Chapter 304: Can You Stop This Punch for 20 Years?

Because of Xu Yuting's repeated invitations, Zhou Wen paid a special visit to the Longkang pharmaceutical today. I didn't expect to see Xu Shuangyu here. He was a little embarrassed. But he soon figured it out. Anyway, it was already like this. It was useless to think too much. He couldn't give up his family for her. Xu Shuangyu couldn't accept being in bed with him, so he could just be a stranger. "Hello, Xu Boss!" "Hello, doctor Zhou! Why didn't you inform me when you came over? I'm ready to welcome you." Xu yuting held Zhou Wen's hand warmly. Zhou Wen smiled and said, "You're welcome. It's good to be like this." "That's fine. Doctor Zhou doesn't like high profile." Xu Yuting reached out and said, "Let's go upstairs and talk." Zhou Wen nodded and followed Xu Yuting to the elevator north of the hall. As for Xu Shuangyu, he was looking up at the sky, expressionless the whole time. When they reached the office upstairs, Xu Yuting and Zhou Wen exchanged a brief chat and then naturally started talking about medicine. Cosmopolitan creature took a 27 % stake in the Cosmopolitan creature in the second half of last year. Huan yu also entered a strong technical support for the company and gave it an exclusive agency group for a variety of raw materials and patents. Longkang pharmaceutical is now considered the "Department of the Longkang pharmaceutical." Over the past year, Longkang pharmaceutical's stock price has soared from 21 billion rmb to 80 billion rmb. One can imagine how optimistic the market is about the potential stock of the Longkang pharmaceutical. After chatting for nearly an hour, zhou wen got up and left. "That's it then. I'll go first." "Why are you in such a hurry? Let's have dinner together before we leave." "No. I still have something on my side." Zhou Wen came up with an excuse. Xu Yuting said helplessly, "Then... Okay." After a pause, Xu Yuting patted Xu Shuangyu's arm and said with a smile, "Help me send doctor Zhou off." Xu Shuangyu nodded and followed Zhou Wen out of the office. Xu Yuting looked at the back of the two of them leaving. Her beauty gradually frowned, and there was a hint of worry in her beautiful eyes. She didn't know before, but from what happened just now, there must be some conflict between niece and Zhou Wen. Now that the company's stock price is rising steadily, it looks like it is very likely to break through the market value of hundreds of billions by the end of the year. It was unimaginable three years ago. And it was all because of Zhou Wen and the Cosmopolitan creature. Once a standoff occurred, the Longkang pharmaceutical would definitely be knocked back to its original form in a short time. On the other side. Xu Shuangyu and Zhou Wen walked all the way to the entrance of the company and remained silent. She walked under a tree with her hands behind her back and stood on a raised brick. She looked Zhou Wen in the eye and asked, "I'll give you another chance. Between me and her, who are you going to choose?" "Only children make choices..." Xu Shuangyu: "I'm asking you seriously. I hope you answer me seriously." Zhou wen scratched his eyebrows and said, "I don't think this question means anything to me." Tears soon filled Xu Shuangyu's beautiful eyes and he nodded, "Okay... I understand." Zhou Wen laughed and said, "What did I say? Do you understand?" As he spoke, he walked over to Xu Shuangyu and reached out to touch the camphor tree that the two of them were hugging next to her. Then he lightly punched it and said, "Can you stop this punch for 20 years?" Xu Shuangyu was so nervous by Zhou Wen's words that he forgot he was crying and looked at him like a fool. Was he prepared to subdue her by force? Zhou Wen took his hand away from the tree. An inch deep fist mark appeared on the trunk of the camphor tree. Unfortunately, Xu Shuangyu didn't see it with his back to the tree. "I'm leaving!" Zhou Wen didn't try to comfort or defend himself, so he turned around and got into the business car parked on the side of the road. Xu Shuangyu looked at the headlights, tears streaming down his face, and he gritted his teeth and cursed. Jinling university, Jinling university. Mu Yuanqing was writing in his office when someone knocked on the door. He looked up and saw his old colleague, professor yang. Professor yang, who was holding a wolfberry teacup, came in and said with a smile, "Zhou is here. He is lecturing." "Which Xiao Zhou?" Mu Yuanqing asked back, but then realized that professor yang was talking about Xiao Zhou. He was surprised and said, "Zhou wen is here." Professor yang walked over and pushed aside the messy books on the table. Then he put down the wolfberry teacup in his hand and pulled a stool to sit down before he smiled calmly and said, "Who else can there be?" Mu Yuanqing's face lit up when he heard this. "This kid, he's finally here again. It's not easy." Four months ago, in may, Zhou Wen came to the Jinling university for the first time to give a lecture. He stunned a group of biology professors and hundreds of biology students, speechless and speechless. From prehistoric creatures to newly discovered species in modern times, there was nothing he did not know, and not only did he know the name, but also the various habits and habits of living things, as well as the little-known secrets. There was also a variety of obscure and tedious biological knowledge that he could easily pick up in the human language he could understand. Like a living dictionary, it was amazing. Not to mention that, the key was that he had developed an unprecedented imagination of the future creatures, all kinds of new theories, all kinds of wonderful ideas, and talked about them, making people so intoxicated. If it weren't for their dignity, their biology professors would all be using each other as their teachers. Professor yang laughed and said, "This guy is really a genius. I don't know how he came up with those big ideas. The key logic makes sense, and the preliminary proof proves that he is right. That's great!" Mu Yuanqing stood up and said, "Go, go and hear what he's saying." Professor yang said, "It's not urgent. He just came and is being surrounded by a group of students for advice." "Let's go. I can't wait." Mu Yuanqing rushed to the door. Professor yang took a look and picked up the medlar cup and followed behind Zhou Wen... When Zhou Wengang arrived at school, he was surrounded by a group of students asking for autographs. Compared to the University of science and technology, his popularity at the University of science and technology was much higher. Because after the video of his last lecture spread in the Jinling university, many people regarded him as an idol. "Teacher, would you please sign for me?" A student with qi bangs handed a notebook to zhou wenzhi. Zhou Wen took the pen and paper, brushed and signed. "Teacher, please sign for me too." "Okay..." Zhou Wen never refused. As long as these young students could have more love for living things because of him, it would be a great achievement. Finally, he came to the big classroom of the school. Perhaps because the last lecture was quite sensational, this time I heard that he was coming, and more people came. The class of the 300 people's congress was full of people, even the aisle was full of people. Zhou Wen walked to the podium and patted the microphone. He smiled and said, "Hello, students!" "Old~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" the huge sound wave "Last time we talked about genetic testing..." Zhou Wen continued with the last topic... Like the last time, Zhou Wen's many new ideas once again surprised and disbelieved countless students. There were heated discussions in the classroom from time to time, including a group of biology professors at the scene. It was a momentary spectacle. After class, Mu Yuanqing and two other professors immediately surrounded him, including the former professor yang. Another professor, professor hu, whose research direction was clinical medicine, couldn't wait to ask, "Professor Zhou, are you serious about the genetic test you just mentioned?" It turned out that Zhou Wen had just come up with a genetic test to test the side effects of drugs in class. With just one drop of blood, the difference in the efficacy and side effects caused by the patient's different constitution could be determined within two hours. According to Zhou Wen, the effects and side effects of the same drug vary from person to person because there are 0.1 % individual differences in the human genome. This difference not only determines the difference in skin color and pupil color, but also determines the difference in human reaction to drugs. If we can predict the efficacy and side effects of the drug by detecting the difference in the patient's genetic information, we can also greatly shorten the clinical trial time. Zhou wen nodded with a smile. "Of course we are serious! In fact, after we left the Jinling university last time, we began to study this technology, and now we have made breakthroughs." Professor hu's eyes widened in disbelief. "Really... Really?" Zhou Wen nodded and smiled, "Really! Take a drop of blood from the patient and let the blood react with a special liquid containing synthetic dna..." Zhou Wen explained the practical application of the technology. "As you expected, this technique can detect the various side effects of the drug in advance without waiting for a long time." Mu Yuanqing asked, "Wouldn't clinical trials in the future greatly shorten the time?" Zhou Wen nodded and said with a smile, "That's right! In the future, this kind of technology will be popularized, and the clinical trial time will indeed be greatly shortened." Professor hu exclaimed excitedly, "This is really a great invention!" Universal laboratory soon announced its latest drug genetic test in the academic world. The english name is drug gene detection, or "Dgd." Dgd is also known as the zhou's genetic testing method. The biggest difference between Universal laboratory and famous foreign laboratories is that the information released is not theory, but has mastered the key technology. Because of this, once the news was announced, it immediately caused a huge sensation in the medical world. Both at home and abroad, there were mixed praises and criticisms. More than 90 % of drug research laboratories and companies expressed a warm welcome to the technology. Once this technology was introduced, it would be of great benefit to these pharmaceutical companies, greatly speeding up drug development, and clinical trials could be done by their own companies without the need for artificial hands. Of course, there are pros and cons. For companies that rely on orders from clinical trials, such as the world's top ten cro companies, For example, quintilesims (kuntai), labcorp (laboratory group), parexel (jingding medicine), ppd, pra, Illustrious kant and so on, were like thunderbolts. The reason those pharmaceutical companies outsourced clinical trials to them was to save time and money. The main thing was to save money. These cro companies have a wealth of clinical trial experience and the means to deal with the government. Compared to pharmaceutical companies doing clinical trials themselves, they have a high cost-performance ratio. However, once zhou's genetic testing method was introduced, the pharmaceutical companies could do clinical trials themselves, even if they were still outsourced to cro companies, because the clinical trial time was greatly shortened, resulting in greatly reduced contracting costs. Naturally, their profits were also significantly reduced. Therefore, all cro companies agreed that the technology needed further research and could not replace real clinical trials. And the technology was quickly defamed through various media outlets. Of course, cro companies did not like to see this technology on the market, but those pharmaceutical companies agreed with it, both at home and abroad. As a result, the two forces fought fiercely across the globe. However, after the dgd technology came out, all the listed cro companies at home and abroad still fell in response to the sound of howling..