Supreme Pharmacist System

Supreme Pharmacist System

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290.Chapter 290 Ugly Daughter-in-law Meets Her In-laws


Zhou wen, a bitter senior in the biology department, watched as he was unemployed after graduation. Who knew that he was accidentally bitten by an experimental object and then attached to his body. Not only can you see all kinds of dna and viruses, but you can also see the properties and quality of medicinal materials and chemical materials. From then on, you have embarked on the path of a pharmaceutical master. [ You successfully made the niuhuang jiedu pill, efficacy x 2, experience + 50 ] [ you successfully made the liuwei dihuang pill, efficacy x 3, experience + 50 ] [ you successfully made the sildenafil tablet, efficacy x 5, experience + 100 ] [ ding! Congratulations on becoming a primary pharmacist and obtaining a traditional chinese medicine prescription for hepatitis b virus.

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