one to lose one's life" of treasure x. After that, the "Tease you to have fun" posted a separate weibo: "If the 22nd is still coming as usual, and there is no doomsday, I will curse myself to become a cat. If the doomsday really appears,' Zheng Tan' you will become the kind of black cat on your head. Dare you bet?! When this provocative weibo post came out, some people who had just silently watched joined in the chorus. They had been fiddling with their claws and typing hard. Who knew that before they could type a word, they saw this weibo and immediately wished they could turn their phone into a cat? Become your grandfather's cat! Damn it! Although there are so many jokes on the internet, and others think it's a joke-like gamble, what do you need the police to do if cursing is useful these days? But Zheng Tan just doesn't like it. He feels like he has a lot of knives in his body. For Zheng Tan, his doomsday was the day he opened his eyes and found out that he had become a cat. He really felt that the world was full of malice." If the end of the world doesn't come, let me be a human again. "But if people don't believe me, they will say, if you are not a human now, then what are you? Even if it was a long distance away and everyone was looking at the small screen on the phone, no one believed the truth of Zheng Tan's words. Instead, more people would tease Zheng Tan that he didn't dare to gamble. Numb! Typing, deleting, re-typing. Dissatisfied. After deleting it, Zheng Tan took a deep breath and turned off his phone. Nothing can change reality. Put the phone in the drawer. Zheng Tan took it out of the window. Looking out the window at the gray sky, he squatted beside the flower bed and thought carefully about whether he had ever made a similar bet with anyone. Losing a bet makes a cat or something. His memory was a little dimmed, but Zheng Tan still firmly believed that he should not have made such a bet with anyone. The question came, why did he become a cat? This was something Zheng Tan had been unable to figure out over the years. While Zheng Tan was squatting on the edge of the round flower bed, an old man came out for a walk with a big dog. It was old li and little flower. Little flower should be called old flower now. She used to look a little bulky, but now that she lost weight compared to her peak, she felt more bulky when she walked. One man and one dog were walking at a slow pace, like two old men next to each other. Large dogs were more likely to age than small dogs, and their average lifespan was not superior, so old li was very nervous every time little flower got sick, and he also gave timely treatment. If the weather was good, he would take little flower out for a walk. Moderate exercise was good for the two old men. Old man li was also very careful to feed little flower. After consulting with Pet center, according to little flower's physique, old man li made his own dog food, and he did not dare to feed her hungrily. A while ago, old man li took little flower to Pet center for inspection. The people there said that little flower should have no problem living for more than 15 years. Whether the people in Pet center said comforting words on old li's face or based on the theoretical results deduced from xiao hua's health examination report, old li had been insisting on doing it the way Guo suggested, consistently and persistently. Even though little flower was not as good at catching rats and chasing thieves as Niu Zhuangzhuang was, the white-haired old man still treated the dog as if he were his family, who was more docile than most of the other dogs in the yard. Watching the two old men walk away, Zheng Tan jumped down from the flower bed. When the wind blew, the withered yellow leaves, which were still stuck to the branches, were pulled off and fell on the concrete floor. Zheng Tan walked along the path towards the courtyard. After a few steps, he turned a corner and found the sahara lying on the ground in front of him, humming like a nose. Ruan Ying stood a few steps ahead of him, looking helpless." Two more steps. Come on, be good, just two more steps, "Ruan Ying said to sahara." Woo, woo, woo! "The sahara remained motionless." Lazybones! "Ruan ying walked in circles in anger. Like old li and the others, Ruan Ying would take the sahara out for a walk every day. Unlike little flowers, the sahara guy seemed to be born rebellious. Now he's getting old and he's always thinking. What do you want him to do? He doesn't want him to do it. He doesn't want him to do it. Instead, he has fun. This guy was still lazy, always moving at home, as if he had adhd. He was lazy when he came out, and he fell down every step of the way. Ruan Ying didn't pull the leash like he did a few years ago, afraid that something might go wrong, even if the results from the health examination in Pet center were good. But Ruan Ying still couldn't help but sneer in his heart: the sahara likes to pretend to be weak now. It was clear that yesterday it had chased a little jingba that snatched its bones all over the courtyard, and now it's acting bad again. It seems that he is certain that Ruan Ying can't do anything with it. Sure enough, in the end, Ruan Ying still held the sahara in his arms." Hold it for a while and then walk by yourself, do you hear me? "Ruan Ying scolded." Aww, aww, aww! "The sahara was not honest when it was being hugged. It moved around, feeling less comfortable than before and protesting. Ruan Ying, who had raised the sahara for so many years, clearly knew everything about the sahara." Be honest and don't move. You just pooped, and I won't hold your ass! "" Ow, ow, ow! "" damn, I have an ancestor, me?! "Ruan Ying mumbled. After so many years of keeping such a dog on the stall, even Ruan Ying had a bad temper. He changed his position and hugged it. As expected, sahara was much more honest and did not bark anymore. Then he looked at Zheng Tan behind him and proudly wagged his tail to scold him." Virtue! "Didi was at the intersection ahead. Jiaoba was riding an electric bike. He honked his horn in the direction of Zheng Tan and ran quickly to jump into the car seat. Then, when Ruan Ying wasn't paying attention, he gave sahara a middle finger