Chapter 303 Choose between Two

Cosmopolitan creature is on the fast track, so there's no need for Zhou Wen to do anything more. Just wait quietly for the results of the clinical trials of several new drugs. Hiv, hepatitis b, pain relief, chronic enteritis, lung cancer, these five new drugs, no matter which one is available, are enough to make Cosmopolitan creature into a world-class drug company. With all five new drugs on the market, Cosmopolitan creature will become the world's leader in pharmaceutical industry! Therefore, some new drug technologies can be used as theoretical data for the time being, and there is no need to enter the research and development stage so quickly. Zhou Wen spent most of his time in the capital every day, apart from making genetic drugs and studying his genes. In the beginning, he did a physical examination for several old chiefs and treated some minor problems. But what made Zhou Wen different from other doctors was that he was almost cured. This alone was something that no modern doctor could do. For example, a cold, there is no immediate drug that can effectively relieve symptoms, and its cure is still dependent on its own resistance. Just like the wife of a b-rank leader who had caught the flu, the two "Imperial doctors" only managed to relieve the symptoms after three days of treatment. Coincidentally, she met Zhou Wen and gave her a dose of biological medicine to cure her on the spot. The son of a deputy g-rank leader had a sore throat after a cold and was unable to speak properly. Zhou Wen was also a drug that reduced swelling and pain on the spot and returned to normal after 12 hours. The young man had become his best friend and fan, and he had to introduce his sister to him. But after looking at his sister's photo, Zhou Wen declined his offer. Several times later, Zhou Wen quickly became a guest of honor in many big families, and his official position was transferred from the Su dong province Health bureau to the china y Health bureau expert group. Now that I want to invite zhou wen to see a doctor, I feel embarrassed without a deputy b. And when his medical skills reached Zhou Wen's level, he didn't need to look at anyone's face except for a few big shots. It was already september. The autumn tiger was still strong, and the highest temperature in the day was 312 degrees. Zhou Wen strolled along the boulevard of the capital University of science and technology. Passing students occasionally recognized Zhou Wen and would greet him, but most did not know him. After all, he was not a star. Although there were a lot of reports about him online and he had just spoken to the University of science and technology, after leaving the spotlight and the podium, there was no halo and he was just an ordinary person. Zhou Wen actually enjoyed the admiration of others, especially those beautiful schoolgirls, which made his confidence as a man soar to the extreme. Now that he left the podium, without the blessing of the "Halo of the protagonist," he no longer became the target of the eyes of those beautiful schoolgirls, and he felt a little disappointed. Zhou Wen glanced past the long, white legs in twos and threes across the road and couldn't help but laugh at himself, "Sure enough, men are teenagers until they die!" Soon they arrived at the faculty parking lot and got into a black extended business car. "Are we going to the airport now?" Asked Wang Wu, who was driving. Zhou wen thought for a while and said, "Go to Long kang pharmaceutical." "Okay." Wang Wu said yes, then quickly started the car and headed southeast. South of capital city, Long kang pharmaceutical group co., ltd. In the office, Xu Yuting was chatting with Xu Shuangyu. Xu Shuangyu did not look as innocent and innocent in front of Zhou Wen at all. Instead, she looked as smart and capable as a strong woman and talked to Xu Yuting about her experience in europe over the past few years. Xu Yuting listened quietly with a smile on his face and a myriad of emotions in his heart. For her niece's marriage, she and big brother Xu Zhangjun had a plan and arrangement. The man did not need to be one of the dragon and phoenix, as long as he could be a good wife to Xu Shuangyu, to maintain the huge family business of the Xu family. But things were unpredictable. Who knew that Xu Shuangyu had met this pervert, Zhou Wen? In just a few years, he had grown to this point. She and her big brother were afraid that the Xu family would lose their money and work so hard to get married. But looking back now, it was a joke. "Auntie, I'm officially working from today on." Xu Yuting smiled and said, "Do you want to take a break?" Xu Shuangyu shook his head. "No need! I've been resting for years." Xu Yuting hesitated and asked, "How are things between you and Zhou Wen?" "That's it," Xu Shuangyu said with a smile. The smile on Xu Yuting's face froze, and he thought for a moment and said, "It's normal for men to play around. But no matter how strong a man is, he needs a real haven from the wind to anchor their tired heart." Although Xu Yuting spent most of his time in the capital, he was very clear about Zhou Wen. For example, he had two girls in a golden house. For example, he was flirting with a lot of famous girls. She knew about these things, and Xu Shuangyu must have known about them long ago. Xu Shuangyu asked with a confused face, "Auntie, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Xu Yuting said, "Whether you understand it or not, just think of it as an aunt talking nonsense." Xu Shuangyu turned to look out the window and did not speak for a long time. Just then secretary Xu Yuting knocked on the door and came in. Xu Yuting asked doubtfully, "What is it?" The pretty little secretary said, "Xu Boss, a man named Zhou Wen said he was your friend. He came to visit you..." Before the secretary could finish, Xu Yuting stood up and asked, "Where is he?" "In the lobby downstairs..." Xu Yuting looked at Xu Shuangyu and asked, "Do you want to go with me?" Xu Shuangyu hesitated for a moment, stood up, nodded and said with a smile, "Okay!" Xu Yuting hugged her arm and they went downstairs together. Long kang pharmaceutical headquarters lobby. Zhou wen was sitting on a huge leather sofa, drinking water and looking around in the magnificent lobby. She happened to see Xu Yuting coming out of the elevator in the distance. However, Xu Shuangyu, who followed closely behind him, surprised him. At the end of last year, he and Xu Shuangyu broke up completely. The whole story was simple. He was having dinner with Shen Xue and Zuo Mengmeng at a revolving restaurant on the top floor of a hotel in Zhonghai. Coincidentally, he met Xu Shuangyu and his friends for dinner. At that time, he was picking up food for Shen Xue intimately. Even a fool could tell what their relationship was. Xu Shuangyu was so angry that his eyes were spitting fire and his pink fists were clenched that he almost rushed over to fight with Shen Xue. He dragged her to the bathroom in time. Xu Shuangyu asked him to make a statement on the spot. Naturally, there was no need to say more. After he made his decision, Xu Shuangyu bit him and the scar was still there. He didn't have any treatment either, so just think of it as a lesson for a scumbag