Chapter 419

Doomsday "Was the same as Zheng Tan thought, and it was over. Zheng Tan didn't gamble with those people online, nor was he in the mood to join the crowd and denounce the people who had previously spread doomsday theories. After the much-hyped doomsday years on the internet, the atmosphere in Jiao family became more and more tense. One was Little Grapefruit's college entrance examination, the other was Zheng Tan's state of mind. Little Grapefruit did not choose a Chuhua university escort because of the limited number of places. She gave the place to Xie Xin, an old classmate in West side courtyard. Xie Xin's results were not as stable as hers, and Little Grapefruit's results were always very good. After talking to Jiaoba, Little Grapefruit made a decision. For the students in grade three, time passed faster than anyone else, as if it was not enough. Fortunately, Little Grapefruit's psychological quality was not bad, which made Jiaoba Nanny Jiao feel relieved. Zheng Tan's problem, however, was the same as last year's. He was always dreaming. He felt like he would dream a lot even if he just squinted for a little while. His mind was so confused that Zheng Tan couldn't sleep anymore. If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be in a good mental state either. Nanny Jiao also took Zheng Tan to Pet center for a checkup. He didn't find any major problems. He just didn't get enough sleep. Jiao Yuan called home a lot more times in the past six months, asking about little grapefruit, asking about Zheng Tan, and saying that if the veterinarian here couldn't solve it, he would take him to the capital. There were many veterinarian authorities there who didn't want to go, and Nanny Jiao couldn't help it. He wanted to wait for Little Grapefruit after the college entrance examination. The family went to the capital to see Jiao Yuan again, and took Zheng Tan over to check the calendar on Little Grapefruit's desk when he was at home. He flipped through it. He recalled the time when he became a cat, probably in june, but he couldn't remember the exact time. It was ten years later, and no one could remember. Besides, Zheng Tan had been living a chaotic life. Those who don't remember dates often miss school exams. Stretching out his claws, Zheng Tan drew an indistinct mark on the dates from june 1st to 15th and added a few more claws on june 7th and 8th. That was the time for Little Grapefruit's college entrance examination. Every time the grapefruit came back, Zheng Tan pretended to be in good spirits, but when Little Grapefruit left, Zheng Tan went back to his usual muddled state. Jiaoba asked Zheng Tan to stay in his office, so there was nothing to take care of. If Zheng Tan didn't go, he felt better at home. On the morning of june 8th, Jiaoba Nanny Jiao and Little Grapefruit went out, and Zheng Tan went out with them. Jiaoba sent Little Grapefruit to the exam room. Nanny Jiao was going to the high school affiliated to renmin university of china. Zheng Tan sent them out of the courtyard. He wanted to take another turn, but he yawned. Her eyelids were heavy, and she decided to go home and sleep before jumping onto the sofa in the living room. Zheng Tan couldn't be bothered to get rid of the cat ring. She lifted her foot and pushed the remote control in the middle of the sofa far away, then lay down in the middle of the sofa, listening to the ticking of the clock and closing her eyes. After Nanny Jiao rode out of the house, he suddenly realized that he didn't bring his usb drive. After copying a document this morning, he forgot to pull it out and rode back. The old lady on the first floor of Dapang family was combing Big Fat's hair. When she saw Nanny Jiao, she said," I saw your black coal coming back. I should have gone home to catch up on my sleep." Hearing the old lady's words, Nanny Jiao didn't care. He probably pretended to be too energetic when he sent Little Grapefruit out in the morning. Now he's home to rest. Nanny Jiao thought that after today had passed, he would take his cat to the capital city to look for someone else, otherwise no one at home would be at ease. When Nanny Jiao went upstairs, his eyelids kept jumping. He took out the key and opened the door. He glanced inside. The room was eerily quiet. There was only a cat tag on the sofa, no movement, no black cat, as if there were no other creatures. Swish - the curtains were blown up from the half-open window, and the warm june wind blew in from the window. Outside the window, the sun was shining brightly. South city. A high-rise residence in an elevator room near nancheng university. In the bedroom, the sun shone through the window and through the gap between the half-closed curtains. The harsh light made the person on the bed frown. His eyelids moved, and Zheng Tan's eyes opened a crack. The sun was shining on her face. When she woke up and saw the sun, she immediately closed her eyes and reflexively raised her hand to cover them. The sound of the slap on his face was clear in the quiet room, and the slight pain was clearly transmitted to his brain. Three seconds later, Zheng Tan opened his eyes. Through the cracks of her fingers, she looked at the strange but familiar decoration. The curtains were half-covered and not tightly covered, so the light came in from there. Blinking, Zheng Tan's mind was still a little muddled. The palm covering his face was raised, and the focus of his eyes fell on the palm. The palms were clear, five long fingers, not black, hairy cat paws." Damn it, dreaming again!" After a few seconds of silence, Zheng Tan sat up abruptly and looked at the two palms in front of him. Zheng Tan rubbed his face hard and tried to make a sound again." Cough! Uh-huh - ah, - eh-oh -" the pronunciation was very clear. In your dreams, you didn't really say anything, did you? It seemed that it was still wrong not to talk like this for a long time. Did you dream about people when you were a cat, or did you dream about cats when you were a human? Zheng Tan lifted the blanket off his body and got out of bed. Without shoes on, he stepped directly on the dusty wooden floor and walked towards the french window, kicking aside the clothes and pants that were in the way. This feeling of walking on two legs was a little strange, but it felt natural. Draw the curtains and open the french windows. A gust of wind blew head-on, bringing the temperature of the sun to the balcony, looking at the building in the distance, and taking a deep breath." Ah, -" it seemed like he hadn't felt it for a long time. Although his mind wasn't very clear now, Zheng Tan just felt that he would be in a much better mood if he yelled out like that. After yelling, Zheng Tan habitually looked down. On the balcony below, there was no barbed wire, no blue-purple parrot with yellow circles under its eyes, and there stood a six-or seven-year-old child with an ice cream in his hand, probably because of Zheng Tan's sudden roar. A little frightened, she stood there and looked up at Zheng Tan, not even noticing that the ice cream had melted to the ground. Take your eyes back and look into the distance. Zheng Tan roared again." Ah, -" the roar was longer and hysterical than before. In the house downstairs, the child standing there was carried into the house by the parents who came out. The parents looked at Zheng Tan like they were looking at a psychopath. Ignoring the sight of others and the curses of other residents, Zheng Tan cheerfully roared a few times before entering the house to take a cold shower. When he came out, he was more clear-headed and took a look at the date on the phone on the bedside table. He scratched his head on june 12, 2013, the 12th? There were a series of missed calls on the phone. The caller's name was a little familiar, but Zheng Tan didn't care. He looked at the time of the call, and the earliest call came from the 8th. Not caring about the missed calls, Zheng Tan was still confused. Is the cat real, or is the person real? If you dream, that's too true. Don't you always say that after you have a dream, you will forget it when you wake up? Turning on the weibo app on his phone and logging in automatically, it wasn't the" Zheng Tan" number in his memory. Log out, log in again, and enter a new account password. After a while... He boarded it! The picture of the black cat, as I remember, was paired up on weibo, including the school bus game, the cat incident, and the argument about the end of the world. If the dream is real... Zheng Tan searched for a few more keywords, such as a movie about the black cat, a documentary, a Pet center, and a professor surnamed jiao. They were exactly the same as they remembered. On the small screen of the phone, familiar images, one by one that overlapped with the memory, made Zheng Tan's brain ache. What the hell is going on here?! Throwing his phone aside, Zheng Tan tried to figure out why, but in the end, he couldn't bear it and went downstairs to find the nearest restaurant to eat. The meal was so tasteless that his attention was not on the food at all. He mechanically took the spoon to his mouth and looked out the window, thinking about other things. In the end, before the meal on the plate was over, Zheng Tan made a decision. The plane ticket was no longer available, and the train was not available. He booked an express ticket. At six in the afternoon, he would arrive in Chuhua city at six in the morning. Since he couldn't figure it out, he went over to find the answer. When he walked back out of the restaurant, he passed a small barber shop. Zheng Tan grabbed the yellow hair on his head and walked in. When she came out again, her yellow hair turned black and was shorter. She went back and changed into a simpler sportswear, took her cell phone, bank card, id card... Looking at the face and name on his id card, Zheng Tan flicked it at the person on it, put it in his wallet, took some change, packed it up, and went to the station light. The next morning, at six o' clock, Zheng Tan walked out of the station and did not take a taxi. Instead, he walked to the bus stop and looked at the bus stop sign outside the station and the route of the cars. There were many familiar station names. After waiting for the bus, he found a window seat and sat down. He followed the bus and looked at the streets and buildings outside. The dragon boat festival had just passed, and many shops had not removed the billboards about the dragon boat festival. There were many people working at this time, and there were long lines of private cars and public transport at the easily congested intersection. The temperature outside was a little high, and the car horns and people's shouts filled the street. The weather and the things that happened were easy to get upset, but Zheng Tan's mind was not on it. It was not irritable, it was just a little complicated. The phone of a middle-aged passenger on the bus rang, and the song sounded like the golden years of the decade. Zheng Tan had heard this song before, not from the internet or from other electronic devices, but from a bird. Zheng Tan seemed to see the little bird with yellow eyes, shaking her head and singing. Some songs that were once scornful were like treasures when they were recalled many years later. The time of the song, the people, things and things involved, and the feelings that it triggered, always let people recall for a long time. Next to this bus, another bus stopped at the intersection. Near the window, there was a young man with a bag on his back, gnawing on a bag of buns in his hand. Sensing that Zheng Tan was looking at him, he also looked this way. There were two windows across, and the light was reflected. The other party's expression was not real. The signal to turn right in front of him lit up, and Zheng Tan's car went ahead. As the car drove, there was a moment. Zheng Tan saw the look on the other's face and the confusion in his eyes, but soon, the two cars drifted away. As the street became familiar, Zheng Tan's mood became more complicated. A little nervous, but also a little happy. There was a young policeman on the side of the street. He had just caught a thief. He was holding a walkie-talkie and talking in handcuffs. There was a movie trailer on the big screen of the commercial plaza. Director Kong Han, the actors were Wei Wen, Xue Ding, Tao Qi... When there were still two stops away from the original destination station, Zheng Tan got out of the car and walked along the familiar road in his memory. When he passed outside the lakeside villa area, a three-legged tortoiseshell cat ran across the street. With a rat in his mouth, he glanced at Zheng Tan, then swiftly climbed over the fence into the villa area. Along the road along the lake, a dark gray cat with black markings, much larger than the other cats, rubbed its claws on the willow tree. Without a sound, Zheng Tan continued walking past the affiliated hospital. Zheng Tan looked over as she passed a small grocery store. The store manager with a mean face sat behind the counter, chewing on his cigarette and ordering the staff to move the goods. A white cat squatted on the shelf and looked sharply at passers-by. Entering through the side door on the edge of chuhua university campus, Zheng Tan walked along the wall. Beside a tall tree. On the inconspicuous wall, the pencil lines of crooked handwriting came into view." Zheng heitan is here on december 12, 2009.""September 9, 2010.""February 28, 2011." There was an abstract sun behind it... Zheng Tan raised his finger and touched the word, which was stained with the black of some pencils. After twirling his fingers, Zheng Tan walked down the side path and through the woods. After Old tiled house, familiar houses, familiar lawns, closed paths, and that courtyard... East side courtyard's guard's uncle's eyes were poisonous. Zheng Tan's unfamiliar face was immediately seen from the people who came in and out of the yard." Hey, who are you looking for?" The guard's uncle poked out of the guard's window and shouted at Zheng Tan." I'm looking for Professor Jiao, who lives on the fifth floor of b building," Zheng Tan said." Oh, Teacher Jiao's house. He's not here. He should be in the Faculty of health sciences now. But their cat was lost a few days ago. The whole family is going crazy. Hey, young man, do you know any clues about his cat? It's always a pure black cat. It's so big. It's called black charcoal. Have you seen it?" The guard asked anxiously." I've seen it before." After a pause, Zheng Tan added," a handsome cat." Hearing Zheng Tan's answer, the light in the guard's uncle's eyes dimmed again. He stopped talking and waved his hand to signal that Zheng Tan could go in and take a deep breath. Zheng Tan lifted his foot and went in. The aunt who came in and out with the basket glanced at Zheng Tan and guessed in her heart where Zheng Tan came from. Near the gate of the courtyard, on a bench under the shade of a tree, old li and Yan the old guy sat there chatting with Niu Zhuangzhuang, holding little flowers. The two old men just glanced at Zheng Tan and stopped looking. Instead, little flower and Niu Zhuangzhuang followed Zheng Tan's gaze. In Niu Zhuangzhuang's small triangular eyes, it was rare for him to be less fierce than usual. Ruan Ying led the sahara out. When he passed Zheng Tan, the sahara shot Zheng Tan in the foot with lightning speed. The speed was completely different from the usual appearance of pretending to be weak. It was not strong enough to bite her foot, but it was also strong enough to leave a few deep teeth marks and a shoe of saliva on Zheng Tan's sneakers. Ruan Ying also did not expect the normally biting sahara would suddenly come to this, quickly apologize to Zheng Tan, and said compensation. Zheng Tan smiled and refused to wait for Ruan Ying to scold the sahara to leave. The sahara also turned back to look at Zheng Tan, his eyes slightly provocative, and his tail wagging so loudly that he glared at her. You wait for the sahara, I promise I won't kill you! Zheng Tan's heart beat a little faster when he arrived downstairs in building b, wondering if he should press the number on the door guard or call someone. At this time, the old lady on the first floor took the civet cat to the balcony. When she saw Zheng Tan, the old lady asked Zheng Tan who she was looking for, and also asked Zheng Tan if she saw a black cat. After answering, the old lady also looked regretful." His family is not at home. You should go to the Faculty of health sciences to look for Teacher Jiao. Grapefruit should be there too... It's a pity that the black coal is crying. The jiao family is crying. Jiao Yuan came back and left last night. Gu's eyes were still red when he went to work today. Oh, what is this?" The old lady lamented and nagged. Big Fat stared at Zheng Tan and reached out to her. Big Fat looked at the old lady and walked over." Eh?" The old lady was surprised." Young man, have you been here before? My Big Fat is not close to strangers." There was another thing the old lady didn't say, not only was she not close to strangers, but even the people she knew were fat and didn't give face. But the old lady did not expect big fat to act so familiar with" hmm." He did not know how to answer. He scratched big fat's chin and got up and said to the old lady," then I'll go to Teacher Jiao. You should be busy first." Although confused, the old lady did not ask much. However, after Zheng Tan left, Big Fat followed him to the big yard. Under a tree that was neither too dense nor too tall, a black-and-white cat was playing with bugs in the grass. A yellow cat carried a tree, pouted its butt and rubbed its paws. It picked up ah huang, who was rubbing his paws, and said," you idiot!" After ten years of silence, the sheriff who heard the noise stopped playing with bugs. He walked over and sat down on a wooden bench. Big Fat, who followed him, jumped on the bench and squatted beside him. Seeing this, Ahuang and the sheriff jumped up and squatted down one by one, just like before. On a summer morning, the temperature rose with the rise of the sun. There was a gust of wind, which made the leaves rustle. People who work, go to school, and buy food in the courtyard would look at the bench when they passed by. They used to see four cats squatting side by side. Now that the black cat in Jiao family was gone, they saw one person and three cats sitting there. It was strange. When did the three cats become so familiar with the same person? He sat on the bench for a while. After calming down a little, Zheng Tan patted the three cats." Let's go. I'll come back to play with you later." He got up and left the courtyard. When he walked along the road to the intersection, a school bus passed by. Zheng Tan waved quickly. The driver was the bald man who wore a hat for his image. It was class time and there was no one in the car, so the bald driver spoke to Zheng Tan in the passenger seat." Young man, are you from our school?" The bald driver asked." No, but I used to come here a lot. I know you well and I've been in your car a few times," Zheng Tan replied. The bald driver took advantage of the gap when someone got out of the car and looked at Zheng Tan. He shook his head and said with certainty," no way. I definitely remember you coming here often and taking my car."" Oh, that's probably my mistake. I took the other masters' car." Zheng Tan did not dwell on this issue. The bald driver gave Zheng Tan a pitying look." Your memory isn't as good as mine at such a young age. Go back and ask your mother to get you more fish heads and walnuts." Zheng Tan: ..." Hehe."" Don't take it lightly. I'll tell you..."" Master, I'll get out of the car!" After being instructed by the bald driver all the way, Zheng Tan finally got out of the car, looked at the familiar school gate and walked in. Uncle guard, who was sitting on the side of the courtyard door, saw Zheng Tan walking so boldly. After thinking about it, he did not stop the stranger. Where is Jiaoba's office? Zheng Tan is very familiar with it. When they arrived at the office door, Yi Xin just came out from inside. Little Grapefruit and Jiaoba's voice came from inside. It was not loud. As Yi Xin closed the door, the voice cut off Yi Xin from looking at the person in front of him strangely. He thought it was an undergraduate in the academy. After asking who he was looking for, he left and stood at the door, buttoning the door." Come in." A voice came from inside, twisting the lock and pushing the door open. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = (The end of this article) ps: it's finally over! By the way, at the end of the chapter, I will not ask for a ticket later this year