Chapter 302 Please Stop Showing off

With the strong technology and abundant financial support of Cosmopolitan creature, Tang Xiaoli led the international pharmaceutical company of the Cosmopolitan creature to fight and kick in the domestic chain drugstore market. Two flowers bloom, one for each. Zhou Wen was not idle, either, spending every day in the lab, attending various academic conferences, or preaching in school. In the meantime, the key ingredient in the breast enhancement formula was also made. After reaching the advanced level of a pharmacist, he had a deeper understanding of all kinds of drugs, and it was easy to crack them without much difficulty. Today is april 17th, saturday. Jiangzhou university medical school, 9: 30 am. Eleven people from the school of medicine at the university of oxford came over for an academic exchange interview. As the world's second oldest prestigious university, the university of oxford has been established for 925 years. They are all prestigious universities for a hundred years, while the university of oxford is a prestigious university for nearly a thousand years. Harvard was not even a little brother in front of Oxford. Such a rigorous millennium school, now to the Jiangzhou university for an academic visit, you can imagine how eye-catching? Many universities in the country were envious of red eyes. The Jiangzhou university also attached great importance to this academic exchange. In addition to inviting many experts and scholars to receive it, of course, it had to be Zhou Wen. And this time, Dr. Oliver, who led the group to attack, was mainly focused on parkinson's disease, which happened to hit Zhou Wen's "Muzzle." Zhou Wen is currently studying neurological diseases in the brain. As for the common neurological diseases, they have basically been solved. Nervous system diseases have an "Integrated beam," which can break through a little, while the rest of the problems can be solved by themselves. Zhou Wen had a good conversation with Dr. Oliver. Dr. Oliver had been infected with parkinson's disease for more than 30 years and was the international authority on the disease. It is widely believed that Parkinson is caused by the damage or loss of the dopamine neurons in the "Black matter" secret part of the patient's basal ganglia. There was a large gray matter mass between the soles of the brain and the tectum of the midbrain. It was found in the entire length of the midbrain. The black matter cells are rich in black pigment, which is the main nucleus in the brain that produces dopamine. "After our research, the loss and degeneration of neurons in patients with parkinsonian disease do not only occur in the black matter, but also in other parts of the brain, including the locus coeruleus, the nucleus of the magnate, the pons foot, the nucleus of the raphe, and the hippocampus." Zhou Wen waited for Dr. Oliver to finish and said, "I have a different point of view." The gray-haired professor Aolifu, hearing Zhou Wen's words, was not only not displeased with his views being refuted, but rather very happy. So far, the world's mainstream understanding of parkinson's disease has come from him and his team. Including several research institutes in the united states, although the progress was slightly different, they all agreed with their research results. However, from ten years ago until now, their understanding of parkinson's disease was basically no progress, and they were still at a loss for this disease. He encountered a bottleneck, but he was the world's top authority, and no one could give him constructive advice, which made him very distressed. Now that he finally heard a voice against him, how could he be unhappy? "Oh, zhou, what do you think?" Zhou wen said, "Dr. Oliver also knows that I have studied prions deeply." "I know that!" Dr. Oliver nodded. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't be sitting here today. "Do you think parkinsonism has something to do with prions?" Zhou Wen shook his head. "No, it has nothing to do with prions. I just wanted to say, since there is a gene variant protein like prions, would Parkinson also be a gene variant protein?" Dr. Oliver thought for a moment and said, "Professor Brent from mit has made the same point as you, but there's no way to prove it..." While Dr. Oliver and Zhou Wen were discussing it, in the conference room, Jiangzhou university leaders and academics, a large group of people, all pretended to listen attentively. But most people here don't understand what they're talking about. One by one, they could only talk or nod, or meditate, or frown, making people think they were thinking. There are still a small number of people who have done their homework before, and they just don't need to listen to the heavenly book. It is still far from enough to express their opinions. After Dr. Oliver finished speaking, he looked at Zhou Wen with eager eyes, hoping that he could tell him something different. As he expected. Zhou Wen said slowly, "I found something in a patient who died of parkinson's disease." Dr. Oliver couldn't wait to ask, "Oh, what did you find?" Zhou wen said, "A mutated gene that is harder to figure out than a prion, but it's still not certain that it has something to do with Parkinson." "Really... Really?" Dr. Oliver's eyes almost popped out. He had been studying parkinson's disease for decades, but there was no breakthrough. He didn't expect to hear such shocking news today. Zhou Wen nodded, "Really..." Parkinson's disease is one of the most feared diseases in the elderly, and its incidence is quite high. Because of this, this disease has been highly concerned by the medical community. Once the news that Zhou Wen said at the Jiangzhou university forum was exposed, it immediately attracted the attention of the world medical circle. At the same time, Dr. Oliver invited zhou wen to lecture at oxford university. Not only that, Dr. Oliver then conferred with the president and members of the board of directors of Oxford medical school and gave Zhou Wen the title of honorary professor for life. The honorary professor of the medical school of the university of oxford was not given out casually, let alone a lifetime honorary professor? Plus, Zhou Wen was a chinese, which made it even harder. Such an honor immediately caused a heated discussion on the domestic internet, and Zhou Wen also officially walked from behind the scenes to the front desk. More stories about Zhou Wen were later published online. All the netizens were dumbfounded by the exaggerated experiences that couldn't be written in any of them. Prion inactivation, cryptococcal vaccine, hiv drugs, new drugs for small cell lung cancer... All of these were world-class medical challenges, but Zhou Wen completed them in less than three years. In addition, hair growth factor, scar remover, wrinkle remover, sunscreen, hair cream, and a variety of special medicines to treat skin diseases, it was simply breathtaking. Netizens immediately began to talk. "Holy shit! This guy!" "A godlike man!" "Compared to him, I feel like I have lived on a pig for more than 30 years." "This kind of person has a system at first sight. Let's not compare it to him." "When I was a child, my family was poor. The most valuable thing in my family was the big iron lock on the door. Whenever it rained, I rushed to the door and cried to it," please, don't rust anymore! "..." ... "Just as countless netizens marveled and admired Zhou Wen's deeds, Zhou Wen, who was making drugs in the laboratory, heard a system prompt in his ear. He opened the task board and saw that the second ring of the serial task to control the invasive species had been completed. Sun Ronghai of the Kang feng pesticide asked him to produce biological agents to treat water hyacinth and other aquatic invasive plants, and the second task was to eliminate 70 % of the invasive aquatic life in Yun yun. Now it seems that this task has been completed. When he finished the medicine and left the lab, he found that Sun Ronghai had electrocuted an hour ago. He called back. As soon as the call was connected, Sun Ronghai's excited voice came from inside." Doctor Zhou, the Yun yun provincial government just issued us a certificate and a bonus. According to the assessment of the effect of the governance, we received a bonus of 45 million at once! "Zhou Wen praised," well done! "Although more than half of the aquatic invasive plants in Yun yun have been cleared, the land invasive plants have not been effectively cleaned up, so it is impossible to award all the bonuses at once. This is only the first phase. After all, other agricultural companies have also participated in the governance, and the Yun yun government office will more or less pay some bonuses to those companies. But the big boss was taken by the Kang feng pesticide. Sun Ronghai said excitedly," the bonus is still secondary. Now our Kang feng pesticide is highly efficient and pollution-free in the treatment of aquatic invasive species, and it is obvious to all provinces and cities in the country. There are already several provincial government offices that have contacted our company and invited us for special treatment of aquatic species at a very high price. Even the ministry of agriculture has sent us an invitation... "Sun Ronghai was really happy. The genetic drug didn't work, but instead managed to control the invasive species. The east is not bright, the west is bright! Zhou wen smiled and said," okay, you guys keep up the good work! "Sun Ronghai said," well, doctor Zhou, you can rest assured that we will work hard... "With Sun Ronghai's constant assurances, Zhou Wen hung up. Just as he put down his cell phone, Dong Wenying walked over and handed over a pile of invitations." This is the invitation for the speech of universities at home and abroad, "Zhou Wen took it and took a look. At the top was huaqing university. Below is the university of beijing. Double hump. Jinling university and so on. In other countries, there are karen Rawlins college in sweden, imperial university of technology in japan, johns hopkins university in the united states, Cambridge medical college in the united kingdom and so on. They are all internationally renowned universities. Zhou Wen looked around and said," except for the Jinling university, push the rest. There's no time. "" Oh, I see! "Dong wenying replied and packed up the invitation that Zhou Wen had left behind. His heart was also very shocked. It is a great honor for ordinary experts and scholars to make a speech at one of the universities. But so many universities want to invite zhou wen to give a speech, which is the gap! As Dong Wenying sighed, Zhou Wen looked at her chest. Visual b or so. He had just made a few breast implants and wanted to find someone to try them out before handing them to Mu Anqi. But most of the women around them were quite nice. Like Shen Xue, she's d. Zuo Mengmeng also reached e +. He felt that this was great, no matter how big it was. In fact, Xu Shuangyu's little comma was the best experimental subject, but she was now in europe, beyond her reach. So he decided on Dong Wenying. Women are always sensitive to this. Dong Wenying had known Zhou Wen for almost three years, and Zhou Wen had never looked at his sensitive parts with such" lustful "Eyes. So, just a few seconds after his eyes stopped on it, she immediately sensed it, feeling as if countless ants had crawled over it, itching and crunching. She subconsciously turned her body. Zhou Wen immediately came to his senses." Cough cough cough... "Zhou Wen coughed awkwardly and then said," I recently developed a breast enhancement solution to test its effects... "When Dong Wenying heard this, it turned out to be like this. She was not surprised to know that the An qimei's astonishing makeup was made by zhou wen." I do! "Zhou Wen explained," you can rest assured that this is a pure biological agent. Even if it has no effect, it is absolutely harmless, "Dong Wenying:" yes, I see. "" That's fine! "Zhou Wen pretended to take out his pocket, but in fact, he took out a 20 milliliter glass bottle from the inventory and handed it over to him." Well, this is breast enhancement liquid. You go back and clean up the dirt on your skin. Then apply the liquid in the bottle evenly and dry it naturally. It will last for three nights. Dong Wenying took it with a slight blush. "Mmm... I see." Zhou Wen was delighted. "Okay! That's it. Write me a written report of your experience after you use it." Dong Wenying nodded again. At five in the afternoon, the sun was setting. Jiangnan garden 108. In the clear blue pool, Zhou Wen lay motionless under the water. One minute. Two minutes. Five minutes. Ten minutes... Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Zhou Wen floated up from the bottom of the water. He turned to look at the timer on the shore, which lasted 13 minutes and 47 seconds. In fact, he could still hold his breath, but it didn't make any sense. He swam two quick turns in the water before climbing up. He walked to the recliner, pulled up a towel and slowly wiped the water off his body. The cold april wind was blowing, and it was supposed to be cold, but Zhou Wen was warm. It wasn't because he was swimming, but because he was especially resistant to the cold. During the new year, he took his parents and his sister and brother-in-law to switzerland to play for half a month. 5 Degrees below zero, he didn't feel cold swimming in the icy water. After drying his body, Zhou Wen sat down in the chair without any clothes on. Pick up your phone and open an app. This is his personal database, which is full of his research data. But the latest page is a genetic sequence diagram. There were also large numbers of dna base pairs. These are all his dna data. He felt that his body was becoming more and more**, completely beyond the limits of human beings. He wanted to know which genes had been modified by intermediate genetic enhancers. What are the changes of dna base pairs? She watched it for about half an hour, until it was getting dark and nanny sister qiu came over to call him for dinner..